Hakann: How To Talk To Your Soul

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is Hakann speaking. I greet you in peace and love.

In several previous messages we have advised you to regularly talk to your soul and to ask your soul for advice whenever you are unsure what you should do. From our perspective, your soul is the best guide you have. If your soul says something that contradicts anything we’re saying, please listen to your soul. We advise you to listen to your own soul over anything and anyone else.

Today I would like to go in depth about how you can actually talk to your soul. I will give you a few steps that can help you do this for the first time. Eventually you will not need these steps and you can just think “my soul, what should I do today?” But when starting out, these steps are helpful.

These steps probably will not immediately work for everyone. If they do not work for you, don’t worry, you are not broken. In this case, it’s just a matter of doing some more general spiritual work first and then eventually trying this again. Everyone has the capability to talk to their soul.

The first step is optional: you will not need to do this first step once you are used to talking to your soul. But this first step is helpful if you are starting out. This step is: quiet your mind. There are many ways to do this. One way to do this is to repeatedly neutrally observe any thoughts and feelings that come up, without judging or trying to change or suppress them. This way your mind will slowly become more still. Often, the things that are brought to your conscious attention are thoughts or feelings that your subconscious thinks you should be consciously aware of. If you’ve observed it sufficiently without judging it or trying to change it or suppressing it (which may take more than one time), it will generally be resolved and it will stop coming up.

Another useful way to quiet your mind is to have a good planning system, so that thoughts like “oh I still need to do this thing” will not come up, because everything is already scheduled. A useful concept here is to never allow anything to be in the “I’ll do this someday” category. If a new task comes up, immediately schedule it, or do it right then (short tasks should often be done immediately), or delegate it, or decide you simply won’t do it, or put it on a “todo, review me monthly” list. And then also schedule that you will review that list monthly. Also, it’s good to initially brainstorm every task you still need to do and either schedule them, do them immediately, delegate them, decide not to do them or put them on the “review me monthly” list. Simply never allow there to be a task that’s in the “I want to do this someday” category.

Another way of quieting your mind is breathing deeply and slowly, perhaps with one hand on your stomach and one on your heart. You may also have personal ways of stilling your mind that work well for you.

Once you are sitting comfortably with a quiet mind, the second step is to say or think: “my stomach, what do you want to eat next meal?” Then listen. The very first thing that comes up is the answer from your stomach. It will answer in your regular inner voice, but the answer will be from your stomach. This is you telepathically talking to your stomach, which has a consciousness of its own. However, the answer from your stomach won’t feel like telepathic contact, even though it is. It will just feel like your inner voice talking to you.

Believe that the inner-voice answer is actually from your stomach. Don’t overthink it. Don’t start rationally thinking about if this really was the answer from your stomach. Just ask the question, listen to the very first thing that comes up, and that’s your answer. That’s it.

If you don’t hear anything in this step or in next steps, then I would advise you to just keep doing general spiritual work and to try again in perhaps half a year or so. Tunia and I have given a number of suggested spiritual practices in our “path” series, such as “Hakann: the Breathing Path” and “Hakann: the Observation Path.” In the meantime, you can still get guidance from your soul by following your intuition, which comes from your soul. Although don’t confuse emotional or egoic preferences for intuition.

The third step is to think or say: “my heart, what do you think I should do today?” Again, listen to the very first thing that comes up.

Finally, the fourth step is to think or say: “my soul, what do you think I should do today?” Again, listen to the very first thing that comes up. And again, this will probably not feel as earth-shaking as perhaps you had imagined it would be. But it is real.

And that’s it. If you get an answer in step four, you have officially talked to your own soul. Congratulations, relatively few Earth humans have ever achieved this.

Being able to talk to your soul is incredibly useful. From my perspective, it is your ultimate guide. It may be smart to hang a note somewhere in your living space to remember to talk to your soul at least every week, and possibly every day if you feel like it. Your soul can give you incredibly useful advice, because it knows you completely — it is you — and it can observe what things are likely to happen in the future.

Your soul is also very happy to be able to talk to you. Imagine being your soul and having to watch the Earth aspect of yourself often make choices that you know are not optimal, and not being able to directly talk to your Earth aspect! So don’t worry about bothering your soul, it will always be happy to talk to you. You can even ask it for advice on what you might consider to be trivial matters, such as “should I buy apple juice or pear juice?”

In fact, asking your soul for advice on trivial matters can help you build up confidence in the answers from your soul, so that when you have to make more important choices, you can just choose whatever your soul advises you and be at peace with that. This will both lead to better choices and a huge amount of peace of mind. You will likely find in time that following your soul leads you to better outcomes than following your rational mind, or following the advice of friends.

Your soul may not always steer you in the direction that’s most comfortable, but it will steer you in a direction that is best for you. Most often following your soul will lead you to becoming happy. And if your soul suggests that you take a seemingly challenging path, you can be assured that you will be able to handle these challenges. Your soul is part of you, it will not suggest that you attempt something that you are unable to accomplish. If you still think that you won’t be able to do what your soul suggests that you do, then perhaps you think too lowly of yourself.

