The Telosians: Everything is Changing Around You

We greet you, dear children of the Earth. Once again we will return to the evolution of earthly humanity. As you know, because you live it in your daily life, life seems very difficult to you to apprehend and to understand at the moment. Indeed, you live almost everywhere on your planet, delicate events like a war here, struggles there, whether at the international level or in your country.

In your country of France, there was a time, specific demonstrations which monopolized a large number of people who were determined to make their rulers understand that it was important to listen to the people, not to consider them as troop of little children ignorant of life. There will still be some upheavals of this kind, but not only in your country.

Humans on Earth are beginning to fully understand that they have been manipulated and that they are still manipulated by beings who want to have power over them, over their lives, over their ways of living. You, humans from all countries, are starting to want to be free: free to think as you wish, free to come and go without constraints, free to welcome such a human from such a country at war, etc.

You are currently awakening to the understanding that the Power of each of you can and will transform your life on this planet. But, because there is a but, you are still more or less chained to your desires for possession, your desires for power. Power is experienced in a family as well as in work or in your country. This power, a small earthly power, is very far from that which is in the process of emerging in you.

By showing you through various manifestations, that we ask you to live in calm and not in violence, thus showing yourselves to your rulers and others who want to have this power of life over you, you bring out the energy of freedom. , the energy of the desire for peace, serenity, you bring out the ray of Light of Love.

Yes, even by protesting calmly, you show your power to transform the life of earthly humanity into a life of respect, freedom and Love.

Love contains all of this and when you emanate it through your words, your thoughts in calm, you project its Force and its Light around you. This creates an egregore that spreads all around the Earth and will, little by little, affect other humans living in other countries on all continents.

Everything is changing around you because you are changing yourself. Change on Earth, in your humanity, can only happen if you yourself change in your thoughts, in your words, in your actions.

The more your thoughts, your words, your actions will be activated in the calm and the understanding that you are the creators of your life and of the life of earthly humanity, the faster you will propel yourself towards the New Earth of which we often speak to you. , the Earth of the fifth dimensional consciousness.

Some of you are still wondering when the famous “three days” of Earth life transformation will arrive. We know you are eager for this to happen to feel alive again in a new world of Light and Peace. But for this to happen, it is important that you realize that this can only really happen if a large part of earthly humanity already lives in peace of heart, in the awareness that life can only be shared respect, gentleness.

When a significant number of humans will live all this in consciousness these “three days” will present themselves to you. 

You’re going to say, “In that case, given what’s happening on Earth right now, we can wait a long time!” »

We know and know your thoughts but we are going to tell you that anything can happen very quickly, much faster than you think. It will be enough for the world government to suddenly collapse for many things to change immediately within earthly humanity.

We have told you in many messages, that all those who want to enslave the human being, are in fear because they realize the rise of the evolution of consciousness of each one of you and of all that which is revealed on your computers through the internet. This is why they are trying their last efforts to keep you in their power, but we confirm that it is withering for them.

This is why we tell you again that the power of Love, of the Consciousness of Love and of Peace within yourself, are the best elements of change to liberate earthly humanity from all that is held together by ties that no longer have any place to exist. The transformation of the Earth, her expansion of consciousness, her evolution in a higher dimension, will help you to do like her by freeing yourself from all that hinders her in her evolution.

For some time now, you have had resonances within you, energetic resonances that you may not be able to recognize but which are nevertheless very real. These resonances come from the Earth itself which reflects all its energies on all that lives on its soil. This is why you cannot stay behind in its evolution, it is important for you to move forward strongly and follow it in its evolution.

This is how everything will be softer, more serene and happy for each and every one of you.

We accompany you with great love.

**Channel: Marie-Josée Andichou

**Translation to English by


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