The Ascended Masters: God’s Plan is Fixed

Dystopias can no longer be realized!

Loved people!

You are in GOD’S hands! Always be aware of this imperishable and eternal truth: YOU ARE IN THE HANDS OF GOD! In this way you will master this time safely and with confidence, because GOD is at your side and in the middle of your life.

• Don’t worry about life or death, because your life is eternal.

• Do not fall into dull daydreams or into a dark mood, because your eternal soul is invulnerable.

• Don’t be afraid of the future, because your actions in the present will lead to the desired result.

Dystopias can no longer be realized!

The dystopias can no longer be realized on this earth! The dark powers’ dream of turning life on earth into a nightmare for people can no longer be enforced. The reality of a lifeless humanity optimized by artificial intelligence is excluded for the timeline you have chosen! Even if these scenarios are currently threatening your everyday life: GOD’S PLAN FOR THE EARTH IS FIXED!

Today the signs point to a light-filled change and the storm that is ready to put an end to the “un-light” goings-on has already been unleashed. What has already been decided on the levels of the fourth and fifth dimensions is being decided these days on the level of the third dimensional density of creation.

The battles that have already been decided on higher planes are now being fought here on earth. Because long before this last battle was unleashed here on earth, the course was set for a positive development in the more subtle dimensions of 4D and 5D.

Now the pillars of the new earth are being driven in! And it’s done in a mild way, in a way that avoids a world war or even the downfall of this civilization. Disruptions happen, but cataclysms that sweep away and engulf everything are no longer part of the transformation in world affairs.

This time is over, because many people have learned their lessons and they have understood that today they have to stand up in a different way, defend themselves and distance themselves from the malicious activities.

Waiting for the wake up call

Responding to hate with hate or violence with violence is no longer an answer today. And so people have internally logged off from the system, internally they are no longer there.

Many, although they hardly show anything on the outside and continue to play their role in the system inconspicuously. These people are waiting for the global wake-up call, waiting for the critical mass of people to be reached.

And this critical mass is formed day by day through the consciousness processes that GOD triggers inside people. That’s why you’re becoming more and more, because this indispensable basic work and preparation for the loud bang happens in silence.

Once critical mass is reached, you will rise up in a way previously unimaginable and speak your collective human NO to all plans of the self-forgotten elites.

The old system will lose its slaves, for your denial is pervasive, will be clearly communicated and backed up with action. In the end, those forces that devised a Non-Human future for you will consume themselves. Disunity, discord and jealousy are the first and visible signs of this.

This day of self-empowerment of mankind is not far off. Therefore your future is certain and it is a bright one! The earth will peel itself out of the cloak of destructive forces and people will break free on this matrix.

What has yet to be seen will happen.

Because even if the transition takes place in the care of GOD, certain events are necessary so that the old can be said goodbye and the new can be born.

But you are looked after, protected and guided through this time – by GOD and by your omniscient SOUL.

Keep in touch with yourself and stay in a close embrace with GOD.

The end will be the new beginning.

With perfect love,

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by