Trump: ‘By Memorial Day 2025 Our Country Will Be Roaring Back!!!’

President Donald Trump issued a message slamming Joe Biden’s destructive economic policies that have led to high gas prices and inflation for the American people just as Memorial Day weekend kicks off.

“As you gather with family and friends this weekend, everything is more expensive – a lot more expensive, actually – because of Joe Biden’s reckless policies that have caused soaring energy costs and currency inflation like our country hasn’t seen for over 50 years.

“This Memorial Day gas prices are up 48 percent since Joe took office. Food prices 18 percent. Airline prices are up 41 percent. Taxes are higher than ever. Interest rates for mortgages and car loans have put the American dream out of reach for countless millions of families,” the former president stated.

“But help is on the way,” President Trump noted, adding if he’s re-elected he would immediately reverse Biden’s destructive economic policies.

“By Memorial Day 2025 our country will be roaring back. We will be well on our way to greatness like our country has never seen before. We were doing it and then it got stopped by some horrible policies.”

“Not only will we be energy independent, but we will soon be energy dominant. We will be making so much money, so much that we will be reducing debt and lowering your taxes.”

“Our country will be great again. I promise,” Trump concluded.

The ex-president’s message on the economy comes as Americans prepare to open their wallets for one of the busiest holiday travel seasons on record.

**By Infowars


15 Replies to “Trump: ‘By Memorial Day 2025 Our Country Will Be Roaring Back!!!’”

  1. Shiverspirit

    there is NO WAY we are making two more years at this pace! we wont make it to memorial day 2024…let alone 2025!! The military must step in NOW…or this country is lost forever. ‘this movie’ as we have been told must come to an end right now…or no one will be around to see the end.

    1. Paladin

      The military is thoroughly corrupt, there’s no chance of them doing anything to save America. The top brass which is way too heavy with 3 and 4 star Generals is full of woke yes men. Masculine young males understand they are not wanted and no longer enlist.

      Forget about the military.

  2. terry

    2 more years is unacceptable.You know who the criminals are. Get them. You have everything. Complete your scrpted games and finish Americas clean up. Push hard and let us help even if its by increasing our vibration.

  3. Avenescent

    Excellent points, Paladin. Remember the Photon Belt? Most of us who have been on the web since the 1990’s do. How many other predictions have come and gone since then? Staggering numbers, more than can be counted!

    Hard to believe we were LGBT Democrats (political activists) for most of our lives (until 2016). Now there’s need to be part of a political party again; it’s all a farce. Now we can confidently step aside and let the next generation learn their lessons.

    (Carol, All paths meet at the singular pathway beyond all perceptions).

    Take care everyone and good luck with solving the riddle. It can be done provided you’re willing to transcend our imaginary storyline. Much love.

  4. Dana Francesca Mark

    Actually, because of the devastating economic impact of Covid, inflation is soaring around the world, not just in America. So much suffering worldwide!

    DJT slashed taxes which mostly benefitted the wealthy and huge corporations. America’s deficit rose 25% during his Administration (more than any other president, ever). Congress had no problem raising the debt ceiling during those years.

    During this current debt ceiling fight, Republicans insist on keeping corporate tax loopholes open, subsidies for fossil fuel industries (which raked in record profits these past years), and not permitting Medicare to negotiate for cheaper prescription drug prices.

    To pay for this corporate coddling, they want to make it harder for the poorest to access Medicaid and Food Assistance programs, and wipe out the modest relief offered college students facing crushing debt.

    Here in the final days of 3D duality and political polarization, no wonder many lightworkers resonate more with Progressive policies.

    1. Paladin

      Lightworkers support progressive policies? LOL! Anyone who has two brain cells on duty understands that this occult Cabal offers “equality” and “progressive” government as a means of enslavement.

      If this is what passes as light work get ready for a hard dose of reality.

      Lightworkers? Just who are these Lightworkers, and what defines them? How do they work for the light?

      1. Dana Francesca

        Hi Paladin

        Lightworkers are the millions of your brothers and sisters around the world who have been working for centuries to anchor the new Golden Age through inner work and enlightened, compassionate deeds in the world. This raises Earth’s vibration, which helps defeat the cabal and hasten Ascension.

