Mira Pleiadian High Council: You Are a Part of the Magic and Miracles

Greetings. I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council and a long term member of the Earth Council. We oversee all things of importance and especially the ascension process, that is occurring now on the planet.

Since we last spoke, a lot has happened to uplift the Earth and help you become your truly amazing quantum selves. We cannot disclose everything because some things have to be kept close to the heart. I can reveal the light is closing in on the dark. Much cleanup has occurred in this process and it is at an accelerated point. Please mark my words about how important it is for you to know this and to hold the light of the Creator in your heart.

Focus on the breath to help release the past. See everything that is bright, sparkly and new everywhere you look. You are creating the new.

You are a part of the magic and miracles.

You have spectacles awaiting you. You could be seeing ships, colors, activities, faces, messages in the sky and hear holy music from the cosmic choirs. These are precursors to the love waves that you are beginning to experience. What matters is that you stay aware and look around you. Notice everything. Do not expect others of lower consciousness to see what you see. It is there for you as markers of your rising consciousness.

Be bold with your steps up the ascension ladder. You are being guided by Source every step of the way. The process is natural and of perfect design. Your physical bodies are changing and you can notice this as well. You are a microcosm of the macrocosm. You have immense changes. See what is happening with your animals, plants, flowers, trees and others around you. They are also ascending and rising in consciousness.

Pay particular attention to how the old world is crumbling. You may be experiencing the challenges of the third dimension falling apart. Notice how you are functioning. For some of you, your body is in a much higher frequency so that when you have to deal with the material world it becomes choppy energetically.

This will not go on forever. We know that it feels endless and sometimes it can be exasperating. Remember the old story is going away opening the gateway for the whole New Earth in the 5th dimension and higher. What you see now is changing from moment to moment and day by day. You are no longer in the third dimension. The old way of life has disappeared. Let it go! It was not serving you or the rest of life on the planet. It was only serving those who are serving themselves. They will no longer be able to withstand this high frequency of love in the quantum energy of the Earth.

We surround you with the luminescence of creation. The ascension is being conducted with all of the emissaries of light, billions of galactics, Angelics, avatars and masters, Light Crew and the ground crew in the take down of the dark forces of the planet. Standby because this is going to become powerfully noticeable. Please remember it has to be done this way. The Creator is in charge, along with many brilliant strategists in human and other forms, who have been planning this for a long time.

I am Mira loving you with all my heart.

**Channel: Valerie Donner


11 Replies to “Mira Pleiadian High Council: You Are a Part of the Magic and Miracles”

  1. Flippin Pancakes

    There are many historical reports stating, as one example, that just before a serious plague that caused millions of deaths, people saw bright lights in the sky and a mist come down that was foul smelling. I guess some humans have been taught a few things from ETs.

    I do not see or hear the things you mention. No trumpets playing, still constant sun dimming and weather manipulation, changing the beneficial frequencies, toxic chemicals in food and water, and planes that leave a mist. And, unlike what you claim, there is evidence to back these things.

    I’ll believe it when I see it and not before. These messages sound very Christian: faith based without any proof. If you have proof I suggest now would be a good time to share it, otherwise, just an unsubstantiated claim.

  2. Vinsent

    Let it be known, the dangers of theorization where the mind wanders into places not yet proven. For a theory will remain a theory unless proven true or false. There is good cause for speculation, but no good cause to set it within our paradigm/reality as factual. People here me when I say that the myriad of your perspectives/point of views are not helping towards liberation, instead many of you are beating around the forest, throwing stones at trees and pulling plants up by the roots. We were all instructed to behave gently during rediscovery periods and with a good listening ear, hear the facts derived from a confused past, discarding of the negativity. Remember the sound intructions of our teachers? They say to have only adherance to the facts, of truthfulness, and from those facts you must form your sentences, all of your speeches, and the advice that you are to give to another must not be rooted from speculation but instead rooted from the facts, the truthfulness, the wisdom. Please do not arrive in the company of your brothers and sisters with theories not yet proven unless to establish yourself as questionable or untrustworthy. Such was the way of old times. Any man or woman with thoughts not proven, with the imaginative mind, and the wandering mind had it’s place in good contemplation true? But not given unto each other words of mystery like poisoned bread wrapped beautifully in the finest of gift wrapping. Hear me my brothers and sisters from all around the world. Do not give allegiance to this poison spirit that may lead you into places of confusion, or the certainty of leaning on your own understandings, or to the contemplations of other people trying to take safe haven in your own minds. Choose only wisdom and find the places from where it already has been found. The path of wisdom is ever expanding, but many have already walked across that path and they wonder where many of you are now? Why do they not follow? Walk across paths of wisdom, carved into stone, written in the books, unless you go astray and lost in the dark forest. So my final warning to humanity is not to assume to much of anything, during your explorations some will be friend or foe, grow in good spirit, one of the children of light, but listen to my emergency call, that only the truthful should be trusted with leadership, only the wise should be given trust, and only the facts in life have blossomed out of their cacoons of theorization. Do not continue to fling those theories at each other. Center yourselves comfortably by holding the facts that are obtained from our lost history in your mind/spirit. It would do humanity no good to spin the wheel of speculation. Everyone must eventaully live with the universal truths, when you offer differing perpectives, you open the way for division. Humanity has real places for wisdom, they have already manifested, we just have to find them. Wisdom will not be found within the minds of theorization, but instead true wisdom will be found within the minds of the factual.

  3. John

    Here’s the catch: even if one can repent and simply transcend their past mistakes up to a higher vibrational state, most of the people here have actually begged to live through such turbulent times, because it presents an unique opportunity to fix it themselves.
    This is because Earth was recipient to most of said mistakes, in a most impressive variety of manners, and it has therefore generously offered itself to be the grounds of free-willed, guiltless redemption of all involved.

  4. Paladin

    If there are massive ships in the sky, perhaps they can stop the psychopathic criminals from spraying us like bugs and destroying the planet?

    I mean if this true, let us see just one positive outcome of their actions.

    And is Mira single? Jared needs a date.

    1. John

      Funny thing: the only thing actually “destroying the planet” is us spraying bugs like bugs.

      1. Paladin

        So according to you there are no clouds of particulate aluminum being dumped into the atmosphere through Chemtrails? It’s far worse than spraying crops with insecticides, and I’m not saying that is a good thing either

        1. John

          According to me it’s funny when humans try to victimize themselves so poorly that even the example they use is actually a reference to a violence they perpetrate.

          My point is ignorance of our own role and power allied to childish hopeless whining are likely to destroy the planet far sooner than the smokescreens (pun intended).

  5. Vintage

    Here’s a thought.

    If the high councils and authorative otherworldly spirits wanted this negative Earth experience to end why wouldn’t they just halt spirits from incarnating here for 100 years?

    By then nearly everyone would have died and the planet would begin rejuvenating because of the reduction in population alongside no new births/incarnations.

    There would be no need for souls to volunteer to come here and sacrifice themselves0 to save humanity.

    There would also be no need for any more big events to wake people, natural disasters, or elaborate theatrics like ascentions or solar flashes.

    Once people had died off through the natural aging progression, the benevolent beings could then create a new and improved version of humans and re-seed Earth.

    Voila! A kind, loving, compassionate solution.

    Any ETs care to answer why this wasn’t an option? This could have been done centuries ago instead of allowing the warring, torture and destruction to continue for so long.