Disintegration of Old 3D

Dear Friends,

There will continue to be shocks and collapses this month as the disintegration of the old 3D world accelerates.  And as summer arrives simmering anger will boil over as masses are on a quest for equality and justice worldwide.  While anger is totally understandable it is a fear reaction. The task of Lightworkers is to stay calm, centred and in mastery. When we take responsibility for the thoughts, words, beliefs and actions that have created our own personal situation, we can change what we attract.  When enough individuals raise their frequency and create equality, love, justice, respect, peace in their own lives, this higher vibration will spread to the world.  Ultimately it is quicker to switch on your inner light than to fight the dark.

Naturally as soon as I wrote those words I was tested!  I had to cancel my broadband provider, which should have been a simple task.  The phone was permanently engaged, the live chat circled in a loop and I could not cancel on line.  I could feel frustration rising!  In the end I crossly wrote them a snail mail letter and laughed at myself. And Kumeka said to me that if I had remained calm, centred and trusting, the universe would have arranged itself so that my call was immediately answered.  It graphically reminded me that we really do have to embody and live our knowing.

June is one of my favourite times of year when the birds are so busy feeding their young and defending them.  I love to sit in my conservatory and watch.  I have just seen the thrush that spends most of her time collecting worms on my lawn, vigorously chasing a huge jay away from her nest.  She shows such courage and selflessness.  In line with everything on the planet ascending the frequency of the birds’ songs has risen.  The other day I was entranced by a skylark fluttering above me as I walked the dogs and joyously singing its heart out over the world.  Watching nature reminds me to count my blessings.

Love and blessings

**By Diana Cooper


One Reply to “Disintegration of Old 3D”

  1. Jack in a box

    Thank you, I feel your frustration. I’m glad you got through it. I guess it also depends on how much MK Ultra you’ve had, there’s only so much anyone can tolerate. Once a cup is full it is full and the only place it goes is flowing out. My tolerance levels were used up years’ ago. I apparently, put my hand up to experience nearly every horror and trauma based experience there is on Planet Hell and I’m over it.

    I don’t believe in suppressing emotions anyway. I believe if I was born with them they have a purpose and should be used, apparently that is what being human is about: experiencing emotions. Bottling them up makes you sick, I learnt that lesson before age 10.

    My anger does not come from fear, I have very little fear since I was left with very little to lose. It comes from demanding I be let out of this “Save the Earth Experience”. Supposedly I can ask to be in but then not allowed to leave; I am a prisoner.

    Frankly I’m bored and over this matrix and by all rights should be able to leave. But, oh no, apparently, there is a more important part of me that makes the decisions and doesn’t care what this part of me wants. R.. i…g..h..t…

    I wonder why when chosing all the experiences available I would choose the Planet Hell experience. Hmmm…

    Hey would you like to experience bliss or hell? “Oh pretty please let me experience Hell, I know there’s a huge queue to go to Hell but I will take all the necessary tests and torture experiences in order to participate”. Ha! Sounds pretty wacko to me. The entire Planet Hell experience is ludicrous.

    I know it is not real, just an illusion, a game, an experience, a dream someone created that I am co-creating so why can’t I quit!??!!! Starting to think the only option is destroy the flesh vehicle.

    When I was young I was indocrinated into religion but I always felt (knew) something was wrong about the “story”. Many things didn’t add up and make sense. Now I have the same feeling (knowing) about the “spirituality” story I am being told.

    I finally thought truth was coming out and people were waking up but now I see there’s another matrix inside the matrix, inside the matrix. Why can I see these illusions and no one else can?

    For those frustrated trying to wake people up, that’s been me my whole life!!! Always awake, always seeing what people can’t. Imagine how fun that is? Then just when I finally think people are waking up and we can relate another matrix is formed. Ahhh!

    So yeah, that is where all my anger and frustrations come from, not from the looney movie I am, unfortunately, a part of.

    This experience is one of constant chaos and insanity and I’m tired of experiencing it and seeing through the illusion but being stuck in it!!!