Mother Mary: Light of the Divine Feminine

I am sending you pink roses of the highest light, cascading all around you. Dear children, for those of you who are exhausted, take comfort. Feel my love around you, feel the pinkest pink of the rose, allow it into you. The light of the divine feminine will not be dimmed. The light has come and it is shining everso much brighter within you than it has previously, for your world is becoming lighter. I know that you may be tired of hearing the words ‘soon’ and ‘continue on, you are doing marvelously’, but it is all true. You are doing a splendid job and it is making this project’s completion quite possible for all of the heavy lifting that you have been doing on the ground. Children, I am so very proud of you.

I am your Mother Mary, Goddess embodied. I walk amidst you now in many forms, for you are my hands and feet. You too are gods and goddesss embodied, whether you like to think of yourselves as this or not, it does not negate the veracity. You are still who you are. No one can change who they are but they can believe that they can. Your society has been mislabeling the lighted ones since time began, when the time matrix construct began its squeeze. This is lifting. Have you felt the exhilarating freedom of stretchy time lately? No longer are you locked in. You have the ability to change your reality, you know this and because of the energies it will become more of an innate knowing, as you see the changes around you.  (I am seeing women labeled as witches being burned at the stake.) Yes, they were goddesses, they were healers of the earth, delivering hope and love through natural medicine. The labels attached to them did not change who they were, or are. Do not let the world label you as anything other than light. The darker ones know their time is up. The light is calling, calling. Do you hear the musical sound of light unto light? Do you feel it in your bones? It is a marvelous time to be alive. You are experiencing the breaking apart and knitting together. You are strong enough for this. I am so proud of you, my children, my lineage of light.

I am your Mother Mary. More will speak, perhaps you will be one of them. Your roles are being made more available to you and when the time is right you will know your calling, and it will be one of joy. It will be joyfully aligned to your true self, your true nature.

I am your Mother Mary. I am sending you codes of light, of pink crystals and plasma rays now. Allow it to knit together the ripped pieces of you. The light mends all things. For the light is complete, true and complete in its nature, which is love. Love heals all manner of things. Love is what this realm needs so desperately, which is why I am so delighted that you are here. Show the world love. If you do not find it within yourself, find it within me. I am with you always covering you in love and light. You are surrounded by loving beings at all times. Know this, feel this, delight in this. Your world will continue to shift and shake, and then the light will come. I am showing this one a great loving flash of light that is thick, like your maple syrup, thick so that it coats all the parts and pieces where love is needed, which is everywhere. And in many ways the light is already here. For those of you who can absorb the codes, you will know, and you will be ecstatically delighted! And because this light and energy is already here, do not wait for anything, children. What would you be waiting for, when the light is here, and it is within you, codes coursing through you with love and hope? Know that it is done, that it will be done and it will already be done. The light is here and it is you.

I am your Mother Mary. When I was embodied as Mary, the times were different. Some things were darker then than they are now, and yet more obvious signs of darkness have become visible in your now time. Regardless, we carried on with the light within our albeit scattered communities. We felt the communal spirit of Source when we were all alone and when all felt lost, and we knew that when we tapped into the Great I AM we were together. Many of you feel so isolated and it is time to stop feeling this. You have the ability to connect, telepathy is coming more online. Send someone love and they will feel it. This will be a great joy when telepathy comes fully online. We had this in our Essene community, and as followers of The Way. It was a great comfort. We were able to astral travel and bilocate purposefully which was a great comfort and skill. These skills will be returned to you, they are already there but have been buried and with the chaos and stress of the modern world with cortisol levels being so high it is a great challenge to find the gifts. The gifts are coming to the forefront now, which will keep you from being less than you were created to be.

You are creator beings, fractals and offsprings of Source. You are love. You are light. You are pure creator energy having an embodied experience. And so because of this you feel small. But you are not. You are anything but small. That is what they wish for you to believe and behave, and this will no longer ‘fly’ as you say, because you will be the one remembering and flying into your truest highest potential. It is for this reason that I say it is a wonderful time to be alive. I do not belittle your trials and the sufferings of the world. The sufferings of the world have been occurring for so long because of the highjacking and abuse of power, which we will not discuss. Just know that Source Creator is sending you massive amounts of light and love, and we all are as well. We are as well.

We love you, tremendously. You are magnificent beings of light. I could not be more proud of my beloved children. (She is showing me prayer beads of blue and white crystals in a long circle. She is pressing them into my hands). Take these, everyone of you reading. They are my gift to you. Wear them around your heart. Feel my love. I am your friend and beloved Mother, Mary.  Be at peace for these times ahead will require great peace and strength. And in the midst of it all know that you never walk alone, that you are always surrounded by many beings of light and know that I love you endlessly.

(I am seeing beautiful mountain peaks capped in snow, crystal clear rivers, calm blue oceans and a plasma sun). New Earth awaits you, beloved ones. New Earth  energies are all around you. I breathe them into your heart space now. You are ready. I love you. I am your Mother Mary.

**Channel: Galaxygirl

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  1. Mick

    My favorite–galaxygirl. Whoever she is. Her channelings are the purest on this site, the purest, maybe, I’ve ever come across. This is a special person with a great heart. I was reading some of her older ones the other day with tears running down my face. Absolute gold.