James Gilliland: Ufology 

I wish to clarify a few things. When I said the authentic in the ufo community are buried under an avalanche or posers, shills and controlled opposition it seemed to offend a few people. There is an old saying, “If it’s not your coat don’t wear it.” Concerning contact, channeled messages are only as clear as the channeler. They are also as beneficial as the level they are receiving the message. Many are channeling their own subconscious or astral level, others are parroting information they have heard from others. Many are using our information some verbatim substituting their guide or space handler as the source of their information. There are those who have not created sacred space healing any unseen negative influences that allow these entities to influence their messages. There can be a mix of all the above. There are many that want to be the shiny new coin everyone flocks too. They make up all kinds of exotic stories with twists and turns reversing roles to gain a following. Their come from is off, fame and money are their first priority. This also opens the door to unseen negative influences and disinformation.

I do take exception to this due to muddying the waters, creating division, distorting and interfering in the planetary liberation or awakening and healing known as the ascension process. People need to make their own personal contact with God/Creator/Great Spirit, along the journey one expands in awareness, that expansion includes contact with multidimensional beings, some benevolent, some malevolent. That is where discernment kicks in and knowing how to heal unseen negative influences. Just because you’re dead does not mean you are enlightened and just because you’re an ET does not mean your benevolent. Without proper training people can get into serious trouble, those preaching there are no negative entities out there are being totally irresponsible.

There are some in the spiritual and ufo community that are fully aligned with and funded by Satanic/Luciferian pedophiles. Some even brag about their connections. These malevolent groups are also aligned with other malevolent beings, demonics, royal reptilians, serpent beings, negative greys etc. People that go to their events are influenced, get corded in extreme cases possessed. We have lost count of how many people that have come to us to clear these unseen negative influences, cut the cords and remove any possessive entities. To be enlightened means to be in knowledge of both sides of the coin, the dark side and the light side. It also means to be able to discern the nature and intent of beings seen and unseen. There is nothing more I would like than to be put out of work concerning clearing these entities.

When I said ufology has become a profit driven carnival, I am referring to the controlled narrative which does not allow this information within their venue. You cannot mention God/Creator/Great Spirit, the Ascend Masters or the Spiritually and technologically advanced off worlders. Why? Because it is in direct opposition to the goals of their funders.  They also sponsor some very morally and integrity challenged people due to name recognition to generate sales. Spiritual discernment and a background check is in order.  How many in the ufo community create sacred space, clear any unseen negative entities before opening people up? One doctor who will remain unmentioned said we have to stop being spiritual snobs and open ourselves up to everything. Let anything come in take over etc. How spiritually irresponsible is that? It sure has kept us busy. I hope this clarifies things. We want to leave you with a couple questions.

Why are they so threatened by the knowledge of Ascended Masters, Spiritually and Technologically Advanced off worlders? Why are they so threatened by the authentic, those with evidence to back up their stories? How does censorship of the knowledge of higher dimensional beings fit into disclosure?

The last one to contemplate is why are they doing everything possible to censor and discredit 40 years of fully documented contact at ECETI which much to their dismay is still ongoing? A place frequented by Ascended Masters which is fully documented. What kind of person would partake in such a thing and what is their motive? Is it jealousy, are they opportunists trying to climb on the backs of others, is it projecting their own issues on others, spiritual ego, narcissism? Or have they fallen victim to much sinister influences and forces? Could be all the above. Posers hate the authentic, the lies are exposed by the truth, the level of spiritual adeptness, ignorance and character are established by their actions. The problem is there will always be the critical thinking and research impaired that will follow them. Stop giving your power away, stop seeking externally, don’t allow yourself to be distracted by the carnival. Make your own contact, they’re waiting. All you need is an open mind, loving heart and pure intent. Make that intention known to the Universe, it will respond.

Be well and Godspeed,

James Gilliland



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