Planetary Transition – Everything Useful Remains

Money has value of its own, Currency does not

Money is not what people think it is. Today, money is “currency” invented by the government or in the proper order by the Central Bank, to steal as much as possible from the people; including through imposed “taxes without consent” of parliament or the people, respectively. By incrementally reducing the currency’s purchasing power through inflation to reduce its value. Which is effectively theft of the people’s earned money, obtained through effort from labour and mind among other things.

The original abstract idea is, that;

Currency is a metaphysical technology, which facilitates the process of trust that actually should be the real money.

Trust exists between two or more people, it is the real source of all wealth, which everyone can create for themselves and is naturally imparted by the environment. In other words; Wealth, in all its forms, is something of value created by people or nature.

Currency, or valuta in this sense of the word, is a social lubricant, through which two or more people work together on a particular project, object, or agenda. The goal need not actually be valuable to those involved; they may not only cooperate to achieve the goal; but offer or obtain money to have a valuable stake in the event. Generally, people have motivation to participate in things they find valuable, which is usually money, as effective enthusiasm.

So too, in relation to debt money, which is money “printed out of thin air” people trust. It is trust that empowers a monetary system. If people do not obtain value from using money, they would not use it.

But what promotes a society is for people to realise the real importance of putting their trust in only honest, objects, projects and people.

That is, when morality, ethics and justice are lost through bribery, no promise (of money) will last and thus result in deceit. And this is essentially the situation the world has arrived at.

The elite powers use us as cogs in a machine to perpetuate their systems of control and deception because we voluntarily participate in this, especially proven by the use of their fake money.

Real Wealth requires little money

Real wealth does not require money. It takes some money, but the amount depends on the cost of fulfilling ambitions, opportunity and time. For those with few needs and priorities, the cost is minimal.

Money cannot solve humanity’s core problem. The people, though not directly through own fault, accept distrust regarding government as an immutable fact; under the motto “This is the way things are!”

Our world is plagued by dishonesty, untruthfulness and wholesale rape of truth as a fundamental principle of life.

It may seem acceptable, but the order of the day is; lawlessness; where the law of the jungle and survival of the “fittest” is the main authority. And yet, despite the shabby status of human trust standards, there is nothing to stop us from turning the ship of civilisation and setting it on good course of prosperity and abundance.

All the money in the world cannot solve these problems of humanity.

The biggest scam in our lives, is paying taxes on money you earn, taxes on money you spend and taxes on things you buy. And then also having to pay taxes on things you own, on which you have paid taxes with previously taxed money!

People wake up and take this to heart!

As already 100 years ago Sir Josiah Stamp (1880-1941) President of the Bank of England, said;

“If you want to remain the slaves of bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create money.”

Think about this; stand up and awaken the mob!

**By Peter B Meyer