Are Canadian Wildfires Caused by Energy Weapons? Are “UFOs” Behind This?

A video published by Greg Reese today shows dramatic satellite footage suggesting that the wildfires in Canada that are affecting over 100 million people across 18 states in the U.S. and closing down major airports due to heavy smoke, all started almost simultaneously.

Here is the video:

This begs the question: Are we entering into a new phase of weapons of mass destruction that are energy-based?

These questions were also asked earlier this year, back in February, with the deadly earthquakes that struck Turkey and Syria. Those earthquakes had no epicenter, and were preceded by footage shot by people on the ground of strange lights and objects overhead.

I produced a video that is on our Bitchute channel that highlights some of the evidence that earthquakes can be caused by energy weapons.

There were alleged UFO sightings at the time this happened, which led me to pose the question:

Are these UFO sightings preparing the public for more military deployments of energy weapons of mass destruction that will then be blamed on “invading aliens”? (Full article.)

And similar to UFOs being in the news back in February, here they are again today dominating the news cycle this week, in both the corporate and alternative news media, being the main story that Tucker Carlson’s new Twitter show featured which went viral yesterday.

Carlson then took the media to task for ignoring yesterday’s “bombshell of the millennium,’ in which a government whistleblower revealed that craft developed by non-human intelligence has been recovered by governments around the world in an 80-year race to reverse engineer materials for geopolitical advantages. (Source.)

Coincidence, or military propaganda preparing the public for what comes next?

Here’s Jordan Schachtel’s take on the UFO story:

Red Flag: Alien spacecraft ‘whistleblower’ has never actually seen evidence of UFOs, and all of his sources are anonymous

Zero evidence. Zero non-anonymous sources. Zero credibility.

A longtime government employee and newfound “whistleblower” claims to have submitted evidence to Congress that the United States government has several “non-human” spacecraft in its possession.

The shocking assertion, forwarded by David Grusch, a well-credentialed former member of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, is certainly making waves in the media. The claims even found their way into the first episode of the invaluable Tucker Carlson’s new show on Twitter.

Here at The Dossier, we prefer to verify information, and not trust sources based on their resume, regardless of how impressive it may seem.

If you read carefully into the first reported story on Mr Grusch’s claims, which appeared in the UFO-friendly The Debrief website, a sharp investigative eye will take notice of a flagrant issue.

*Grusch has never actually seen these supposed spacecraft first hand!*

Grusch has admitted that he hasn’t even seen any photos of the evidence, let alone having been in the presence of these alleged objects.

Yes, his carefully crafted narrative is based on “extensive interviews with high-level intelligence officials, some of whom are directly involved with the program,” The Debrief reported. In short, he’s’ relying on other people. It’s a major, scorching hot, red flag for multiple reasons.

There’s an additional issue on top of that. These “high-level intelligence officials” are unnamed, and shielded in anonymity, so there will be no accountability when the latest alien frenzy bites the dust.

Who are the actual individuals who saw the alleged spacecraft? Why haven’t they come forward? What’s stopping them from revealing these UFOs to the world?

Grusch has positioned himself in a way in which he is not accountable at all for the information he is claiming to reveal.

Zero evidence. Zero non-anonymous sources. Zero credibility. We rest our case. (Full article.)

**By Brian Shillhavy


2 Replies to “Are Canadian Wildfires Caused by Energy Weapons? Are “UFOs” Behind This?”

  1. muzzza

    Planet x (Nibiru) is in coming. In Zaporozhye, the problems with the Nova Kakhovka Dam are not due to Ukraine mischief nor by Russian hands. The Eurasia Plate is in an extreme stretch at present, as earthquake maps show. Rivers run along thin drooping crust, seeking as water does the lowest level. These 3 major rivers in the Ukraine show the vulnerability of the dam location, which pulled apart to cause the dam to breach.

    As for the fires / smoke in New York until the New Madrid Rupture pulls the Mainland and SE Portions of N America apart, there will be extreme dynamics pulling on the Mainland. As the Pacific compresses, the Mainland is pulled West and is pulled down heavily onto Mexico. The tug-of-war between the Portions shows up along the Mississippi River and under the Seaway in the record of almost constant building collapses, pipeline breaks, and train derailments. But the tugging that Canada must endure is relatively new, and is due to the African Roll continually pulling the SE Portion to the East.

    The northeast portion of the N American Plate above the Seaway is firmly attached to the Eurasian Plate. These plates are bonded through the Arctic and remain bonded at Iceland and Norway until they reach Africa. As the Africa Roll picks up the pace, the Mainland Portion attempts to yaw open the Seaway. Stretch zone tugging is a silent matter, but the rock layers nevertheless pull apart, release methane from trapped vegetation, and cause underground fires. Thus Canadian provinces are showing SO2 and CO emission and wildfires emerge.

  2. unionylibertad

    These oligarchs are desperate and will try anything to create chaos and fear…I refuse to be in fear…and I will work to send Love and Energy along with the Transmuting Violet flame…We can change this and stay positive…Send Love and Light to Canada…