The Seraphim: Alignment with Your Higher Self

Dear Heart… it is imperative that you form a really solid alignment and resonance – heart/higher mind – resonance with your Higher Self – and that spark of LIFE/Creation within you that lives in each and every cell of your physical body.

This Spark is the Divine INNATE and Infinite Intelligence that governs your very being and when you are in resonance with this higher self perspective then you are in the EYE of the storm so to speak!

There is a visualization you can do when you are connected into this Divine Self – Holy Presence – where you are standing in the middle of a beautiful river or stream made of golden light. Really FEEL this light as it permeates your Soul and know that the stream contains every kind of abundance that you wish for – its already there in the stream.

Reach out and take from the stream that which you are wanting to manifest and bring it mentally into your heart space. Really FEEL the golden light – your heart will light up and you will attract everything that you are wanting to create in your reality. KNOW that it is already there for there is no aspect of time/space in that higher dimension some call the quantum field.

When the monkey mind ego contradicts your trust and faith, tell it to shut up, literally. Command it! The mind as they say is a terrible master but a wonderful servant. Getting it to tow the line is the greatest achievement anyone can have in this monkey reality!!! Sorry for the play of words, but I’m feeling great waves of smiles as I write this message for you. Don’t let the ego lead you into lack and limitation. There is no lack!!! You need to change your mind about that instantly!

(Sorry for all the exclamations!) You are an extraordinary being full of limitless potential!

And so it BE.

Love and happiness flows your way NOW dearest Heart!

Blessings of infinite PEACE LOVE JOY and ABUNDANCE are yours! Know also that Divine MAgic is a part of your energetic makeup.

**Channel: Deborah Faith


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