Rapid Human Cloning 101

You can’t research the method of cloning elites use because it’s not the same technology used to clone animals today.

It was given to US military (NSA) by negative ETs in the 1950s. It has been used for profit and power for decades. It will never be disclosed because it’s too advantageous to the cabal, and because people aren’t psychologically able to cope with how deep it goes. After the Shift humans will have full disclosure.

The information I’m sharing comes from years of Pleiadian communication and if you are seeing disclosure that can’t be sourced, the legitimacy should be questioned. There are many truthers saying that because celebrities look different they’ve been arrested and replaced but that’s not how it works.

A fully grown adult can be replicated in 5 months. There is no consciousness transfer. Only memories are transferred. Our consciousness resides with our soul. Clones don’t have souls. The method used doesn’t pass DNA to the clone. Mannerisms and speech are programmed. Important clones can have implanted technology. Clones can’t reproduce.

There are many celebrities that have been talked into having clones and they do it willingly. The cabal often replaces their own high profile people with clones who have been arrested, but having clones doesn’t mean they were arrested.

There are celebrities who have been killed and replaced completely with their clones (Jim Carrey) and celebrities who choose to use clones in their work (Tom Cruise, Katy Perry, Will Smith).

There is no parasite called vril involved in cloning. It’s a completely technological process. The eyes are sometimes bruised because they connect wires to technology inside the head through the eye socket. Now they can go through other parts of the body, like the foot, which they cover with orthopedic boots.

There are cloning facilities around the world, funded by taxpayers and rich elites. China is heavily involved in cloning. There are secret areas in major hospitals where clones can be maintenanced.

Clones don’t know they are clones or question their existence. They know they have handlers and doctors. They have brain-based feelings and the memories of past emotions but don’t actually feel soul-based emotions like love.

You won’t see high level arrests because the cabal is replacing their own. I’ve explained this consistently for years. There are no actors in masks working for white hats. The light forces (Galactic Federation) can interfere with clones, which Pleiadians told us in 2019.

**By Kabamur


2 Replies to “Rapid Human Cloning 101”

  1. john

    Does not surprise me in the least, the only way forwards is to disempower the clonning facilities. love to all but as clones do not have souls that love does not extend to them as they are biological machines.