Hannelore: Every Soul Finds Its Way Back to the Light

How it started!

JJK: I’ll say it quite frankly: I miss you!

H: And yet we are not separated, dearest Jahn. From my point of view, this is now quite easy to see. Your vision is limited, filters and veils in front of your spiritual and physical eyes separate the worlds. On the one hand there is a clear view and on the other hand the view is restricted. Rest assured: we are closer than it seems.

JJK: Since yesterday I have the feeling again that we are going to have a conversation. I have a question in connection with founding the publishing house. A few days ago I came across messages from 2009, from the time when you decided to put “Schiele” in an auction and use the proceeds to make 200,000 euros available for founding the publishing house (the messages about this are published at the beginning of the book!). From this I gather that I still called off the whole thing, that is, didn’t want to accept the money because I didn’t seem to feel free enough.

What did you want back then, a friendship that hadn’t grown yet, or more closeness or the opportunity to have a say through money? I thought that was settled. Finally, in the course of your donation, we had a conversation that it had to be free of other intentions in order for it to work. Money does not automatically mean friendship. It has to develop naturally – and if it doesn’t, then don’t. I wanted to counteract this tendency and only when JESUS ​​SANANDA said to me on June 19, 2009: “The intention of the soul, through which this donation comes into being, is clear and you should only align yourself accordingly.”, I was reassured. But do you know what it was really about back then?

H: A small thing with a big impact. In a phone call I formulated that “WE” would then design the publishing house in this way and that “WE” could then do this or that with the money. That was too much for you. After all, that’s exactly what you didn’t want, someone interfering just because they gave money.

Additionally, I was quite “bossy” or “wifey” on that phone call, a side that always erupted when I was overwhelmed and out of control.

Finally, on our first intimate get-together (there were seven of us), I was a little brash after drinking a little too much wine. This irritated you and raised doubts.

JJK: Yes, I checked everything again with the spirit world and everything was clear. You, too, recovered quickly and let me and Karl do it.

Are angels moody?

There is one more question that bothers me. Now that you have crossed over so freshly, you can certainly answer that very well. Here on earth we humans are often confronted with good and bad moods, with good days and less good days. Sometimes we’re just in a bad mood and big explanations can’t always be found.

For me, that’s just part of life. I don’t psychologize and just let these days pass. My question is: are there better and less favorable mood pictures at your level? Are angels moody?

H: That depends on the level at which an entity exists.

JJK: What applies to you now?

H: Earthly whims have fallen away from me like leaves falling from a tree in autumn. You wouldn’t recognize me (with a smile). A fulfilled harmony reigns here, a basic vibration of love, which was hardly imaginable on earth and is not yet. This ensures mental well-being, a lasting state of joy and peace.

There is no shortage, for only in shortage can imbalance exist. My moods have left me completely.

On lower astral planes there is battle, there is conflict like on earth, as these beings have taken the unresolved earthly issues into their new life. Above a certain level of vibration and light, such mood pictures no longer have any soil on which they can thrive.

Time change

JJK: Sometimes it seems like you’ve been gone forever and returned to the light, other times it seems like it just happened yesterday…

H: The perception of time is changing fundamentally now. Sometimes you are lifted out of time, you lose touch with it, it passes quickly, then again you are confronted with earthly things, caught in the mill of time and time doesn’t seem to pass.

The true time change is taking place in human consciousness, a process that is occurring now.

JJK: Do you actually know when we’re going to die and switch sides? Do you know this day with me or with one of us?

H: I am familiar with your soul plan to a certain extent. In the same way, I am familiar with the soul plan of all people who belong to our spiritual family, as far as I am concerned.

It is an “open secret” for me, which development the light world project is taking now and how long someone in which position will perform their task on earth. From my current point of view, knowing that is something completely natural. For you, this knowledge would be a burden.

We have a lot to do – together – you on solid ground and I have an effect on the earthly processes from the light spheres of creation.

Why it “ghosts”

JJK: Do you still have any relationship to your last earthly body or is the bond with death completely severed?

H: Completely severed, without a remainder – a connection remains with those people who don’t want to go or can’t go. They get attached to things and often cannot shake off their physicality. They just don’t want to accept that they are disembodied, that they have died. This creates a lack of orientation and leads to “haunting” on earth.

These souls are always helped. As soon as they show insight and come to consciousness, they are led into the light by the grace of God. Sometimes it takes centuries! But no one, really no one, is lost forever. This is the most important insight I want to give people today:

No one gets lost, every soul will one day find its way back into the light!

JJK: What a nice final word.

H: People who are in truth angels make a unique contribution to the growth of creation through their embodiment!

The uniqueness of people

The mere willingness to engage in this play in dense matter draws the Creator’s full attention to man.

It is GOD who frees people from earthly life and guides them safely into the light.

As long as we are on earth, we are little aware of our place as a unique species in the universe. Only in heaven do we open our eyes. In the light, the whole dimension of being human is revealed to us.

Please never doubt that GOD will receive people with boundless love when the time comes. Do not be afraid of dying, nor of death!

Hell really doesn’t exist! What there are are places of immeasurable dignity and beauty, levels of creation that you left behind of your own free will before this life – and for that we humans of every species in being are honored beyond all measure.

Honored and loved by GOD!

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation into English by EraofLight.com