What kind of a Lightworker are you?

Greetings everyone!

This is my very first time writing for Era of Light!

In this short article, I wish to present a few of my understandings about astrology, to maybe give you some pointers and perspectives about the specifics of the Lightwork that you came to do. As always, please use your own discernment.

Owing to the very nature of this subject, this article will over-generalize certain things. It is not possible – after all – to be too accurate when addressing an audience. For at the end of the day, each one has a natal chart that is as unique as their fingerprints. And it is quite likely here that some of you will relate to several of the following descriptions.

This article will also over-simplify things greatly. Astrology is a profound art; but I do intend this article to be light-hearted and fun as well. And thus, I shall tackle certain ideas only on the surface-level. So let’s get on with it and surf!


There are some easily available tools on the internet that can quickly generate your (astrological) birth chart for you. And you don’t need much astrological knowledge (or understandings) to determine as to just which planetary functions are prominent in your own chart.

To give you a few examples, if a planet is conjunct with your Sun, your Moon, or any angle of your Chart; it is safe to say that this specific energy is strongly related to your Soul’s mission.

I also find it useful to see a chart as a prescription rather than a description. I feel rather confident in saying that a birth chart symbolically represents your Soul’s intent. What you – as an embodied human being – will make of it; that’s entirely up to you. But your soul will likely nudge you in that direction.

I will also arbitrarily ignore the signs and the houses. Otherwise this article would just go on forever.

Remember, however, that astrology is quite simple fundamentally. There are basically 3 wheels of 12 notes. So the basic archetypes are 12 in all. So, just in case your chart happens to have a lot of planets – say – in Aries; you would likely relate a lot with descriptions of charts with a strong Mars emphasis. You also may have a strong emphasis on different notes.

Now, all planets are essentially focused energies – which represent various psychic functions. Which is why I find it appropriate to always start with them. Once this is understood, then, the signs and the houses add in yet another layer of meaning and complexity. The signs are more motivational whereas the houses are more so concerned with representing the behavioral aspects of human experience in space-time.

That all being said, we can finally cut to the chase …
If your birth chart has a strong emphasis on:

THE SUN: Saying that you are here to shine simply by ‘be-ing’ would be rather redundant, but quite accurate nonetheless. Another strong element brought forth by the Sun is creativity and self-expression. You can inspire a lot of people simply by boldly be-ing yourself; and/or by performing on a stage of some sort. You are not here to hide in a corner.

Generosity of spirit is one of your gifts. You can also choose to act as a representative for the collective, just as the Sun acts as a representative for our entire solar system. Be authentic and genuine, and you will notice that you are not only be-ing or do-ing for yourself, but also are you leaving behind a trail of people inspired by you. People, who may eventually become willing to join your cause or start their own one.

Show the world that it is truly glorious to be oneself without shame. For your Lightwork here has a whole lot to do with proving to others the sheer worth of each individual light, aspect, and facet of the Creator. Which you can do mainly through becoming a living, breathing and shining example of it your-self. However, it is critical here to avoid getting too blinded by your own glory; for such is indeed an ego-trap. Narcissistic tendencies are lurking here.

THE MOON: The very nature of your Lightwork is caring. This is the archetype of the loving mother. For you too can be a mother for all others. Help them feel safe. Listen to them. You can be the womb where healing and regeneration takes place – for you as well as for others – should they so choose to accept it.

You are here to provide nourishment – whether physical, emotional or spiritual – and to show true gentleness. Sure, this may not necessarily look or sound like the most spectacular form of Lightwork on the surface, but it is very profound nonetheless. Many bruised hearts out there are waiting for your gentle healing touch. Be the most pristine mirror that you can possibly be to reflect the one Light in all of its diverse colors, and remind others of their own radiance. Just remember, however, that you simply cannot save people against their own will. But you can certainly contribute to help alleviate their pains if they so choose.

Please, take care of us.

MERCURY: You are a messenger. You are here to collect data, and to share it with all others. You are here to meet people and to connect them. You are here to be a voice and be heard. You could be a writer, a podcaster, or even a channeler. Words and ideas are your tools. You are like a breath of fresh air that can ignite a fire, or even reignite a dying one. Be curious; be on the move; and gather as many experiences and perspectives as you possibly can. Then, share them away without end.

To synthesize , you are basically here to gather and share; data, ideas, and people.

We also need you to be there to set the records straight. You are the speakers of the « White House », or, should I say, « the Light House »! Don’t stray too far into the stratosphere; for we still need to hear you.

And please, make us laugh, this is one of your very greatest gifts. Words can be delicious. And words run in your blood.

VENUS: You are here to add harmony to this world. You can be a peacemaker, a diplomat, or a bridge. You can add balance and relatability wherever there is division. You can add new perspectives that help heal strongly-rooted ideologies. You can add tolerance where there is none. A great gift of Venusian people if they so choose, is to love and accept diversity.

