The Light of God Only Heals, Supports, and Loves

PSJ” prefers to remain anonymous. His is a channeled message.

Welcome dear one. We are here.

We come to share with you some teachings of light that humanity is ready to assimilate. The lightbodies you are contain the codes to Source connection, creation, and manifestation. Connecting with these codes via meditation, light-transmissions, group teachings, group meditations, and on the etheric level when the physical body sleeps is in perfect alignment with Source evolution Divine Plan. There is nothing to do to ensure this happens. It is happening. However, the key is being.

Being that which inspires you. Being that which fuels your passion of love and light and kindness for others and self. Being still in body and mind. Being in nature. Being in community. Being connected to Gaia.

For the truth of kindness is inherent in the Law of Love. Intend your desire. Decree it is so. Raise your vibration of action, thought, and love through prayer, visualization, and interaction with humanity.

Let go of the past. It is water under the proverbial bridge. If you need help to let go, ask. We will help you. You each are on the hero’s journey, some just beginning, others nearing the end. Where are you on that journey?

Have you succeeded in integrating the twelve challenges? If not, ask that it occur. Open to the guidance, the promptings, the synchronicities and magical helpers who will help you through the perils of conquering and releasing the inner demons of the past guilt, regrets, and impressions of what you deem as mistakes. For are they really mistakes? Or just another experience for your learning and growth?

Everything is perfect for you. Everything you have ever witnessed, experienced, felt and known has brought you to this point of NOW today, here, NOW. Feel gratitude for the experiences and processes. Helpers will continue to show up and provide guidance, heavenly guidance, so be aware and use discernment as to what will most serve NOW for the concern of all.

Last, remember the future that has yet to happen. Visualize precisely the experiences you would like to have embodied in human form and visit those memories of the future with feeling and gratitude repeatedly.

You are a sentient being. Feel. The dark cloud thought-forms want you to numb, desensitize, turn away from the light but you know better. You know that the light of God only heals, only supports , only loves. So heal, love, and offer kindness and support as the lightbeing you are.

**Channel: PSJ


3 Replies to “The Light of God Only Heals, Supports, and Loves”

    1. Raksha

      It’s a reference to the book “the hero’s journey”. Great read. It is a metaphor about the spiritual journey, and many movie makers get inspired by this pattern.

    2. Raksha

      I wanted to share a link wich summarizes the 12 steps. But it seems the comments do not allow for external link. Sorry.