How Powerful Are Pleiadians?

Think Superman. And there are millions of them who can travel across the galaxy in their body or in fleets of the most powerful motherships.

Humans are similar to Pleiadians in some ways but very different in others. Much of what we believe began on Earth was actually brought by Pleiadians.

Types of music, dance, sculpture, painting and even animals were brought from the Pleiades. There are cultures and languages on Earth that still have Pleiadian connections.

Humans look more like Pleiadians than any other ETs because they lead the original mission to upgrade the evolving species found on Earth and disperse the variety of human races across the planet.

They’ve been with us since the beginning, serving as soul guides and incarnating as humans. They are the angels of light that walk among us. They are the primary genetic parents of humanity and the protects of Earth. They call Earth ‘Kishapolee’ (Child of Mine).

Even with so many similarities it’s important to know that Pleiadians are higher dimensional Elohim. They came from 12D and self-created their own civilization. They are god-like in comparison to humans. They communicate lovingly for teaching, but there are no further relationships with mortal humans.

Pleiadians are god-like to other extraterrestrials as well. The most loving beings in the universe are the most powerful. They can do everything Superman can do and more. The power of Elohim would seem closer to magic.

Pleiadians can fly in body and use spacecraft. They can open portals anywhere. They can manifest instantly and move objects with their thoughts. In our dimension they have unlimited speed and strength, as well as telepathy, flight, teleportation.

They can phase through solid objects. They can bi-locate, instantly projecting another version of themselves to be in two places at once.

Like Superman, Pleiadians use crystals as technology and build homes out of crystal.

They protect Earth from outside evil. Most of this is happening in frequencies humans can’t detect with 3D senses. Pleiadians are very loving but feared by many dark groups across the universe.

They have fleets of crafts and motherships with weapons no enemy can defend against and have used them to protect Earth before.

They eliminate harmful astral entities. They prevent many false flags and natural disasters. They clean the environment of toxins.

Why don’t they stop all the bad things from happening? We’re in a free will duality by choice, reincarnating towards the final goal of Earth’s ascension to 5D Sheen. They don’t stop every evil because struggles in duality are necessary preparation.

To put their power in a “biblical” perspective, the angels of light who walked on Earth (Pleiadians) are more powerful than any “God” who walked on Earth. The dark forces on Earth have only had as much power as humans gave them through their thoughts and beliefs.

Pleiadians and Galactic Federation can only show us glimpses of their presence until the Shift. We must continue with our soul plans, learning and growing, and overcoming obstacles on our own.

Superman is fiction, Pleiadians are real, and creativity is a form of channeling.

**By Kabamur


4 Replies to “How Powerful Are Pleiadians?”

  1. Paladin

    As you can see Kab worships his vision of what Pleiadeans are. His every thought is an act of worship of Pleiadeans or how he imagines them.

    What a stark contrast to the Pleiadeans portrayed by AS, who are very much like us, except for a longer lifespan and technology.

    I notice none of the other Pleiadean channels make them out to be comic book super heroes either. In fact several (Channeled Pleiadeans) have mentioned how dangerous Reptilians are due to their large size and strenghth. Kab’s Pleiadeans can remove them with the bat of an eyelash.



  3. Mike Ohira

    Superman is fiction yes, but Santa Claus is real. His real name is Saint Nicolas, even now lives in Hollow Earth near the North Pole entrance and the costume is green, not red. The costume turned red as the result of
    Coca Cola publicity. 100% of the Japanese will not believe this. Gifts
    will be delivered to those who ask for it.