Regarding the Pentagon Whistleblower David Grusch’s Claims About UFO’s

Regarding the Pentagon whistleblower David Grusch’s claims that UFOs have killed or harmed humans and that “they” are dangerous…

As I’ve said before, if someone can’t discern between positive and negative ETs, they don’t really know what they’re talking about.

The universe is full of life. Earth is tiny. If there are good and bad people on Earth, imagine the variety of life in the entire universe.

There really are evil ETs and some have manipulated Earth for a long time, but to put this in perspective, humans have done more evil to each other than ETs ever have.

Morality is an individual choice. This is free will. There are not entirely evil ET species, only individuals.

There are many worlds in the universe without rape, murder or any crime at all, yet some people are quick to fear all ETs as dangerous. What do you imagine some of them think of Earth?

It’s important to understand there are also very powerful ETs who love humans like children and have been standing by as we learn to overcome obstacles by ourselves. They serve us as Guides and they choose to experience the hardships along with us by incarnating as humans.

It’s true there have been abductions by ETs like Zetas, but it doesn’t happen anymore. In the few instances it has, there were always soul agreements by the individual on a higher level.

Earth has always been protected by Galactic Federation. They have stopped major attacks that many will never know about. Because we’re now so close to the Shift, all negative ET crafts are being kept far away from Earth. Negative ETs are confined to the astral plane.

Dark forces want you to be afraid of ETs, and are helped by the fearfully religious and entertainment brainwashed. The denial of beings of Light is becoming a problem that I see getting worse as we get closer to the Shift.

If the ETs seen throughout history in their crafts wanted to harm us, we would know it. The truth is there’s nothing any human can do against Galactic Federation and that includes staging false flag attacks in their name.

The real evil has been hiding in our institutions and rewarding loyal elites for thousands of years.

How does one discern light and dark? Dark (and false light) wants you to be afraid. Light wants you to be self-empowered and find peace no matter the circumstances.

Situations where UFOs have harmed people are most likely human military deceptions. Very few in the Pentagon have first hand knowledge of Galactic Federation, and some are actively pushing fear-based info to confuse people.

Use discernment. There are many fake videos and fake stories going around. The light is always in control and there is nothing to be afraid of.

**By Kabamur