The 9D Arcturian Council: Your Mission of Becoming Human/ET Ambassadors

Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are always looking for new ambassadors, humans who are willing to serve as the go-betweens for extra-terrestrials and the rest of the human society there on Earth. We know that many of you are looking for a purpose, that many of you are confused about what you are doing there and what you are supposed to be doing, and there are many who wonder what their role will be in the future, as humanity becomes a part of a galactic community with many other beings from many other star systems, and even galaxies.

The role of ambassador will need to be filled by many, and those of you who are extremely excited about meeting e.t.s in the flesh are the ideal candidates for those positions. You will be able to explain to the e.t.s you meet on ships and on other worlds, and even on Earth, what happened, how humanity got to where it is today. Right now, you are doing a lot of observing and less participating. You are there to notice what motivates the average human and how the various dysfunctions got started in your society. You can do this without placing judgments on people and on the entirety of humankind. That will be important because you will also need to advocate for your people. 

There will be, of course, an understanding, but also some misconceptions that the e.t.s have of what exactly has occurred there on Earth to lead to the place where you are now, and also, you will be evolving continuously from now until the time when these meetings are happening in your waking state. You are already meeting with e.t.s at night when you are asleep in the astral plane, and you are having these types of conversations, and a lot of that is practice for when you will be doing it in the flesh. Even if you don’t remember these interactions, they are having an impact upon you. You are getting better at practicing diplomacy, understanding how to communicate and how to connect with e.t. beings in a respectful way and in a way that benefits all.

So you see, if you have the desire to connect with e.t.s, coupled with that intention for everyone to thrive, then you have the right ingredients inside of you to become an ambassador, and we will continue to work with you and work on you as well, so that you can be the best ambassadors you can possibly be, and represent all of humankind with grace and dignity, with an understanding of what people need in order to heal and in order to become their true selves. 

Full and open e.t. contact will be a big part of your spiritual evolution that enables you then to be ready to complete the shift. And trust us when we say that you don’t want to skip over all the fun and go right to the fifth dimension, where open e.t. contact is of course a given. This next phase that you are stepping into will be so much fun, so joyous, and so enlightening, and that is as your existence ought to be.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.

**Channel: Daniel Scranton


7 Replies to “The 9D Arcturian Council: Your Mission of Becoming Human/ET Ambassadors”

  1. Gwenyth Freeman

    Thank you so much to the 9 D Arcturian Council for your very gracious offer to consider those of us who are interested , for positions of ambassador. I really would like to be one, and I hope that this dream will come to fruition, and soon. In the meantime I am doing what I can to learn more about ETs , and also about what is going on in our world ,and how we got into the mess we are currently in. It is very interesting to see how the Creator is bringing everything to pass for a greater degree of extraterrestrial- human contact. I look forward to hearing ‘more details’ about all of this, as it becomes available. Thank you to Daniel Scranton for all his hard work in channeling and posting all of your messages. And a big thank you to the 9D Arcturian Council for contacting us, loving us and supporting us. Your messages have been so encouraging, ever since I found them, and helped me enormously.

  2. Ruanon X

    Respeito muito o Esforço e Cooperação destes Canalizadores e deste Coletivo Arturiano. Porém as Sementes Estelares neste Planeta vêm de muitos pontos da Galáxia. Temos Famílias Estelares, Origens e Missões. Aguardamos nossos contactos no momento certo.
    Eu venho de Sírios! Nao Faco acordos, contratos nem assumo compromissos na Terra.
    Sirvo à minha Fonte, família Estelar e ao Comando Ashtar!
    Sou Soberana!!
    Acredito ser Boa a intencao!
    A Terra precisa de Consciência! Para isso estamos Ca!
    A Vossa Ajuda é sempre Bem Vinda e ficaremos sempre Gratos!
    As Criancas da Terra precisam de Ajuda…Nao poupem Esforços!
    Juntos, seremos a Força para a Ascenção de Sheen!!
    Eu Sou ao Serviço da Fonte…Eu Sou!

  3. SR

    Thank you Daniel and A.S for your visions but I’ll politely pass on this offer.

    I don’t see myself as sitting above, or below, anyone else. I especially don’t see myself involved in politics that decides for others.

    Here’s my vision. I envision a world where humans are not governed by anyone but themselves. I believe humans are very capable of acting appropriately when they are *free* and no one is interferring. I envision everyone being on the same level without a custodian or hierachial system.

    With much love 💙

    1. Silvia S

      I agree with you, I want to live in a 5th world where everyone is able to govern oneself, a world freed of politics, bankers, royal families, religions the Vatican State, which should only be a museum of arts, criminals, industries, shops, hospitals, governments, armies, police, a place full of good things for everybody, nature and animals included.

    2. John

      I read the message over and over again and I really fail to identify any concept or proposition there conflicting with your vision in any way.

      But since the Arcturians are reputably a collective entity with no actual supression of individual expression, they would probably have no difficulty estabilishing further contact with the entire humanity on an individual basis. I believe that for each one of us to simply consider the position of ambassador to the human race would be actually the first step to reaching your vision.

      On a lighter note, “extremely excited about meeting e.t.s in the flesh” brought me Jared to mind, which seems like a fairly “free and uninterfered human”, and with that I rest my case.

  4. A.S.

    I was discussing this message with Tunia. She said it’s true, and said that very broadly speaking there may be two kinds of ambassadors (so long as Earth’s political system remains as it is now).

    On one hand you have a more typical political ambassador, who has the advantage that they either have political power or are directly serving a person of entity that has political power. Their role is more in the domain of making treaties and agreeing formally on what is and isn’t allowed.

    And then there are spiritual people who don’t have political power but they are very well-connected to the galactics and love the galactics, and they’re well-developed spiritually themselves. Their role is more in the domain of facilitating mutual understanding.

    Of course you can theoretically have someone who has political power and is spiritually well-developed and has a close connection to galactics, but right now that is quite rare.