R’Kok: The Search For Meaning

My dear brothers and sisters,

This is R’Kok speaking. I am the reptilian who has murdered millions in the past, who has since repented and I am now working as a military advisor for the Galactic Confederation.

When I was a teenager and young man, I was obsessed with external achievements. I wanted wealth. I wanted power. I wanted respect and fame. I wanted to have sex with multiple women and I wanted those women to only have sex with me. Of course, I’m not suggesting that is reasonable, I’m just sharing how I used to be.

Part of this came from the victimize-or-be-victimized, swim-or-sink nature of reptilian society, And sure, I had been subjected to my share of trauma and abuse. Sure, it hurt less if I passed my pain on to others. At least, that made it hurt less in the immediate moment.

But really, looking back, I think a huge part of this is a hollow emptiness, lurking at the edge of my awareness. I was only vaguely aware of this. Sometimes it would come up, when I relaxed with no external stimulation, or whenever I would walk the streets alone at night. And so I sought pleasure or external distractions. I always wanted to have music on, or something like that.

Because really, why should we exist? Why go on? Why should we keep getting back up after being knocked down?

Is it because if you work hard, you can create a life that has more pleasure than pain in it? Maybe?

If we lie on our deathbed, is there an amount of pleasure and wealth and respect that we can achieve that will make us content with our life? If we have five hundred orgasms and two houses, will that be enough to satisfy us on our deathbed?

This sounds ridiculous if I write it out like this. But then why go on?

As a teenager, I was certain that if I could just be in total control of one city and everyone living in it, that I would finally be happy. Then I achieved that goal. And I wasn’t. Eventually I was the overseer of an entire planet. And I felt nothing. The only thing I remember thinking is “well, this task is done. At least I don’t have to work at that anymore.”

But if reaching our successes are huge chores or tasks, and then at most we are only happy briefly, isn’t that a fool’s game? Aren’t we being suckered by our egos? Aren’t we trapped on a hedonistic treadmill, at the mercy of our own dopamine receptors?

More questions than answers. Every additional step you take on the stairs towards so-called success, you realize you’re still as far away from happiness as you were when you took the first step. Only now you’re lonelier. Now you have to watch your back. Now you don’t know if your friends actually like you, or if they’re just trying to use you or get something from you.

Then, after certain events, I became a member of the galactic confederation. And when I was just learning about this new way of life, I witnessed galactic confederation men who spent zero time trying to hoard wealth and power. In their life they hadn’t even attained command of a small group of soldiers, hadn’t even built a small harem. They didn’t even have a personal slave. When they died, the history books wouldn’t mention them.

And yet, they were far happier than I had ever been. They were generous. They laughed, genuinely, instead of mockingly. Their humor didn’t have an agenda, they didn’t use quips to subtly tear other people down. Instead, they lifted others up. They spoke plainly. They didn’t carefully try to only have regal and in-control facial expressions. You didn’t have to mind read them to know what they were thinking.

And women loved them, even though they were not especially powerful or rich or handsome by the standards of their society.

So, what was going on? I asked them what their ambition was, what their secret to happiness was, and their answers only confused and annoyed me further. Initially I was convinced that they were mocking me and were keeping their secret from me, but when they realized that I thought that, they invited me to read their mind and there was… nothing there. They were happy, but there was no secret exercise or external attainment that gave them happiness. How?!

Initially I thought that they even lacked ambition, which in reptilian society is thought of as something basic, like the ability to be on time when you make an appointment. They didn’t even have that. So they haven’t even figured out ambition, almost the equivalent of how to tie their shoe laces. And yet these basic, average men were happy, and I wasn’t. How?!

I’m not saying I’m proud of my past arrogance. But that is how I used to think.

Then at some point, I finally figured it out.

They were happy because they were part of something greater, and that thing was genuine and real and it was a worthy cause. And they were actively contributing to that cause.

Their cause was peace in the galaxy. But really, it turns out that it can be anything. If you are part of something greater than yourself, and that something is genuine and real and is a worthy cause, and you’re contributing to that cause, then you will be happy.

Something can be a worthy cause if you’re pursuing something that genuinely helps and works for everyone, or is at least neutral for everyone. And this also means that you should take the concerns of those people on board who disagree with you, even if those people are so-called “bad people”, and not just handwave away their concerns or try to ram through your own viewpoint. I love the Earth concept that if something doesn’t work for everyone, then it doesn’t work at all.

And when I started pursuing the idea of being part of and contributing towards a worthy movement, I realized that this wasn’t just the key to happiness. It was also the key to achieving at least some level of self-esteem and self-love. Sure it would be great if I could love myself unconditionally even without doing anything in the external world, but deep down if I’m being honest, I just don’t. I’ve never actually really been able to do that. And pretending doesn’t help. However, being part of and contributing towards a worthy movement at least helps me achieve that a little bit.

