Masters of the Cosmic Council: Why Many Are Leaving the Planet

In 2023, many people are coming to the crossroads in their soul contracts. Life on Earth has become very difficult for many and there has been an unprecedented number of people passing into the light in recent times. Why is this happening?

There are many reasons why so many people are dying.

For some, it is simply time. Their bodies are old and their time on Earth has come to an end. Others have become so disillusioned that they have taken their own lives, unable to see a way forward out of the darkness that surrounds them. There are many souls whose karmic contracts are being completed, or karma has been inflicted upon them, creating another cycle of incarnation. Or the dense vibrations upon Earth have created so much trauma that their essence has been corrupted and they have become too sick to continue. Higher souls are offered death doors every 5 years or so to allow them a choice as to whether they continue on their human path or leave to follow higher pursuits in the afterlife.

It has been a particularly challenging period for many, a lot of whom have chosen to leave on their own terms, leaving their families in shock and grief. Our love shines down on everyone who is mourning loved ones. Whatever the reason, death is always a choice and is a right that must be respected, even though it leaves many people grieving in its wake.

There are many levels to the spirit world, and those who take their own life will find themselves in the same holding pattern they were in when alive. This is to be expected, as one cannot suddenly become positive in spirit if the soul was weighed down by earthly concerns. It is not an easy choice to make, neither is it an easy way out. However, there is no judgement from the Creator and help is always available when the soul asks for it.

Many who have exited life earlier than their soul had chosen are masters whose work has been completed. If the work is done, there is no time to be wasted in a human body when much more can be achieved from the etheric planes where only love exists. In these cases, the soul family calls us home to continue the journey towards mastery and enlightenment.

Master’s may choose to reincarnate again, but many will not. They will continue to work with their soul family, who may not necessarily have been their human family, to bring the Earth to ascension. The more souls who step into their mastery the better, because masters observe rather than participate; they guide rather than invest and they lead by shining example, sometimes sacrificing their energy for the greater good. In the energy of Source, sacrifice is not required at all leading the soul to require greater healing upon etheric return.

As the energy on Earth becomes denser, more hostile. turbulent and challenging, many more people will find themselves at a crossroad where choices may seem limited or even no longer existent. We urge all humans to connect to their soul-song and to see advice from their higher self and guides.

Terrible tragedies leave scars on the imprint of the soul that could be carried on into the next incarnation. This can happen both to victims and ones left behind. Trauma is extremely hard to lift, more so when the story is embedded with violence, abandonment and grief. If you are finding life unbearable, seek help. Spiritual, meditative practices have never been more important right now as the human race becomes more agitated and under pressure from all angles. Speak up and remember that you are never alone. Ask for help for your highest and best and we will send help in the best form. Life is meant to be a gift, not a curse. Do not allow the weight of your trauma to blind you to the possibilities for a resolution.

However, you can, work to finding peace within, Dear Hearts. It’s the only way to prevent your inner and outer world from imploding.

WE ARE ever with you.

The masters of the Cosmic Council.

**Channel: Victoria Cochrane


6 Replies to “Masters of the Cosmic Council: Why Many Are Leaving the Planet”

  1. Oscar

    Please help me Source, I’m 25 and want my own life back, my freedom. I want to live in the states again where I was born and do the best I can for the highest good of all. Please help me clear whatever I need to clear with my parents to get my life back. 🙏

  2. Paladin

    @Light Bearer

    Many of the things you mentioned they just rolled out and are continuing to roll out. Your argument is that because they didn’t roll these things out sooner “Grey hats” are thwarting them. I know you mean well, but that makes no sense. Take the death jab for instance, they jabbed 80% of the US population in 2020-2022 with a bioweapon that has killed millions and continues to kill. Does that mean the Grey hats prevented them from doing in in 2018? They still maliciously with intention of murder, maiming and harming of the nation injected their Black magic into 275 million in just the USA alone.

    If someone had thwarted this monstrous plot, the plandemic, then I would say you potentially had a point.

    Nuclear war is still very much on the table. If it happens this year then the Grey hats bought us a year or two, because they wanted it earlier?

    What about the war in Ukraine and the 100’s of thousands of dead? I know without the Grey’s it would have been millions.

    I could go on, but I think you get the point.

  3. Paladin

    Humanity is doomed. The psychopathic demons ruling us have no resistance. Let’s be honest, planetary depopulation is going great and most of the self propelled stomachs will be gone in a few years.

    There are no White Hats, beautiful blond people or any positive aliens helping.

    Most Americans can only concentrate on the next season of the NFL.

    God doesn’t favor idiots.

    1. Light bearer

      I get that the situation on Earth is tough. I empathize.

      My view is that there aren’t white hats, there’s gray hats, whom indeed aren’t as moral and as nice as we’d like, but they do work against the black hats.

      This seems pretty obvious, because if there weren’t white hats or gray hats or benevolent galactics helping us, then the black hats would have free reign, right? And then a hot US – Russia war would have already started, we’d already be subject to CBDCs and CO2 budgets and 15-minute “smart cities”, jabs would be mandatory, patriots would be in camps and we’d be in some kind of pandemic or climate lockdown.

      But that hasn’t happened. Plus a number of black hats have disappeared, or have come back looking differently. Hence there must be a group of people working for the good side.

      And if you want to say “you can’t 100% prove that”, well you can’t prove doomerish either. I choose to have hope.