Human Slavery Versus Human Freedom

As the historical events surrounding the Ascension Timeline Rebellion surface into the planetary matrix, the core themes humanity is facing are directly connected to the events that sealed our fate as captured slaves 22,000 years ago.

The contrasts between the consciousness states of slavery versus freedom, servitude versus liberty, sovereignty versus subjugation, the master and slave archetypal forces are being exceptionally heightened in the collective consciousness and interpersonal dramas.

This holds the cellular memories recorded in our DNA connected to individual and collective human enslavement on our planet as it was being invaded, and these same memories are surfacing in personal timelines in which we are psychologically and emotionally clearing our personal pieces of this shared collective trauma of global human slavery.

In order to fully spiritually heal, each individual must awaken into their authentic humanity and recognize the fear-based division of mind control that oppresses all human beings, in order to finally see the higher truth of what and who is actually behind the enforcement of the consciousness slavery of our planet.

This means we must let go of our personal fears which keep us in denial from seeing and knowing the truth in many of the outer events taking place all around us, seeing the promoted ideologies in the NAA culture wars which are extremely harmful, and designed to enslave the human race and especially children.

The main focus for the awakened population is made upon the foundations of inner spiritual study, deep self-reflection, and the personal commitment to expand one’s consciousness into expressing benevolence towards all of life, even while present in energy fields filled with hatred, false accusations and dark ignorance.

We must continually choose unconditional love as the guiding force we want to expand and grow inside of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.

As we expand our consciousness into loving kindness and compassionate thoughts, we shift our perspective to feel our deeper interconnection with all of life and the natural world.

Many people, especially Starseeds, have undergone repeated consciousness wiping attacks during sleep state or abduction on interdimensional planes, in the attempt to scramble cellular memories recorded in their original genetic records or to remove them completely, by intentionally contaminating their blood with toxins and genetic material from invading alien species or animals.

The planet has had serious problems with the intruder entities using advanced interdimensional technology for the purpose of implanting false memories and false identities into people’s timelines, in order to exert control over the person’s belief system, and to emotionally manipulate that person to cause harm to themselves and to others.

This phenomenon of implanting false memories, false identities and false images into an individual’s consciousness layers, is commonly done through holographic inserts, artificial cloned lightbody parts and red cube technology which projects out fallen timelines that appear as clairvoyant imagery, clairaudient voices coming from artificial virtual realities.

These many layers of inserts can be cleared easily from one’s consciousness record if one is devoted to seek truth and find God within, combined with the willingness to address personal shadow clearing in order to let go of egoic attachments and dependency upon those same falsified records or self-deceptions.

When the content or personal narratives are understood to be falsified records placed in the consciousness body from the invading species in order to deceive and manipulate that individual into taking harmful actions, those alien implants will automatically clear in the inner light of truth and the bindings connected to demonic entities using them to siphon loosh from the lightbody will release.

Many practicing satanists or black magicians are actually totally enslaved by the 11D Daath system, they have been relentlessly tortured into submission and used as worker slaves for the higher echelons supporting the NAA’s ritual abuse networks for building their Phantom Black Heaven.

Fortunately, we have had a significant event begin this month in which the AI machinery network that is the most common source of global satanic programming used by Black Magicians for ritual abuse objectives, has been identified and is being powered down and extracted.

Further, those wearing false identities, protecting cloned copies and running artificial timelines and alien implants have been identified in the Daath system, which is another power source being extracted from the black magic networks used by practicing satanists and luciferians across the global grid.

**By Lisa Renee