Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self: Turmoil

The turmoil upon Earth continues unabated and in reality Mankind has no idea how it will end or what can be done to minimise its effects. New ideas are being incorporated so as to improve your and even artificial intelligence is now being taken seriously. In fact it has already been used by the military to create soldiers of war. It is clear that they can be used for peaceful means that take armed conflict to another level.

The question is whether you can control such usage or will the war be fought by non-human forces. It is looking into the future and deciding what controls can be exerted that will avoid Armageddon. A great decision has to be made as to whether you will give up ambitions for world control or use your new found powers to establish peace. We are waiting to see which path you will choose as we stand by to assist you to establish a peaceful community if that is your choice. Your whole future stands ahead of you waiting to see which path you will follow.

Meantime you struggle to bring about some resemblance of Law and Order when the prospect of a Word War looms large should the powers that be make the wrong decision. The future lays in your hands but be assured that without usurping your freewill we stand with you prepared to help you deal with the challenges that face you. Instead of reaching out for guns to settle your disputes why not come together and bring about the trust that is needed to settle matters peacefully.

Let peace be declared and agreements made to put an end to actions of provocation because you will solve nothing by continually confronting each other with threats of violence. It is well past the time for Humanity to grow up and put fear aside and make a proclamation of lasting peace.

Certainly the people are tired of continual warlike utterances and threats that could obliterate Humanity. Give a voice to those who advocate peace and take away the power that the warmongers use against you. As soon as you can set up a Council for World Peace the sooner real and lasting peace will be achieved.

Dear Ones, you have everything to gain by coming together for peace, and if you do we shall be waiting in the wings to assist in every way possible. We use our power of persuasion to lead you onto a path of peace, but we do not force the issue as the final decision is yours.

How joyful it would be if you succeeded in establish world peace as it is not as far away as you might imagine. The people of the world are tired of war and all it means in loss of life and property. In these depressing times they need a boost so that they know that the future promises an end to all hostilities.

The power of thought is getting stronger as more people realise that war never solved a problem but makes matters worse. Give the people some hope for the future and lift their spirits. The coming together of different nations would create a powerful voice for permanent peace.

Where are your leaders that are ready to take on the challenge bringing about world peace, because they are already upon Earth seeking an opportunity to come to the fore. Trust is the byword for peace but can nations broker a peaceful agreement that will hold. Visitors to Earth need to know that it will be safe to do so and look to Man to clean up its act.

You were never meant to be permanently isolated upon Earth but as you must know by now, visitors have been kept away so as to ensure your evolution was not affected by outside influences. Your freewill has been guarded so that you developed in the right way necessary for your advancement.

In time you will of course meet your many friends and naturally your real family. Yes, your many lives upon Earth have reached out to many other beings who have joined you in a way that was helping you evolve. You have so many friends waiting to renew acquaintances with you.

Life is not a series of accidental meetings and experiences but is carefully planned to give you every opportunity to grow. It is why you have many brothers and sisters from other realms working with you to help ensure your experiences are part of your onward progress to fulfilment. You are never alone in your quest to learn more about life and evolution.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

6 Replies to “Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self: Turmoil”

  1. Paula Allen

    We are almost totally controlled even in our (free Will thoughts) so where’s your promised help and love for us?? Interference seems like a cop out at this point!! Thanks for the positive wishes and love but we’re ready.

  2. harrrrrie

    Don’t forget our love and light and the love and light that is coming to our planet is eventually going to turn everything around. I’m as frustrated and impatient as all of you but we have to try to stay positive. Giving up will delay any positive outcomes. Sending love and light to everyone will quicken the spread of change and positivity.

  3. Saphire

    Dito!!! Where are the Gray Hats and the shackles for all the nations war mongers. We are asking for help. !!!!! We can not clean up ail three without starting a civil war!!!

  4. Douglas A James

    What?? We the people don’t control the military the weapons!! We want peace but we are being controlled humanity the people never wanted war it was thrust upon us over and over…Mike what the hell ? We are on a prison planet no free will ever existed!!! It was an ILLUSION!!!!
    nobody I know control the US or Russian military…oh that’s right the satanic elite do!!!

    1. ENERGY OF LOVE 444

      Right!! And it’s unbelievable that they got away with this crap this long!! Unbelievable!!