From 3D To 4D And 5D: Lessons 1-2

In the Great Cosmos, ALL civilizations undergo a mandatory tests and lessons in a low-vibrational negative reality. Without this, their further evolution is IMPOSSIBLE. And that’s what we all came here for.

For many millennia, 3D Earth stayed in the Cosmic Night, that is, under the rule of Darks and in low frequency zone. Our highly vibrational Souls with the greatest difficulty could penetrate here to get a human body. If a high-freqs conception occurred, and our Soul safely entered the fetus, the 3D Matrix immediately reacted to it, transmitting the signal “attention to everyone”. And powerful opposing forces attacked us to prevent our birth, stage an early death, or, if it didn’t work out, to suppress us as much as possible and suck out all our vital potential, and not to let us live on our own.

It could be manifested by complications during pregnancy, delivery injuries, or chronic diseases. Many of us from an early age were placed in the most aggressive and violent environment, which was supposed to lower our vibes as much as possible. Throughout the rest of our lives, the System continuously scans, carefully studies and unmistakably spots our vulnerabilities and pain points, which it hits with precision, mercilessly and constantly. The main task is to suppress the Spark in our Soul, to break, to destroy the Spiritual core, using physical violence, psychological pressure, incessant criticism and other disincentives.

The System makes sure we don’t remember who we are and where we came from, disconnect with our Soul, and forces us agree that we are nothing and should live like everyone, obediently go with the flow, stop believing in selves, our abilities, and meekly feed someone with our life power.

But before coming to Earth, we consciously chose this cruel test. We clearly saw what awaits us here after incarnation, and took it, firmly believing that we could withstand and overcome everything. Only when we find ourselves in the densest and lowest Earth’s vibrations and got a body, we realize that everything is much more difficult and complicated than it looked from high dimensions. But it was OUR choice and decision, and we have to take lessons, learn to absorb the punches without buckling, and rise from our knees.

In every our life on Earth, it was incredibly hard to remain unspoiled by fortune, affluence and fame, not to succumb to the System, not to start emitting its low frequencies. And under its enormous pressure, we started again shine our former high vibrational Light, and fill with it the entire space as wide as possible. In many Spiritual teachings, this path symbolizes the lotus flower. Often it grows out of the mud and silt, in the dark, and from there, it stretches upwards, overcoming all obstacles. It is bitten by fish and other aquatic inhabitants, but continues to move upward. And finally, reaching the surface, it blooms into a beautiful flower, and its stem and roots become powerful and strong.

Similarly, following the Spiritual Path, we HAVE to go through the trials and tribulations and take necessary lessons to withstand and overcome anything in others dimensions and Universes. The Transition leads to total recall of our primary foundations. From the beginning, we all consist of higher reference substances and states, including creativity, joy, love and other constructive codes of the Absolute. We are made of them. And only on Earth, during the test of Darkness and negativity, dirt is stuck on us. Today, in going into 4D and 5D, where, thanks to its high frequencies, millions of people continue to enter, our Soul is trying to remember its former Light nature, believe in it anew, and start following it again.

Many readers of blogs in DNI constantly ask the same question: why do I help other people, make everything for them, and then sit exhausted, completely without energy… After all, I’m doing a good deed… The reason is simple. In 3D, our personal energy is forced to be low. That is why many inexperienced healers and psychotherapists often get sick and die quickly, because they cannot fully recover due to overspending.

Experienced ones don’t heal and help others with their energy. Thus it can only be lost. They always use the Source’s power, and only after tuning in to One and asking for assistance, The Creator determines Its involvement level. Only in this case, healer won’t lose vital force.

The Source’s energy must flow through us unhindered, and at the same time, we must realize that we are part of One, the Universe, and the Absolute’s Love, and solely serve as their channel. If we don’t understand or deny it, we will block the circulation of Divine energy in us, and as a result, we couldn’t help others and save our resources.

This is only the smallest part of the lessons that we came to Earth for. About many more DNI narrated in Our Monad (Parts 1-3), Friendly Space Races (Parts 1-3), Souls Of Our Kids (Parts 1-4) and other entries. Their main message is that through us, in the duality era, our maternal civilizations and their Creators also took lessons. Negative and positive races, each got their own. The former are faced with a choice today – to return to the Light or to leave Earth and this Local Universe forever. The latter learned and still learn precious lessons and enriched their experience, thanks to presence on Earth.

If in past lives, we were also Creators, built Galaxies and planets to inhabit them with civilizations, then, we often didn’t have enough knowledge for that. Earth, in this sense, is a valuable treasure trove of information. To get it, we singled out of selves several thousand aspects and sent them to this planet to scan and record on them all the necessary soft, codes, formulas, frequencies and other data. All our aspects were embodied in people. With their Subtle Bodies, they unknowingly helped us to read, accumulate and transmit the necessary info for our space races for further evolution in various parts and dimensions of the Universe.

Another option is also widely used – of active awareness and understanding. In that case, no matter how many dozens or hundreds of times we incarnated on Earth, we always knew and remembered our mission. It could include monitoring of all layers and states of the planet; changes in vibrations and frequencies during its transformation; the energy structure of human bodies with all changes; the interaction of Souls from different Galaxies on Earth, and many other parameters that are necessary for our maternal civilizations.

In other instances, we actively participate in Co-Creators and Lightwarriors’ operations on physical and Subtle Plane. Or we serve as a living crystal for receiving high frequencies from the Galactic Center and saturate by them the planet’s grid and the entire space, helping everyone to adapt and enter 4D and 5D. Or we only share info to awaken and carry along Souls…. And all these unique lessons, as well as many other factors, will certainly be taken into account in casting of Earth’s new space curators.

**By Lev