Passing Just Outside Earth’s Atmosphere

We’re all seeing multiple planets currently passing just outside Earth’s atmosphere we all see them. So, what if the government created all these different “conspiracies” (HAARP, Sun Simulator, Project Blue Beam, C’trails, Geoengineering, ect. in order to convince the population and easily “explain away” why the sky, sun, clouds all look so different now. But, people are smart and waking up to our ancient past and putting the pieces together, connecting the dots. We all see the HUGE uptick in earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, flooding, tsunamis, severe storms, high winds, train derailments, water main breaks, gas line leaks, bridge collapses, unexplained explosions worldwide, we’re watching the African continent split apart, pestilence not to mention the Saudi Arabian desert turning green ect, ect, etc. Could all this distraction be to keep people from discovering the truth and how our entire existence is nothing but a LIE…

Cyber attack…

We’re currently hearing all this talk about a massive cyber attack causing a possible financial collapse and they’re blaming it on cyber hackers? What if this system we’re all seeing in the sky is really to blame? What if this system is really what all this military movement is about? What if this is what they’re preparing for? They say this financial collapse will cause riots and absolute mayhem across the world which will be true. But, what if this is all just a guise for what’s truly about to happen?

If you think about it, what a monumental task it is to hide something that will lead to a near death civilization event which we’ve all been warned about our entire existence. Also, this doesn’t necessarily have to be done by the bad folks. What I mean is our world has been so indoctrinated and so incredibly blinded by our true existence that maybe it had to be done this way to soften the blow so to speak? What was once hidden will be revealed…

We’re seeing all the evil corruption, perversion being weeded out and destroyed and again that had to happen. It’s all being exposed to ultimately be destroyed. I know I sound like a broken record but we can’t repeat Atlantis. Again, the rulers of Atlantis were privy to this information of this incoming system and they escaped and survived and unfortunately became our current rulers. History repeated itself. I believe back when President Trump was still “publicly president” all those booms and explosions people heard around the world were the tunnels and escape routes being destroyed. What I’m saying is I believe that was taken care of years ago. The field has been leveled, no one escapes this. Trump knows what’s coming. I believe when he talks about these “freedom cities” that he wants to build on federal land these are the cities that will be built on the land that survives this event. He mentions quantum leap and flying cars… Trump has connections… 😉 But, people are waking up now, we are being shown… so this new Earth that we’re about to create is not ruled by evil and corruption ever again. Meaning, we get a do-over and we’re going to do it right this time with awakened eyes.

Video below done beautifully by Kabamur…

**By Teri Wade


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  1. john

    President Trump and Putin are the saviours of the world wether you like it or not its happening they are seeding or creating truths for all to see irrespective of your love or your hate they do this because they love humanity they love the world thats why they are here at this time as are you, creator bless trump and putin to see the job done. love to all.