Mother Mary Time to Rise and Shine!

My dearest worker of love and of light it is time for you to rise and

shine in your true colors!

You have worked diligently in many lives to be here in this moment!

In this lifetime you transform everything that you brought with you, in terms of the etherical attachements that always come with each life.

You feel it in your aura, that different feelings are attached there and it has often to do with previous lives that you already have lived on earth.

Now your most important task is to shine in your authentic love-light and be the pillar of the new earth.

The new earth is, the old one but with the upgraded consiousness of love. The mere knowledge make you fly and also shine in your true colors of love.

The knowledge about Mother Earth, what she needs, and who she is, is the most important thing to know now!

It is essential to understand that everything is linked together and that you need your love and light friends.

You are already linked together, for you are truly a family!

But the time to be alone to learn only from above and below is no longer necessary for your transformation.

Now it is time for you to, in one way, just be who you are, in your light. and you can also reach out if you like to, your brothers and sisters for you are ready to shine together!

You have some knowledge that you are specialized in, but your brothers and sisters have other parts of knowledge and you will assist each other.

You create a full circle now! In the sense that you have learned everything there is to learn within you, and now it is time to transform the knowledge to the outside, into your life, into your community for example.

Do what you love to do! Follow your heart! And believe in your dreams!

Please reach out to me and I will guide you anytime you like!

I love you,

Mother Mary

**Channel: Kerstin Eriksson