Archangel Michael: Hold On; Love Conquers All

Never for one second doubt love! Please!

I am Michael and you know me!

The energies that is now is making you almost bounce.

And the bouncing goes bothways.

It can either make you feel low and like you can´t focus and you

can´t feel in your normal good way.

Or it can make you feel very high and intense and as if everything is just sunshine in your life, as if you have no grip to the ground.

I want you to believe in love. I want you to feel your true hearts joy and at the same time being connected by being earthed.

The light beems right through you and everything. And this makes you feel in a different way to what you are used to.

You are linked-in. You are a part of a gigant chain. You are one of the links. You are feeling what the entire chain is feeling too. You are a part of many, and yet you are separate.

The more open you are, the more you can feel this.

The more open you are the more you already know about the synchronisities, as you have felt the connection for a long while, and it has become more intensified this past time.

What you have to do is to trust. You have to trust love! You have felt the connection to so many people, to earth, to animals, you are really open!

You have to have faith in love! You have to understand that love will conquer all! And that love works 24/7 and 365.

Love will balance the great chain, in wich you are a part of. The chain is really a gigant DNA strand of the universe and many lightworkers are a part of it. You are ONE in so many ways.

You have brothers and sisters everywhere! You are connected to a great light-chain that is a movement! It is never still! It is highly alive! And it is made of love! And love will heal whatever needs healing! Always! Always! Always!

So. Just relax! And use your heart-intelligence. And there you truly know what it´s truly about.

Yes. Your thoughts can be too negative, as you live in society and constellations of families or neighborhoods that are still much in 3D.

Use your hearts intelligence, where your true knowing resides in.

I know you can! Love will lift you up!

You are a blessing to Earth!

I love you,


**Channel: Kerstin Eriksson


9 Replies to “Archangel Michael: Hold On; Love Conquers All”

  1. unionylibertad

    You always come through Archangel Michael when we need it the most…I say: YES, YES AND YES TO LOVE….And like you always reminds us: “Stay the Course”..I AM THE LIGHT, I AM THE LOVE, I AM THE TRUTH, I AM, AND WE ALL ARE…Thank you beloved Archangel Michael…I love you too…

  2. jakesey

    True Love really is the Golden Key
    That finally sets the weary Soul Free.
    Nothing worldly can compare to this;
    Release the fears, embrace the bliss!

    It’s all to be found within you
    When to yourself you remain True.
    Unending connection to God within,
    Free from illusions of punitive sin.

    We are all Love, we are all God
    No matter where we may have trod.
    In whatever lifetime, come what may, Miracles are found along the Way.

    Open your heart, heal your soul;
    This surely is such a worthy goal.
    Be kind, be ‘you’, be gentle and mild,
    And always, be free, for Love, is Wild.


  3. Rolly R.

    Thank you for the inspiration, Archangel Michael. I believe in you. What you say is really true. True love is the key.