And you are here to bring beauty. You are here to bring grace. You can be someone who expresses their light through their works of art. You are one to see and sense the beauty within this world and all others; and thus magnifying it. So, remind us of the many beautiful things that are already here, in this so-called « third density ».

In this time, when there is a constant battle raging between the ancient and the new paradigms; you can soothe and smoothen the hearts of people and help heal their energetic clashes. If the revolution becomes too heated, you will be needed. For you may very well be the one who prevents an escalation of violence and retribution, and quite literally so. Your purpose here then, is to share love, affection, peace, understanding and beauty; in a very human way.

And finally, be careful to not be too complacent in the name of promoting peace. Sure, some choices are difficult to make. But they are necessary nonetheless. After all, you don’t want fake peace. You seek the real deal.

MARS: Sometimes, the term ‘Lightworker’ gets replaced by terms such as ‘Lightwarrior’ or ‘Spiritual Warrior’. This terminology fits perfectly here. After all, we do need some people to stand for the collective; and to be brave enough to put themselves in harm’s way, if need be. In order that the weaker parts of the collective may survive and be protected. In order that truth may survive in the dire face of adversity. And then, sometimes, we do indeed require some people to quite literally fight for a greater cause.

Your Lightwork is to be strong and brave, and to protect. We have all heard the phrase that we are here to ‘be’ rather than to ‘do’. But at the end of the day, however, we simply cannot do without people who ‘do’. And therefore, the core purpose for all men and women with a strong Mars emphasis, is to be the « do-ers ». To initiate productive endeavors that benefit the whole. You are the pioneers. You can be the leaders. And yet, you must remember your Achille’s Heel: In French, there is an expression that roughly translates to: “Getting swollen ankles”. It means that someone’s ego got the best of them.

And thus, while it is indeed essential for your egos to be truly strong (a strong ego is not necessarily a bad thing – but that is an entirely different topic altogether) you must also be aligned in the service of a greater cause. If we are specifically talking about Lightwork that is.

JUPITER: Your purpose here is to work with groups. You can be a teacher or a motivational speaker. You are meant to join forces with others for a common cause. To share visions, wisdom, and meaning. And we need you to keep focused on the positive, on the hope, on the sheer possibility of expansion and betterment.

Even if you can be a bit naive sometimes, you still need to act on those visions of yours. And to actually suggest or initiate some new alternatives to the old structures of the past. You are, after all, born with the very spirit of fire and sky. And thus, it is you who needs to keep the vision of the new age for us all. For your vision is fertile. Be careful of becoming too idealistic or conceited, however. And be careful as to where you place your next foot forward. You don’t want to be a blind fool, but an enlightened optimist.

SATURN: Not everything about our past and our traditions is necessarily toxic. In this age of revolution and overflowing emotions and ideologies, we do need some wise men and women to remind us of our collective achievements, too. We need people who are sensible and reasonable. The baby is not to be thrown away with the bathwater.

Please be there to remind us to not get too far ahead of ourselves; or too overzealous regarding our urgency towards manifesting rapid and paradigm-bursting changes. You are masters of structure. You are social builders and architects. You have what it takes to propose very tangible changes to the ways in which we have organized our society. Your mission will likely become a whole lot more prominent in the near future – in the next stages of our awakening and liberation processes.

You are here to achieve the realistic restructurings of our collectively co-created realities through your workforces, your wisdom, and your integrity. You could well be the social leaders of tomorrow! In the meantime, however, do not forget to laugh every once in a while! Be serious; but don’t take yourself all that seriously!

URANUS: You are visionaries. You feel and hold and know the blueprints of the future. You are here to work with the collective on a mental level. Some of you may well be tomorrow’s scientists and engineers. Others, may work with the many ways in which we conceptualize our society on a macro scale.

We need your ideas. They may well look surrealist as of now, but you know the ways to get them rolling. Be patient and tolerant with the old; and also with the changeovers. For you are often the type of person who has their foot on the accelerator pedal, nearly ready to run the red light. So relax. Your motivations and impulses may well be strong indeed, but you do need to accept the fact that you are here to work for the collective. And also the fact that the collective is not likely there yet, with where your visions are, currently. But be bold here as well, for you will likely meet resistance on your way!

You are an agent of change and transformation. You work with the higher mind; and you see the infinite possibilities that exist under our vast sky. You may also become an ambassador for the Galactics, if it comes to that, much like your brothers and sisters of the Neptunian and Plutonian types (this is not an exclusive club – but the three « outer planets » just have a stronger relationship with the « beyond » – on paper). You are well advised to master the art of patience…lest you end up leaving a scorching earth in your wake!