And when I look at Earth, I know I’m not the only one. Many people on Earth are unhappy, and are using the very ineffective strategy of: “demand that other people change or do something, so that I can be happy.” This can be “politicians must implement my desired economic system” or “people from the other political side must switch to my side” or “other people must wake up” or “the white hats / gray hats should start mass arrests or roll out GESARA” or “galactics need to help us more tangibly.” And some of those things should happen, I agree. However, waiting for other people to do something doesn’t bring happiness. It just puts you in an irritated and helpless mind state. If you can’t control something, then it’s best to just observe your own pain or frustration or fear with regards to that, and then go on to do something useful that is within your power to achieve.

Also, if everyone wants other people to change, but few people actually want to change themselves or be the one to stand up and start working towards positive change, then… not a lot happens. Everyone wants change, yet few people are willing to change themselves, or are willing to stand up and bring about change.

So: if you want happiness and self-esteem, then be part of and contribute towards a worthy movement. Or at least, that’s as close to the secret of happiness that I’ve been able to figure out. If there’s a key to happiness that I’m missing, then please share it in the comment section. I’m all ears. Which is a weird Earth metaphor, but there you go.

I would like to genuinely thank everyone who has been listening to these messages. You’ve brought me a degree of happiness and purpose, and I am forever grateful.

Oh, and I’ll share one more random thought that’s been bothering me. Men’s formal fashion on Earth is that they wear a tie around their neck. Which is basically a noose, right? As in, if you grab the knot of a man’s tie and then twist, it’s really easy to strangle someone. If I saw someone in reptilian society wearing a man’s tie, then I would assume that he’s a slave, and that his controllers either want to be able to kill him conveniently whenever desired, or his controllers are mocking him by making him wear a noose. And don’t think that the now-removed extraterrestrial beings who used to run Earth don’t think in this way. Yes, I know that their human minions wear ties too, but that’s just a sign that those humans too are either minions, or oblivious. If I lived on Earth, I wouldn’t be wearing a noose around my neck.

With that said, I feel exhausted. I’m ending the message.

All my love,

For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S.


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23 Replies to “R’Kok: The Search For Meaning”

    1. Zena Jann

      Thanks for sharing your opinion R’Kok, I had a good laugh about the ties men wear. Being human is not easy, brother but it’s all part of one’s soul Love experience Good Life to you, ZJ

  1. 8

    The internet, computers, chat channels, social media and serveys allow for data collection and analysis, eg collect and analyze everyone’s responses, thoughts and beliefs. Collating and analyzing data is the best way to know and learn about the population. To analyze their behaviors and responses in order to approach and inplement plans with success and accuracy. To learn all the probabilities and their outcomes.

    Every time you write, know you supply this data. However, at the same time you cannot allow them to silence you or be afraid. But, you can beat them at their own game by often writing things you don’t believe, accept, want, think etc. Then you will make their data false results and inaccurate 😁.

    Come on people, there are ways to make changes if you just stop and think CREATIVELY. To stop tuning in to distractions and focus on what is here and now.

    1. unionylibertad

      It matters not what they do…What matters is what we do…For that reason we need to be ourselves and not let the outside influence you…Many blessings…

  2. Charles Neves Rodrigues


    Poderia iniciar esse comentário de muitas formas, mas vou fazer da forma que nesse momento ressoa em mim! Antes de mais nada, não quero causar desamor a quem quer que leia isso, muito menos a que vou citar, mas sinto que é necessário, não só por me, como a outros também, mas, me reservo apenas a me mesmo. Eu sinceramente, tenho muitas críticas a como os planos divinos são implementados. Discordo que nossa evolução seja a base de sofrimentos, principalmente quando sei que um ser, como o irmão R`Kok, “que matou milhões”, está numa situação privilegiado em relação a me por exemplo! Então eu matei bilhões!? É muito incompreensivo essa dinâmica! Sim, eu tenho noção que nas minhas encarnações anteriores e participei de matanças, como por exemplo, ter sido um espartano, segundo algumas informações e ressonâncias. Eu também quero expressar minha admiração pelo R´Kok pela seu despertar de consciência e imagino que tem que ter muita coragem para tal. Eu fico muito decepcionado com os galácticos e seres ascensionados e seres de luzes que parecem não dá nenhuma relevâncias pelo que passamos aqui, além do seus pontos de vista. Também faço essa critica aos nossos Eus Superiores, que parecem viciados em emoções, pouco importando do nosso sofrimento e até parecem seres das trevas, que também só nos ver como meio de obter energias que lhe são interessantes, ou o que estou descrevendo é uma inverdade!? Em um outro comentário a uma publicação do Hakkann, eu citei ele, a Túnia, Kryon e esqueci de outros mais, como Arcturianos e Amadon do livro de Urantia, como referências. acho importante cita-los como norteadores para me, além de Jesus. Embora todos esses sejam seres que contribuíram e contribuem, eu posso garantir que as coisas aqui não são nada suportáveis. As vezes até sinto que alguns de vocês sentem o que nós sentimos, como exemplo a Mira, mas mesmo assim, acho que vocês, sob orientações, estão como telespectadores de filme como o “Show de Truman” ou um “Big Brother”. Todas os esclarecimentos e explicações são tão vagos, divergentes, que você se pergunta qual é a razão de tanto sacrifício? Vicio por emoção do Eu Superior!? Bem, eu poderia ponderar muito mais, mas será que convém!? Há um ditado que diz: “Se não quiser ser criticado, não diga nada, não faça nada, não seja nada”. Eu imagino que vocês sabem quem eu sou, e que falo verdades, então, ajam além de palavras, invés de sempre descrever perspectivas sempre acompanhadas de condicionantes.

