The Telosians: True Happiness

We are happy to see you again, dear children of the Earth. Today, we are going to talk to you about a feeling that many humans lack. We are going to tell you about Happiness . Yes, we are going to talk to you about Happiness even in this troubled period of your life on Earth.

How, do you think, can we be happy, really happy, totally happy with all that is happening around us, violence of all kinds, and which does not seem to want to calm down but on the contrary to increase?

In your country of France, there have recently been various riots following an event that happened in a city. The reaction of part of the youth of your country was very violent, going so far as to burn down certain shops, cars, etc. Why are these young people doing this? Why can’t they understand that events like this should make them realize that it is important to live in the straightness of life.

Living in the rectitude of life is quite simply accepting to experience the things that are happening around you by understanding that they are not there by chance but are there to make you think. Attention, we are not saying that we agree with the death of this young man, no not. The way it happened shouldn’t have been. But this event should make young people in all countries understand that it is important to reflect on what happened, to understand that if they, too, act contrary to the laws of the country, it may be dangerous for them. 

But the reflection is not done in these young minds. They are bad in their life. For what ? there are a large number of reasons: family problems, problems integrating into social life, communication problems etc…. These children, these young people are not in Happiness because, around them, Happiness is not there.

How to bring happiness in your life? It is important that you take time for yourself, time to understand yourself, to honestly understand what is wrong with your life, etc. We have often said it: you need to be calm, at home or in nature, to find this Peace, this Happiness in you. Once it is in you, you feel this gentle vibration in your heart, you can say to yourself: that’s it, I’m starting to feel it, to live it!

From that moment on, you can spread it around you, on your children, on your work colleagues, on your friends and thus the snowball of Happiness is created and spreads.

You are going to say: “It is currently impossible to live Happiness: there are too many financial difficulties in my life, there are difficulties in my work, there is everything violent that is happening around me etc…”

Yes, there is all that indeed, but if you are not looking to get out of this doldrums, if you are constantly complaining about this or that, how do you want Happiness to settle in you and around you if you don’t look at it, if you don’t call it within you?

We ask you to free yourselves from all these negative thoughts activated by your media whatever they are. Do not listen to the television news, information in the radios and the like because this information is conditioned by orders from your governments. The lack of Happiness in your countries is intentional. Your governments are asking the media to constantly sermonize this or that information to bring down the morale of the people.

Understand that you are manipulated not to be in Happiness because for a story of earthly power, your rulers do everything they can to make you believe that it is not possible to be happy. 

Take your Divine Power in hand, understand that only you can achieve Happiness by moving away from all these manipulations. Understand how many joys you have to gain by being in the simplicity of life, in non-materialism, in the non-conditioning desired by your rulers, by not bending your knees before their arbitrary decisions. On the contrary, raise your head with confidence in the Life in you, visualize your life on the happy and joyful Earth.

It is often necessary, in order to be happy, to live things simply, very simply.

But, are you going to say: what does it simply mean? We want to tell you that “living simply” means that you let go of materialism, the abundance of possessions, that your relationships with other humans are more and more joyful, but above all “living simply” currently means living without be dependent on technology.

Know that the technology to which a very large number of humans are “addicted” as you say, is not made to bring you happiness but to distance you from each other, particularly in families. You think you are happy having “friends” on certain websites. But friendship, true friendship which is a great happiness is a lure on these sites. You may think you’re lucky or happy to have a large number of virtual friends, but know that these fake friends will not come to your rescue if you need help. It is important to distinguish between real friends close to you and real-fake virtual friends who only bring you fleeting happiness.

However, we are talking about True Happiness, not the small happiness that these websites offer you.

True Happiness is “cultivated” we would say like a magnificent flower that needs Love to grow. True Happiness flourishes in the sweetness of your heart, only in your heart.

We love you.

**Channel: Marie Jose Andichou

**Translated to English by


2 Replies to “The Telosians: True Happiness”

  1. John

    I understand this was translated from french and while I agree with the point as a whole; the sentence “young people in all countries should understand that if they, too, act contrary to the laws of the country, it may be dangerous for them” really doesn’t fit in there.
    How about ‘governments should understand that if their law enforcement act contrary to their countries’ people, it may be dangerous for them’ instead?

  2. Krwk

    Dear Telosians,

    This tyranny on our planet needs to stop. Both earthlings at the surface, and those in the inner realms need to unite against the tyranny. With our combined efforts we can identify, locate, and send away the instigators of troublemaking. Did you not know? They will come for the inner earth if they succeed in killing the surface dwellers. Half of my people are already gone, soon to succumb to their poisonations/vaccine that kills. Citizens are limited in abilities. Not much beyond peaceful protesting, or preaching the many truths one might discover, exposing their treachery. Sometimes to fall on deaf ears. They have proven a much greater power against our citizenry. All regressives have been removed externally, now we need to remove the tyranny internally.

    The removal of Sol Terran tyranny requires the combined strength of both outer and inner earthlings. This is both our home. The time has come. The age of aqaurius is here. The golden age arrives after they are all defeated.