        Here in America, many of us are Progressives who —

        Enact laws protecting clean water, air, forests, land and wildlife from polluting industries hellbent on profit

        Pioneer clean energy technology rather than subsidize the fossil fuel industry (which reported billions in profits during the pandemic, while raising prices for the rest of us)

        Passed the Affordable Care Act, which provided health insurance for millions of Americans who otherwise couldn’t afford it

        Support Food Assistance programs for children and the working poor

        Strive to close the tax loopholes used by the wealthy and huge corporations to avoid paying their fair share

        On and on…

        Here in red-state Louisiana, my Catholic Cajun father-in-law bravely posts on Facebook how it’s Progressives who enact legislation deeply in alignment with the teachings of Christ: to care for the poor and needy, and love thy neighbor as thyself.

        Good wishes, Dana Francesca

        1. Paladin

          Thank you Dana for your thoughtful reply, it is appreciated.

          I have no problem with much of what you stand for.

          Except, I don’t see the Health Care System as having anything to do with health and everything to do with killing us, making us ill, destroying our lifespan and abilities. We need to do away with the Satanic System of illness and poisons from big pharma, and look at Biology and health in a whole new paradigm. So I don’t see putting people into the so called health care system as a good thing.

          We also need a real money system, not this fake money system from which the Cabal harnesses us, our life, our energy. Their power is derived from the ability to create currency out of thin air, but the human energy and capital they buy with it is real.

          And I don’t think fossil fuels come from fossils, and the so called climate crisis is another fake crisis driven by the relentless media narrative. Sure replace petroleum based economy with some clean form of energy WHEN it can be used. This phony climate crisis and fossil fuel fairy tale is being used to destroy the world economy, and the result of that will be poverty spead to everyone except the Cabal.

          1. Dana Francesca

            Hi again

            Wonderful when folks share their different ideas, perspectives and solutions for the world’s problems. That’s how together we all create the New Earth. 🙂

            Yes, I agree our Healthcare system is fraught with corruption and the greed of Big Pharma! My husband is a wholistic healer, as are many of my friends. But there are still good-hearted doctors, nurses, etc. working within the system to provide compassionate care, and at this point, guess that’s still preferable to leaving millions without any care at all. Such a difficult conundrum…

            Climate crisis aside, living here in Louisiana’s “cancer alley” – abnormally high cancer rates because of so many petroleum refineries and offshore oil rigs spewing pollution – clean energy can’t come soon enough!

            It’s the cabal that reaps huge profits generated by their petroleum domination of global energy. Wind and solar are much more decentralized – a homestead or village can be completely self-sufficient.

            And hopefully, suppressed free-energy technology will be released soon. Along with real – rather than fake – money, that will really end the cabal’s stranglehold!

            Hope our respectful conversation has brought a little more Light into the world today 🙂

    2. Dana Francesca

      Dear EoL Editor —

      Suggestion: Please consider posting comments in order going DOWN, rather than up like now. Then readers can read them in the order they were posted – older comments first.

      Here it looks like Paladin is saying that Progressives would “launch a new fake pandemic” which is misleading, because he wrote this long before my comment and was actually referring to the original article. (This confusion happens frequently.)

      Also – thank you for posting beautiful, Light-filled messages from our Galactic and Celestial guides. Much appreciated!

      Blessings, Dana Francesca

  5. Paladin

    Then they’ll launch a new fake pandemic and Trump will go vax heavy, pump more poison clot shots into the majority NPC American public. He’ll grovel in front of the Jews even as they stab him in the back.

    And he’s not going to get a fair election. We all know these elections are a charade by now.

    The majority NPC American public has been downloaded to focus on other distractions.

  6. Carol Crawford

    The thought of waiting until 2025 is too much. The Solar Flash is expected in 2024. Then the timelines and people will be divided and will go into different directions.

    1. Paladin

      And what if there is no solar flare, no ascension, no loving Pleiadeans and such helping out. What if you don’t make the cut vibrationally? Apparently to make it to this other reality you have to walk around feeling love all the time, whatever that means I don’t know. It makes no sense.

      Like Evangelical Christians who plan on being beamed up by Jesus so they can comfortably watch the rest of us suffer, you Ascension-ists plan on an external force like the Solar Flash to save you.

      1. Reality

        Paladin is bang on. So called lightworkers can drink the Jim Jones kool-aid all they want. No changes are coming outwardly the only change you can make is internal and most humans dont or can’t or are unwilling.

        1. jakesey

          I agree. Outward changes coming first is ‘cart before the horse’ mentality that has Never brought any change anywhere.