James Gilliland: The Sun is Rapid Firing Flares

There are so many topics to cover it makes one’s head spin. Things are manifesting so fast it is hard to keep up. The Sun is rapid firing flares, the Schuman Resonance is spiking and the influx of consciousness and energy is bringing about Mega change. The planetary liberation, awakening and healing process some call ascension is accelerating at a rapid pace. Social, Economic and Physical Earth Changes are the result. Then there are the manmade weather manipulations adding to the mix, HAARP and chemtrails. There are temporal multidimensional wars, weather wars and major social unrest along with other smaller wars the global elite are trying to escalate in their depopulation programs. WW3 is one of their agendas. As we watch the global elite press for world domination along with their political puppets and captured institutions it will be increasingly apparent who is wearing the white hats. The grey hats have to choose. No one can stop what is coming.

I took the time to watch the hearings about the weaponization of the agencies, the two-tiered justice system. I watched them evade the questions, double speak while knowing the jig is up. The majority of the democrats had their noses so far up Christopher Wrays but they could not see the obvious. They will be the first to whine when they are held accountable. Of course they don’t want to address the problem, it is weaponized in their favor. All they care about is power,  and control projecting their traumas on others taking no personal responsibility in their division games. They support the opposite of a democracy yet they say democracy is in danger, an open display of double speak and hypocrisy. They firmly established their ignorance and character during the hearings. By the way we live in a republic not a socially engineered mob rule democracy.

Bottom line is the FBI engaged in extreme censorship teaming up with the legacy and social media. They hid the Hunter and Weiner laptops and shielded Hilary, Hunter and Joe from a mountain of incriminating evidence refusing to investigate or charge them with glaringly obvious crimes. They pressured lame stream and social media to censor anything critical of the present administration and its policies. We have been at the butt end of that one.

This had a major impact in the election.  They spent millions pulling out all the stops to imprison and take out republicans and conservatives trampling on the constitution. The January 6th arrests are a blatant example, to this day those arrested are denied their constitutional rights in a blatant disregard of the present administration’s oath of office many have not signed, notarized or have on record. They have also withheld exculpatory evidence which would exonerate them as in the Shaman case.   They will be held accountable in the very near future. Remember that little saying, “What you do unto others will be done unto you.” Universal Law and the acceleration and amplification of karma will take care of this. Nowhere to hide. Can’t win a game of hide and seek with the Creator. Many are being consumed by their own guilt. The ones with any soul left.

The Sound of Freedom was a box office success beating out the new Indiana Jones movie. Major corporations which own the theaters did everything possible to interfere in the release, canceling tickets, leaving the lights on while the movie was showing, setting off alarms, shutting off the air conditioners all a complete fail. As I warned earlier those involved in making the movie need to prepare for the backlash, character assassinations, gossip and rumors. Trust me it comes with being authentic and going against the controlled narrative.

Hollywood is saying there really is not a problem with child and sex trafficking nor is there any Satanic/Luciferian child sacrifice or rituals going on. Some of them own islands adjacent to Epstein Island. Top politicians have their islands as well. Top officials in the just us system are saying the numbers are way down in child and sex trafficking due to their efforts, just like the numbers of border crossings are very low another blatantly obvious lie. Those affirming there is not a problem are most likely the involved in the problem. Some very big names are going to surface in the very near future. Research who owns Islands and what goes on there. Might be a few up for sale shortly.

As far as the new QFS monetary system and Nesara/Gesara are concerned, if you ask thirty different people you will get thirty different answers. This whack a mole game has been going on for centuries. All I can say is flip the F$%&#%$ switch. It is rumored everything is in place, Nesara/Gesara and the Quantum Financial System. This puts an end to the Feds which were never federal. The USA Inc. falls and we go back to constitutional law or common law. The end of tyranny. With the military in place obviously things are very close. The military is the only answer, all civil remedies have been exhausted, the justice agencies have been captured. It would be wise to prepare on all levels. Have a month’s worth of food, access to clean water, and do not depend on the ATMs, banks power and internet grids. It could go smoothly in some areas while drastic in others.

I wish to end on a positive note. Things will get crazy during the transition. It will become increasingly ugly and chaotic which is the healing process then it will get increasingly good. A whole new world awaits us. It is our destiny to unite with the greater family of man/woman throughout the multiverse. They are here now in great numbers, watch the skies. You might want to call them a division of Gods Army. Not all have harps and wings. They are removing the fallen ones.

James Gilliland



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  1. Paladin

    The military is a joke, an absolute joke. The military is full of snow flakes, woke feminists and high heeled soldiers waiting for sex transitions.