    Sem mais, um irmão…

  3. Helena

    I would like to ask R’Kok if he is willing to share with us a bit more about the origins of the reptilian creation and why this creation WAS so different to ours.And thank you for your other sharings. Helena

  4. Linda Rosa

    R’Kok, I’ve never read your words, but these words were so gut-wrenching and blatantly honest, they get you right in the gut!! I’m so glad that you are seeking a new road to achieving inner peace and joy. I found that being in the moment and centered brings me the most spiritual peace. Just sitting quietly, breathing in and out and knowing God is all around me and that I Am a part of God – brings me the most joy. I pray that you will share your newfound spiritual insights with others like you that are not on a love-centered path.

  5. Mikkel Kaastrup

    Dear A.S.
    I wanted to write this for a long time, but I am DEEPLY grateful for the channelings you provide. You are one of the clearest channels I’ve ever “met”, and the messages given to us by the Pleiadians and R’Kok are often very profound and illuminating as well as uplifting. To R’Kok I send the blessings of the Most High for this message. May the Light follow and guide you, and may Universal Love live in your heart and uplift it. So let it be.

  6. John

    I can’t think of any key to happiness and unconditional self-love that is not within everything you shared; except perhaps that the notion that ‘the secret is that there is no secret’ isn’t fully developed: it’s not about something you do, it’s about realizing something you already are, which is unconditional.

    I believe how happy you really feel about /doing something/ is just a sign of how aligned it is with what you really are, regardless of it being murdering millions or wearing a noose to your wedding.

    That being said, I think it works for everyone when everyone works on it! Thank you for sharing.

  7. mary jane powell

    I always enjoy reading your thoughts. You are refreshing and I can feel your sincerity. Thank you for sharing.
    Until next time~

  8. David

    Much love R’kok

    For me true happiness comes from really helping someone and seeing them light up from what you have done for them.

    Always love 🙏


  9. Joe Diamond

    The trick is to know that achievements, be they material or spiritual, will not keep you happy. By learning to enjoy the present moment and the little things, we don’t spend 99% of our time waiting for little moments where we stop striving and wanting because we have reached onr of our big goals.

  10. john

    Thank you R’Kok for the messages, it helps very much to have views from ”the other side” and allows understanding, i started my journey to the light by being very judgementel regarding good vs bad and indeed preeched to all whom i knew and to many others i did not, but after finding era of light and indeed reading some of your past messages my perception has changed to a view of mutual agreement that everything has its place positives and negatives are different sides of the same lesson, i regard myself as an neutral person now with views to a free will earth and universes that responds to universal law with all beings equel and all being loved, this view is so different from when i was young i studied military history like there was no tomorrow i joined my countries military at a young age whenever i dreamed it was about military glory or dying a death saving hundreds for a cause if you will, i have no memories of being an reptillian but i suspect it is possible, nowadays i am the complete opposite i love peace and love trees flowers and sunshine and good people with good intentions love and honesty and am happy to be here along with many many others to help bring this earth and the galexy to its fullest fruitation of a loving envoirement ready to enter the higher realms, love to you R’Kok and all beings in the universes love to all.

  11. Paladin

    A couple of points, assuming this is genuine, I’d say being a Reptilian and being an Earth human are very similar. Everything here is the law of club and fang, dog eat dog.

    Secondly, I understand this constant refrain about changing within, and not to expect change from without, and yet, change has to come from without.

    If these dark entities from other worlds have been cleared, they have left their human hybrid subordinates in charge, and they are in control. You can’t keep burying your head in the sand and just going within. These globalist Luciferian cultists hold all the power. They have control of the banking system worldwide. This gives them power over the planet. Every government is subordinate to them. Currently, admit it or not, they are destroying the food supply, the financial systems, and are working day and night to kill humanity off, first they want Europeans genocided off the Earth because they see us as the greatest threat to their plans of becoming immortal cyborg Pedophiles.

