Archangel Michael: Full Circle Can Give a Side Effect

Dear friend I am Michael, and I serve God!

Today I would like to adress something that might happen to you!

You as an old soul has lived many lives on both Earth and other places and when you have gathered enough wisdom you are ready to move on to other worlds and dimensions.

No I don´t mean that you will go now – oh no – I mean that when you have lived on for example Earth and learned everything, about all that is important for you as a soul, your circle is full!

And when you live on Earth and you realize this, you think well, I did it, and you congratulate yourself as you absolutely should!

But, there is a side effect!

You are now aligned with all of your previous lives, that you lived here.

And this can – might – come with a complication!

For instance, you can notice that a certain behaviour of yours can be axellerated without you really understanding why!

This is because, well let me say, it is one of your sore points!

It is a sore point that you have carried with you, in many of your lifetimes on Earth and now they tend to escalate!

This is because there are no more division between your previous lives, they are all one. As if you put every single life you ever had on this planet in one bag. And the strongest feeling, that are now in one single place that is the emotion that will surely be triggered now.

This is the effect that your wonderful and great job of learning everything about life on this beautiful planet.

Your soul is a full circle now and all the positivness is also one!

So now you can begin to really harvest all the gathered knowledge about your souls wisdom.

But when and if, you encounter that something has been triggered into something more, that earlier was a little thing, then this can be the answer. So what can you do?

As for an example, you have been eating with your emotions, especially when you are sad.

Now, you know exactly what you need to eat to get and be healthy, but still you eat in the “old” ways, not treating yourself well at all.

You feel “-what am I doing to myself?” “-Am I crazy?!” “-Why do I do this to myself even though I have the knowledge to change”.

It is the old. It is the old habits, now gathered in one bag and this can be pretty strong. The best way to deal with this is to love yourself even more!

Ask yourself: Why am I eating my emotions? What feeling is it beneath this behaviour? Is it sorrow? Is it anger? Or whatever you find, when you ask deep down in your subconscious.

Because this is also happening as you are now a full circle soul:

Your subconsciousness is meeting your higher selfs!

So these things has always been “under the surface” in your life, and not really a big problem, but now, when you have expanded your awareness and also aura, these things actually are joining hands. All this is for your circle is complete.

You will solve this kind of insight and “problem” with love of course!

Love is the way to go!

Ask yourself why you have had to eat like this, why did you have had to comfort eat?

Why have you needed to be comforted in the first place?

This is a red thread that goes through all of your lifes and this means that it goes very deep in you! This really matters to you! Don´t disregard this!

I am with you at all times! We can solve this together!

My suggestion is: meditation! In meditation you will find the keys to the answers you need! Just ask me and I will guide you in your meditation and you will soon have no more sore points to tend to!

I promise you!

I love you,


**Channel: Kerstin Eriksson


4 Replies to “Archangel Michael: Full Circle Can Give a Side Effect”

  1. Emma

    When I am creating the opposite of what I wanted to create, I want to eat something “semi-bad”, or drink Coca cola.

    Most of the bad stuff (high GI carbs) is not good for me, as my pancreas gets inflamed from time to time, even almost died in hospital, because of fasting often in the month prior.