The Group: Energize Your Triad

Greetings, dear ones.

I am the Keeper of Time. I welcome you this day, for you are holding a very sacred space on planet Earth.

We tell you, your place on Earth has been reserved for a very long time and here you are stepping forward as a lightworker in this energy. Very well done. Yet, we know it’s difficult. We know that with all that’s going on, including with the Earth herself, there’s somewhat of a disconnection for many. But we also tell you that you can make a big difference, especially with your triad that we’ve asked you to form. It’s a huge piece of what you’ll be working with going forward and it gives you a stability that can only be received in that way. So, keep that moving and tap in often. Know that you are never alone on this planet.

Your Magic

The magic you seek is actually the magic deep within you. The magic of your spirit is emerging even more than you realize. As humans continue to evolve on planet Earth, your spirit emerges more in every step that you take. And because of that, things change. You’re seeing an entire generation of beings come in and a new energy on planet Earth. It’s very magical, yet different than before, so those adjustments can cause challenges. We ask you to be patient with yourselves and especially with those around you, as you create harmony together.

So, take a breath here and join me for just a moment as we all hold hands around the grand circle of light. Feel people taking your hands even if there’s no one in the room with you, for that is the magic that you have created this day. Take a breath and put all of your thoughts of the day on hold for just a moment. This time, feel the energy coming in through your left hand and out your right. As the energy travels in a circle around the planet, through all these beautiful beings holding hands, it also passes through your heart. And every heart flavors that energy ever so slightly, so that you feel the commonalities between all. You are not so very different from one another. Yes, we know you have divided yourselves quite a lot on planet Earth. Much of this has to do with your technologies, as you’re not looking into people’s eyes as much as you’re looking at screens, even this one. We ask you to step out when you see people and connect with them through your eyes, look deep into their being.

Adjusting to Earth Changes

Allow yourself to see their spirit, and allow your spirit to be seen. That will dissolve many of the differences if only for a moment, because that is all that’s needed. Look for the ways that you are alike instead of focusing on the ways that you are different. Seeking that commonality will build a new planet, a new energy. As you’re stepping up, the Earth herself is making rapid adjustments. You’ve seen this in the weather changes and redistribution of water on your planet, which have helped to find a new balance and energy. And as we’ve mentioned before, the core of the planet has stopped spinning and may even start spinning in the opposite direction. You all feel this as change, but humans naturally resist change. You like the status quo, the comfort of not having to shift your energy or find new ways of doing things, yet you all want to evolve to the next level. That’s happening, dear ones, it is taking place this very day.

So, connect with everyone that you can. Know that you are absolutely magical beings, and trust that you are in the right place at the right time. Yes, some of you are feeling lost and some are experiencing illnesses. Even though you may experience challenges, we tell you that all of it is in order. Take small steps, dear ones. Move in the direction of your passion and you’ll see opportunities appear before you. Now close your eyes for just a moment, and reach out into this energy again. Feel that light as it travels through every part of you. Feel the energy flowing around the planet and moving through your heart. Become aware of all the energy of each and every one of you finding that beautiful harmony.

The Grand Healing Circle

You’re creating this massive circle of light. Those of you who wish to receive healing in some form, or those ready to release something that ails you, can step forward into the circle of light. Just take one step forward and you’ll feel the energy change. You may feel emotions surfacing, but that is exactly as it should be. Those of you who are on the outside of the circle holding hands, open your hearts as wide as you can and with all the incredible unconditional love that you can. Bring forth that love, beam it from your heart chakra into the circle. Bring it forward and allow everyone to feel your love. That connection makes a huge difference with everyone. Take a breath in, and then breathe it out. As you release the breath, feel your Vagus nerve starting to grow and that energy beginning to change. Feel the light coming into your being and your physical body.

All of you are master healers and you’ve placed yourselves here at very critical times. Many of you are incredible empaths. You’ve brought that sensitivity and the energy of empathic abilities, so that you could do your work. But quite often when you place your hands on someone to take away their pain, you actually feel that pain in your hands. Dear ones, that is a lack of grounding and we’ll be working with that quite a bit going forward. For now, whether you’re on the inside of the healing circle or on the outside, let that energy flow through you into the ground itself. The Earth will pick up that energy and transmit and transmute it for you. She will change it into positive energy, into oxygen that you can breathe or water that nourishes you, your plants and animals. Know that you are in the right place at the right time. And those of you in the center, step back out into the circle now and take the hands of everyone else. Seal the healing by allowing that energy to flow through you. Again, bringing it in through the left hand and out through the right hand, then circling through your heart.