    And if you did remove these dark entities why do we still have these Khazars, or Jews, still here, still doing as much harm as they can. The disproportionate power and choke points they control despite being less than .1% of the global population is astounding. Look deep enough into any dark and evil agenda and you’ll find them at the heart of it. They must have a higher proportion of Reptilian genetics than the rest of humanity, or maybe spirituality they are the children of this very dark entity known as Lucifer.

    Humanity faces a real existential threat. I see no indication of White Hats, Grey hats or anyone trying to do the right thing, the godly thing. They just roll on with their agenda of death, degeneracy and literal insanity and great majority has no idea what is going on.

    1. Linda Rosa

      Hi Paladin, I agree with everything you say. But, I do believe there are genuinely good people on this planet who are working towards the good of all, taking care of their families and honoring God as well as they wish. The problem is the luciferians control all media and the forces of good have no way of knowing how many other people like us are are neighbors, our friends our co-workers. We are isolated and kept in the dark by the luciferian media outlets and that’s difficult for us. Yet, onward we march, knowing we are fighting the good fight and that our intentions will be honored by the universal forces which monitor us. Thanks again Paladin I always like your advice.

  12. c

    You asked about finding happiness. I find it in creativity – painting, making music, making homes (on paper or computer)… Being creative, just for the joy of creating and not for making something that lasts forever or raises you in the eyes of others, just feels good and empowering and free. It makes you smile. Act on your inspiration.

  13. Julie

    R’Kok, I love to read what you share. Thank you! It’s your forthright acknowledgment of the harm you have done that is so beneficial. Frankly, I think more Earthlings need to acknowledge their own role in darkness. Especially the perpetrators! It’s always that ‘oh, you know that dark person over there…those in control…someone else.’ We’ve all, as a soul, been touched by darkness in this realm of light and dark.
    I’m not being cavalier about your past but on some level, what is done is done. The man you are now is inspiring, as is your frank discussion about it.
    I hope you find true forgiveness within you, and the self love you seek.
    What has helped me is this, that I offer:
    Remember the lessons of the past, not the events.
    Blessings to you!

  14. Matteo

    Wow, very usefull as always reading these points of view, so straight and effective. Thank You. All my Love. Matteo

  15. Silvia S.

    Dear R’Kok, I admire you and all people like you who chose to turn to light, after darkness, with all my heart, you are very brave, letting go one’s ego is harsh and you succeeded. Having healthy, loving relationships, creating something pleasant for everybody, fulfilling one’s needs by respecting God’s laws and helping others is a possible recipe for beeing as much happy as possible. Hugs by one of your earthling sisters. Silvia S.

  16. Tricia

    Hi R’Kok thank you for coming forward again to share this information. I always look forward to your messages because I feel I can relate more to your situation. You have lived with two different states of consciousness in your lifetime and you are so brave choosing the path you are on now, I feel as you are where you are, you have illuminated the path so for other souls born into the reptilian races there is Another WAY. It must feel so hard and lonely at times, I’m sure where you are now you are valued, loved and seen as a brother. I hope for you you do eventually love yourself because I feel you truly deserve to be free of your past and the emotions attached to that. Being born into the life you mention it is no surprise you did the things you did, that was the way there. You have moved way beyond that now and thank you so much for your service, I love you so much and sending you lots of love and a huge hug 💖💖❤️❤️

  17. unionylibertad

    Peace, Love and Light…R’Kok…I welcome you and your message of Light…As I type these words I am about to go to sleep…I am finding it hard to find the right words…
    I believe that part of wishing to have certain things is because most of our lives we have been struggling to make ends meet…We can say we have not had an abundant life of much of anything including Love or at least we grew up thinking this way…As time passed it just got worse…I don’t want to look back as much as I love looking forward…Obviously the present is where I choose to remain more and more as I am learning to achieve this…
    We have been self-centered in our thoughts and wishes towards others…Always thinking we had to convinced someone of our way of seeing things. and I remember of being upset and very stubborn over this…Now I am learning to let go of many things that I used to hold on to…Little by little it feels easier and more rewarding when doing so…Being simple, humble, caring and connected is always the way to achieving Peace, Balance,, Harmony, and it this feels very natural…I love meditating because it takes me back to this way
    of beingness without the distractions of the outside…
    I am finding that by letting go of the many outside distractions, we achieve more fulfillment…When we help others and are not so self-centered we discover how satisfying our lives can be…Of course this we achieve sometimes. It is easier said than done…
    I am happy to connect with you, and I am grateful for your taking the time to share your journey with us .
    I believe the strong energies are affecting us all…We tend to need more rest…After this note that is what I will do…
    Good night and God bless you and all…Thank you for Being You…