Jeshua: What Now?

Loved people,

the time of times presents you with great challenges! You will be confronted with circumstances that cannot be foreseen. So it is also impossible to prepare for it. What comes into effect now is your inner condition, your inner strength, the true core of your being. The events of this time often present you with the situation: WHAT NOW?

Even if you have considered this or that, taken precautions here or there, everything turns out differently in the end. You have to be prepared for that internally. Today it is the inner values ​​of a person that count, because these are now being brought to bear – and these make the difference.

Those who are inwardly connected to the earth experience the upheavals of the earth with deep understanding and peace. Blessed indeed are those who grasp the necessity of what must now take place. At the same time, it is important to be connected to heaven, to the divine. That is the only preparation that matters now.

Effective and decisive is what you have realized within yourself. What matters now is a healthy psyche, an intact spiritual immune system, and a well-founded and grounded connection with the earth.

Deep in your soul you have known for eons what is to happen now, so that it becomes full of light on earth and becomes human between people.

Hold on or release?

A system is completely torn down, an epoch that caused so much pain to mankind is wiped out.

This won’t go unnoticed by anyone, but it makes the difference between clinging to the old system and letting go of it voluntarily. This behavior decides whether events will swallow you up or whether you will rise like a phoenix from the ashes of events as NEWBORN.

This is how I draw your attention to your desire to hold on to the old. Many people have no idea of ​​the new and so they cling to the well-known. This reflex is harmful because as soon as the storm comes, you have to let go.

trust in God

Even if you have no idea of ​​the age full of light, even if the enemies of freedom seem overpowering to you, always keep a window open – a window of trust in God through which knowledge can penetrate to you.

Poverty consists in not knowing anything about GOD and being completely cut off from GOD.

Whether you can visualize the age full of light or whether you cling to the old life, both paths can only be mastered with sufficient TRUST in GOD.

How can you best bridge this time and survive in peace? Through TRUST IN GOD!

So go, because the time of GOD’s return on earth is a time of miracles, so that believers and unbelievers can open themselves to GOD.


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by


13 Replies to “Jeshua: What Now?”

  1. Erik

    Sounds like only ‘tip of the iceberg’ type of story. What isn’t being elaborated on is the calamity (storm) it precedes. I see comments of ‘relocation’ , wich is just a fluff word for mass destruction and ppl dieing/crossing over by means of great loss.

    The number of those who survive this ordeal will be far less and form new colonies of the ‘new earth’.
    And the more i look at the implementations of the ‘NWO’ wich terrorises humanity, the closer i feel its chocking grip.

    The transforming principle includes death in its cycles, don’t kid yourselves in thinking naively this is going to be a smooth and comfortable transition.
    The ‘now what’ is going to proove insurmountable for many and ‘relocate’ to the afterlife.

    I’m not counting on ‘saviours’ swooping in, so i’m not in the position of celebrating the new earth at this point in time. Time being a keyword here, the importance of staying in the present, and going with the flow to the best of your ability.

    1. Mike Ohira

      When you consider the fact that around 60% of the earth population are clones I also have a glim picture of the aftermath of the EVENT. Jeshua said in one of his writings that the earth is populated by soulless human clones and he also mentioned that the New Earth will be inherited by
      souled people: “Very many beings will leave this world, very many!
      The new earth is populated by souled people”.

  2. Mike Ohira

    The New Earth that I am talking about here is completely different from the
    present earth. It is the original earth – the earth that existed at the time of creation. The continents of Lemuria and Atlantis must have existed
    at that time.

    In the Heavenly world, they have this original blueprint of earth.

  3. Mike Ohira

    Jeshua is trying to remind us of something that is about to happen and we
    must be prepared for – most likely it’s the EVENT that is imminent and
    is said to occur during this year 2023.

    Zaraya is a 6th dimensional Being, a UFO pilot trainee, originally from Hollow Earth, and he was taken to the timeline 2030 on a UFO. The
    ship approached an area of what is now New York and looking from
    above this is what he saw: No concrete, no buildings, nothing of man-made structures whatsoever – the whole area of New York was
    completely covered with forests. He immediately thought it was the
    New Earth that he was seeing. Here is a short conversation between
    Zaraya and his ET instructor as given by Zaraya:

    Z: How can in such short time everything can change?

    ET: Anything can change in a twinkling of an eye. What we perceive as
    time can be altered in a second.

    Z: How can billions of people be taken off the planet and relocated
    in the timeframe we’re speaking of?

    ET: With Source all things are possible.

    I also have in possesion a graphic image of the New Earth of 2026.
    The earth is completely barren, lacking all lifeforms. Not a trace of
    any human involvement. For confirmation, the picture was shown to the ambassador of Agartha (Inner Earth) when I visited her in New York in Aug 2017 and yes she said it was authentic. She gave me a date 2020 but
    that did not happen. The same picture (that someone else possess) was
    also confirmed recently (2022) by the Highest of the Universe.

    If KR is interested maybe I can mail him this picture. But I would not
    recommend showing it to everyone cause it might invite fear to
    the population.

    1. Emma

      The timeline you are talking about is no longer relevant, as humanity has carved out a new one, and seems like Jeshua just said that too.

    2. Light bearer

      Interesting, thanks for sharing.

      Who or what is the “Highest of the universe”?

      It’s possible that we’ll have an Earth evacuation between now and 2026, although my personal view is that the future is not set in stone so maybe that’s a possibility rather than a certainty. The dates that have come and gone are a reminded of that.

      Still, if we’re evacuated / beamed up between now and 2026, that might improve our lives, depending on how life looks post-evacuation.

      1. Mike Ohira

        “Highest of the Universe” is the name I created because I didn’t want
        to disclose his real name. On earth he is called “Zorra”. His universal title is “Father God”

      1. Mike Ohira

        Thank you for your interest but I am hesitant to send it out on Internet. I never have. It may spread fear and fear will lower our
        vibrational frequency. Instead I will describe to you the New Earth
        the best I can.

        It is very beautiful. You cannot compare it with the earth we see now.
        It is one bulk of land in the middle encircling the whole planet. Yes,
        it is all connected. The new earth is a little bigger than the present
        earth and the land mass is larger. Yes, the new earth will be
        borderless so we all can live together as one earth family.

    3. john

      Interesting though your story is that is only one version of an timeline and as we know there are many timelines. love to all.