Two good questions to ask your soul are to think or say: “my soul, what should I do today?” Or: “my soul, how am I doing overall?” But you can talk to your soul about anything, and you can ask it anything. Again, once you are used to talking to your soul, you don’t need the aforementioned four steps, and you will also be able to do this even in say a crowded room. You can just say or think “my soul,” ask your question, and then listen to the very first thing that comes up in you. That’s it.

With that, I will leave you for today. I hope you will try this out. If you do, I would love to read in the comment section if this is working for you.

With love,

Your star brother,

For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S.


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11 Replies to “Hakann: How To Talk To Your Soul”

  1. Raksha

    The advice about avoiding « I’ll do it someday » is very astute. I’m a pro at doing that, and clearly it’s an hindrance. These days, there is movements in my life and I have a lot of things in mind that « I’ll do someday ». Therefore, it runs around, and it’s difficult to meditate or connect with my soul.

    The pro-procrastinor therefore confirms from experience that this advice is really valid.

  2. Raksha

    The dreamtime is also a great way to connect with one’s soul.

    One can just ask about some query before falling asleep. The answer will come in a symbolic and emotional fashion. Like all things, it takes a bit of practice. Practice to remember the dreams every morning, practice to understand symbolic language etc.

  3. Olivia

    I do this but I’m worried the answers I’m getting are from the dark how can I trust it’s my soul talking to me?

  4. Aga K.

    Był czas, że długo szukałam stabilnej pracy i wydarzyło się coś niesamowitego. Nie wiem, czy była to moja dusza, ale uczestnicząc w pewnym kursie -bardzo wyraźnie usłyszałam w prawym uchu szept: “Podnieś głowę, bo ten człowiek da Ci pracę”. Za godzinę “ten człowiek” wezwał mnie na rozmowę i powiedział, że mam gwarantowaną pracę. Wdzięczności za piękne przekazy Tuni i Twoje Hakann💖💖💕🌸

  5. Charles Neves Rodrigues

    Saudações à todos…!

    Bem, nessa minha vida tenho buscado a verdade desde tenra idade e hoje uma das certezas que tenho é que existem muitas agendas e muitos se utilizam da tática de não as revelar diretamente, por exemplo: se alguém ou um grupo tiver interesses num outro grupo, como nós da Terra e esses interesses não nos favorecem, eles não revelam isso de forma aberta, ou seja, eles omitem, ou buscam um perspectiva mais diplomática para não criar obstáculos a suas agenda… Resumindo: se eles estiverem mentindo, eles não vão falar a verdade para nós! Então, eu recomendo muita cautela nas mensagens “canalizadas”, por há muitas agendas que não são favoráveis a nos e eles irão usar todos os recursos por estarem do outro lado do véu. No que isso tem haver com a mensagem do Hakann sobre ouvir a alma!? Pode ser uma boa orientação, como podem está utilizando disso para que estejamos mais vulneráveis a influências dos que estão nos manipulando com o objetivo de impor suas agendas. A abordagem do Hakann e da Túnia, são interessantes, e acrescento o Kryon também, más, sejamos: “…mansos como uma pomba e prudentes como uma serpente…” Assim um outro já orientou! Faço essas ponderações por saber bem da nossa condição de encarnados e de como há muitas civilizações direto e até indiretamente apenas querendo impor suas agendas.

  6. David

    Thanks Hakaan and A.S., I do feel that a part of me has become stronger with this through my own intuition, but I have asked within today, and that quiet feeling is there to guide me. Hopefully the path is there, I certainly feel I am communicating with my soul. Much love to you. Selatherin a al Ajarten. Namaste 🙏

  7. Tricia

    Hi dear brother Hakaan thank you again for these tools to help us with earth life. I have been talking to my soul for a while now and it does help I felt it pretty quickly the first time I spoke to my soul, but I’ve always felt things more than sight or hearing. I’m a person who’s emotions lead the way 😂. Thank you too A.S for bringing these beautiful friends and their information to us. Love you all 🙏❤️💖

  8. Jess

    Thank you Hakann and A.S. for this message. Hearing a confirmation outside of myself is really helpful.

    In my experience, speaking to my higher self/soul has saved me countless times. Everyday things like: “Should I have pizza or salad at this restaurant?” Soul: “Pizza, any veggie option. Lettuce is bad” And yes, a day later there was a recall for that lettuce the store used. Sometimes there’s a hesitation in an answer. That’s usually because I have to clarify the question. Very rarely: I can’t know that info because it will take away my free will choice. (Soul will say that)

    I’m excited for everyone to enjoy the peace of mind you’ll get and the fun adventures to be had!

    P.S Have fun on your day off Hakann!

  9. A.S.

    Thanks for the beautiful new portrait, KejRaj.

    I think there’s a slight error in the title (“Hakann: How To Talk To Your SoulHakann:”). Can you please remove the last “Hakann”?