Well done, dear ones, well done. And with that, release your hands and shake them to clear the energy. Open your eyes and slowly come back into the room and your physical body. Know that you have found a center that will now allow you to step forward in unity with all the lightworkers around the globe. Merlia will be coming in later to bring you a beautiful message about some changes that are taking place here in your favor. Yes, it’ll get a little easier. Keep in mind that this portal is still open. The portal represents change, which is why all of this is happening right now. Your space has been reserved; you have the ticket that gets you into all of it. It is with the greatest of honor that I ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another every chance you get and play well together.

I am the Keeper of Time and I love you dearly.


Greetings, dear ones, I am Merlia.

Feminine Rising

I am the feminine energy of Merlin, the one you know as a magician. But it’s much bigger than that, for Merlin was only a single representation that lived on and on and on. I am here to help balance this energy by bringing in some of the feminine aspects of Merlin. It’s all magic and love is love. Dear ones, love is an important aspect to remember in all things. Your magic has begun in so many ways and now it takes another step. One of the things we’re going to ask you to do is to strengthen that connection with your triad.

Igniting Your Triad

You can use this triad of energy as a base for your evolution and movement. The triad provides another level of stability, even when you are unable to connect in person. Stability is one of the major challenges as the Earth continues to move, as humanity continues to evolve, and even the stars around you start to make new alignments. It’s sometimes difficult for humans to move through those aspects and find the balance that they need. So, we’re asking you to bring in your triad. Bring in the energy of those two or three other people. And as you’re focusing on that energy, step forward into one form of your passion. Perhaps it’s something you’ve never done before that you’ve always wanted to do.  Or it could even be something you are already doing, but without achieving the success that you’ve wanted or needed to support yourself. We tell you, dear ones, not everyone’s going to make their living in their passion. But the more passion that you can experience in whatever you do, the higher your vibration becomes, then the easier your walk and path on Earth becomes. You’ll feel that gentle push of energy at your back and life will become a little bit easier.

So, strengthen that energy by forming the triad and bringing in those two or three people. It really makes no difference whether you’re able to sit in the same room with them or you’re connecting energetically at a distance. Find that energy and balance, then step forward into your passion. As you connect with the other members of your triad to bring them in, also focus on their passions or what they want. Help support them in the same way that they’re supporting you. And then what takes place is very magical, because it forms an energetic base for everything that you’re moving into right now.

We’ve mentioned this portal will be closing, but before it does you’re making a huge imprint of energy on the new world and what it looks like. There is a balance to it, one that it’s never had before. You’re bringing in much more of the feminine energy in all aspects of this, which is very beautiful and magical indeed. The time is now to bring this in and work with it, know that you are on the right path.

Now step into the passion and experience it just as much as you can. You’ll find your world getting a lot easier, as your spirit starts to encase itself more deeply into your physical body and the bodysuit itself. The bodysuit works on autopilot. When you experience a success, you program the bodysuit to react that way. The next time those same circumstances show up, program your bodysuit again. Start programming it consciously, because now is the time to do that. And that allows your spirit to not only go through the bodysuit into the world, but also to anchor into the physical body in new ways. That’s what makes your eyes shine. Yes, that is the sexual energy we are talking about, which literally is your life force energy. Sometimes it’s called chi and sometimes it’s called prana.

Ignite the Sexual Energy with your Passion

We call it sexual energy because it brings the life force of your physical body, your body suit, and your spirit together as one. Step into it and allow yourself to express that, as you also find and encourage it in others. One of the most beautiful things that you can do to be helpful at this time of transition is to find and comment on other people’s beauty. But it can be difficult to do these days. When a male walks up to a female and comments on her beauty, he has to do so very carefully because it can easily be misinterpreted. And yet, don’t lose the opportunity. Find ways of using the proper words that acknowledge someone’s beauty without appearing threatening. Acknowledge that energy in each other, because it’s the spirit that you’re seeing within.

You’re actually encouraging the beauty of their spirit to come out more, which is good for everyone. It creates an empowered society and allows you to experience the most beautiful love, just as in the days of Atlantis and Lemuria. These times are changing, dear ones, and you have opportunities of rewriting history as you go forward. However, we also know that many of you are feeling quite disconnected. We will be addressing that energy, so that you can better understand what is taking place. Each and every one of you are magical beings, so tap into that. Tap into the magic of Merlin that you hold, and watch as the world around you starts to align in a new way. It is with the greatest of honor that I ask you to treat each other with the highest respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity and play well together, as you create this brand-new game on planet Earth.

Espavo, dear ones, I am Merlia.

Come up and see me sometime.


The group

**Channel: Steve Rother