The Arborians: What is an All Inclusive Society?

All inclusive means all allowing. It means you allow the other to exist right along side of you even if they have different lifestyle, belief etc. It means you allow the other to have a different opinion than you even if you don’t agree. It means you allow everyone to participate if they choose regardless of who they are. You can accept someone without having to accept their views. You can allow someone without having to agree.

One collective means one whole, it doesn’t necessarily mean all the same, but it does mean one whole, meaning you wish for others what you wish for yourself, you treat others like you treat yourself, you accept others like you accept yourself, you allow others like you allow yourself.

All inclusive is about allowing all to exist to be valid. All inclusive means allowing the variety for the sake of expansion, of exploration, of contrast producing desire. You need the contrast in order to say I like that too, or not my style. You are allowed to make choices, to have preferences.

What we are suggesting is not a one world order where everyone and everything is the same. What we are suggesting is more of a way of thinking that allows all to exist, to be valid even if you don’t agree or choose to participate.

A more inclusive society is one that allows all individual beings to have their unique individual expressions. An all inclusive society has no shoulds attached to it.

WE are an all inclusive society but we still have our preferences. We gather with those with similar preferences like us and we allow others to have different preferences. We don’t merge together and become one and eliminate preferences. We like the variety we like the choices. But we operate as one whole. In other words when making decisions, we take into consideration everyone, we seek to understand everyone, we seek to bring balance to everyone, that’s what makes us one unified whole or collective.

Each is an individual but we look out for one another. It is not a self serving approach but a collective approach. In other words we work together rather than against each other. But we still have our preferences, our unique expressions as unique individuals. We don’t live by labels, we live by preferences. We don’t live by shoulds, we live by joy. We don’t get so easily offended as you do because of the variety, because everything is available we don’t try to make everything the same.

We love to explore what is different like your planet. We observe and have our opinions, but we never interfere because we have an opinion. We observe and we don’t have to like it or live by it, we take notes of what works and what doesn’t, we learn from you, from your mistakes so we don’t have to make them.

It would be nice if you learned from your own mistakes as well. You can grow exponentially if you set aside your ego that gets easily offended and diminished, and try to work together as a whole, as one big family with many members, each unique, different, yet a valued member of the whole.

That’s how we operate, how we live, how we co-exist along side one other. And it’s our desire to see you make that jump to the next level of operation, of living, of being, where we assure you, your society would enjoy much more peace, freedom and love.

One collective, all inclusive. The Arborians.

**Channel: Nadina Boun

**Submitted to Era of Light via email.


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  1. Steve

    We’re seeing in France, Belgium what happens with this. You cant have heaven on earth when there are those narcissistic cabals