Jeshua: No Wishes Come Fulfilled At The Desire Level

Everything is YOUR decision!

Worry if you love sorrow, fear if you need fears, and nurture doubt if you cannot believe. Everything is your decision and your future is shaped by your decisions.

You can wish for anything that comes true is in the stars. Only when you decide and make decisions does the wheel of life begin to turn – and reality and reality emerge.

So be aware: worries, fears or doubts are also the result of a decision. You chose to worry, otherwise you wouldn’t have it. You chose the fear, otherwise it wouldn’t be in your life and the doubts are also your choice, otherwise they couldn’t exist.

Everything, really everything in life is based on the choices people make.

You always have a choice and this choice only means agony if you don’t really want to let go of the old structures and give up yet. Basically, it’s simple: you forbid yourself any worry, you forbid yourself fear and you forbid yourself doubt. Whenever these specters appear and loom before your consciousness preternaturally large and menacing, say:


I, (state your name here),

JJK: I do this all the time and I have to say it really works.

CHRIST: What is important is determination. There can be no doubt about it. You really have to want it!

JJK: But what if I’m having doubts?

CHRIST: Then you remain a doubter. It’s easy:

What happens happens because of a person’s direction and not because fate has gone haywire. You always become what you are inside, what you think, what you feel and what you energetically feed yourself with every day. There is no way around it, these are the cosmic laws that also apply to people on earth.

I no “shepherd”, you no flock!

JJK: What strikes me is that you are very specific, not a hint of the rather “soft”, “loving” and “peaceful” JESUS, the “Shepherd”!

CHRIST: I am the living CONSCIOUSNESS OF CHRIST, which reveals itself to living people in different ways, and you are not a flock of sheep, but every single person is like me!

Images that people have of me can be right or wrong, because love has many faces.

There is still a lot to see for most people here. Looking behind the surface and touching more than just the hem of my coat is denied to many because they are the ones who refuse to understand.

faces of my power

The energy with which I give this message is very focused and for the people who really want to move forward. Anyone who has a glorified view of my life as JESUS ​​and cannot deal with the many faces of my power will not want to believe in a concrete JESUS. The JESUS ​​BIOGRAPHIES also present many people with almost impossible tasks. Many traditional images of me are difficult for people to correct.

JJK: Now, though, people might say, “Jesus, I’ve forbidden worries, fears, and doubts, but they’re still there — they keep coming?”

Don’t stop at the desired level!

CHRIST: Try again and keep doing it until you see success, do it until you get the desired result. Many people give up and deprive themselves of the fruits of their intentions. They remain on the wish level and wonder why their wishes are not fulfilled.

Here, too, the realized spiritual level of man is the pivotal point. It is easy for those who strive for the championship to achieve this. Anyone who still loves entanglements and needs them for their development will find this effective option too easy. It is always the human consciousness that makes decisions or avoids decisions.

Anyone who didn’t know how easy it is to free themselves from worries, fears and doubts now has the tool in their hands.

This message is given to those who are on the way, but often stumble there because the events overwhelm them.

Anything is possible if you are willing to make everything possible for you. Heaven assists, but the steering wheel of your destiny is in your hands.

With infinite love

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by


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  1. Yup

    I’m one of those who sees this as timely. Much appreciated. This version of Jesus, one of strength, doesn’t surprise me in the least. It resonates perfectly. The many forms of love are amazing and appropriate to so many states of consciousness.