Every Soul Chooses Own Way

Regulate and Obstruct

Government is the problem, not the solution. After more than 15 years of dragging and deepening recession, it is time to change course. In a democracy, governments are elected by the people to serve them, but not to play authoritarian dictator, as is always the case. Governments use all power and resources to influence your way of life.

They have the power to tax, detain, imprison, torture and use young men and women to fight wars in other countries that are no threat to their own. They regulate and impede businesses, distribute money, make trade difficult through embargoes and sanctions, and control everything that comes to mind. Governments are clearly not serving the people, worse, they are the enemy of the people.

The people entrust justice to an institution that is obscenely corrupt and obscure. People are brought up to remain under surveillance and give their freedoms and abilities to the government; they dare not do otherwise because they can be arrested.

The power of the modern representative government is that it deceives the masses by making them believe that they too are insiders. They are encouraged to vote and believe that their vote really counts. Practice proves otherwise.

The time has come to let others – friends, spouse, children – move forward at their own pace, without feeling guilty for not being able to wake them up, for not making them realise that a different way of living and thinking is possible.

You don’t know the other person’s soul choice, which differs from yours. You are not obliged to try to save the other person, even though you know their soul is beautiful. Allow them to be what they want.

By trying to save the other person’s soul, you are entering the hellish triangle and once again becoming a victim of the responsibility that only you have imposed on yourself. You prevent others from living out their soul choice.

Release control over the souls of others, be it your children or the people around you. Every soul must go through a process, the chosen path of evolution, and if that does not match your desires, let them experience what is necessary for their soul. Drop control.

By trying to lead others along the path of light that seems right to you, you are not accepting their soul’s choice, you are not letting them live their own experience.

Free yourself, now, from all obligations of sacrifice, of submission, to regard others, by going forward alone if necessary, by accepting more of your individuality.

It is time to free yourself from the obligations your parents, society and you have imposed on yourself and made part of your life. You don’t have to live with people who are negative or toxic to you, nor do you have to sacrifice your life to save others. They are not your responsibility.

Don’t feel obliged to always feel good, to say yes to everything, to accept not taking time for yourself. You created your own situation, realise that, and if they don’t appreciate your presence, let them take advantage of your absence.

Let your soul and the souls of others experience that which each of us needs to experience.

It is time to renounce your dependence on obligations. Let go of all the commitments and promises you have made in an unconscious state.

If we humans do not wake up soon; we will soon, before we realise it enter the New World Order!

It is expected that on or around 25 June next, the money system will collapse, making the cabal ‘knight on foot’ and eliminated. With simultaneous introduction of the new QFS money system, abundant prosperity will become available to all earthlings!

**By Peter B Meyer


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