We Are Being Freed

We are being freed on multiple levels now, deeply subconscious programming, cords, attachments to the old matrix of the 3D.

I was shown this a few days ago profoundly.

The cosmic energies now pouring in and directed by the company of heavens and the Golden Rainbow Fires are sweeping through our heads dismantling all which has ever been programed in there, or put in there, or attached itself there without our permission throughout all lifetimes on earth.

I was shown a blinding white-golden Ankh and this being put in energetically into our heads and then dissolving all of these into the purest Godforce Light.

The Ankh was always used as a tuning fork, a cosmic energy conductor, and in many other ways, we have forgotten about.

This is working intensely with full and higher activation of our pineal, pituitary, hypothalmus and the the Ka gland above our heads, linking to our soul stars.

This is happening so that we are now literally being tuned into the higher dimensional frequency bands, stand fully in truth of who and what we are, as the keys and codes within our higher soul selves are activated.

It enables us to access our highest soul potential, without outside interference from the old systems etc. no matter how hard some try to keep the status quo.

Of course souls have free will and choice. Some are choosing to remain unconscious.

A great transmutation is happening and is unprecedented.

Mother Mary is holding the immaculate conception of our new Lightbody form in her heart and soul for the whole of humanity.

A rebirth in Divine Love and with Divine Love.


**By Judith Kusel


3 Replies to “We Are Being Freed”

  1. Morally Righteous Complainer

    You should have posted my previous comment; what Censorship and outrage!

  2. unionylibertad

    With gratitude and much Love I thank you Universal Mother Mary for your gift to us…I accept this and all that is for my highest good and to advance in the Love and Light that I Am…I AM THAT I AM..