NEPTUNE: As always, this symbology is one of the most challenging to pin down. The vast ocean. Unconditional Love, yeah. It just sounds as cliché as it is deep.

You, more than anyone else, are here to be just that, in flesh and blood. You also likely have some out-of-the-world perceptions, perspectives, ideas and skills. Maybe you see auras, hear voices, get strong intuitions, or have the ability to write delicious poems that inspire us? Or perhaps you have come in with some incredible healing gifts to share with us all? You can maybe channel as well too; but then again; a Neptunian’s skillset tend to be more nebulous than that. Words are something of a hassle here.

For you are indeed here to demonstrate the existence of information and stimulus that lies beyond the reach of our five traditional senses. You are our hot-line to Source. You do not need to be accurate or “scientific” here; for your exuberance alone has a charm that speaks volumes! You can feel things that most people simply do not, or cannot. And you don’t even need to rationalize it at all! (Unless you have a strong Mercury or Saturn for instance –  this is just a sidestep to let you know that nobody is just one thing – astrologically speaking).

Nevertheless – regardless of the ways in which you choose to express it – the embodiment of unity consciousness is what your core message and teaching is all about. You seek pure mysticism. Away from all of the regurgitated spiritual principles, talk and chatter. So feel free to be that crazy old (or young) hippie mystic that you were born to be; and do not forget to protect your boundaries! You still need them. And you are more likely than most to lack in discernment due to your innate connexion with the big mystery which is Life.

PLUTO: So…you got the short end of the stick huh? Or perhaps, maybe you were the one who was brave enough to volunteer for a position as challenging as this one? This Lightwork is likely one of the most difficult, and – on the surface level at least – one of the least rewarding forms of Lightwork there even is! This position is at least, certainly the most invisible position that one could possibly imagine! And while it is unlikely that anyone here on planet Earth would really notice your contributions to the whole during this lifetime of yours; you are nevertheless here to purge out the old thoroughly! And you aren’t here just doing it for yourself, but for the entire collective as well!

Strongly connected to the collective unconscious and its chaotic repressed emotions, you are here to help take out the energetic trash. In other words, you are the cosmic garbage collectors. You are meant to feel the pains of all those who are far too busy or far too disconnected or preoccupied to feel them. You work in the night, upon the invisible planes. And yet, without you, the old vibrations could never be released to such an extent in such short spans of time. You are the light that has chosen to shine in upon the very depths of the abyss. You are the bringers of hard truths. Your role here is to simply be authentic…and to stare the devil right in their very eyes when you see them. And give him a hug.

And that is also the best service you can contribute to others around you. For you are a good listener, and all you have to do is accept them with all their pains and very human struggles. Your core message is ideally « it’s okay to feel how you feel – I know it too ».

You are also an ambassador for the Galaxy, and far, far beyond. For you are quite truly similar to the membrane of our Solar System. You are, therefore, in close contact with the beyond. Be careful to not let yourself fall into despair, however; for your light work is (and was always meant to be) hard work!

Keep the faith, for you have a strong feeling of your core purpose here. We need you to help clean up our backyards.

You are the fathers and mothers of the night.

You are the midwives of Ascension.

You are the bringers of the dawn.

But remember the dawn. Please.

Please remember the dawn.

May all Lightworkers be blessed!

– By Raksha, for Era of Light

– A big « thank you » to Don Spectacularis which was of tremendous service to help me finalize (and much more) this article.

16 Replies to “What kind of a Lightworker are you?”

  1. John

    No matter how much astronomers and astronauts got it made, english-speaking astrologers will always have a much richer experience exploring the endless humor that stems from Uranus.

  2. Raksha

    I think my explanation about how to determine one’s planetary emphasis was a bit short. I did not want to be too technical. I will give further explanation now.

    You can go to the website astrotheme dot com (not sure if I am allowed to share a link here). Then you go to « Horoscope and Ascendant ». Here you can generate your chart. You don’t need to have an account, unless you want to save the charts in your profile.

    Then, you can move the cursor on the different astrological symbols, it will give you their name. You can then read back what I said in the article to determine the emphasis.
    Conjunction with the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or other angles are the strongest (the conjunction can be a bit wide – let’s say 10 degrees – but the closer, the stronger).
    Some charts may have several such conjunction, some charts may have none.

    Next in importance would be planets conjunct with Mars, Venus, and Mercury (since those are personal planets), and planets opposite (180 degrees) or squaring (90 degrees) Sun and Moon.

    A lot of other things can give emphasis, I just shared the strongest ones. Please, ask if you want further explanations.

    1. Nathalie

      Thank you ! I don’t know much about astrology, but I deeply relate to this post ✨
      I knew I was some kind of “excavator”… And here it is : Pluto in my ascendant (Uranus as well, but not in direct conjunction) I surely know what it means to purge not only for myself, but also for the collective !
      A bit tired at the moment to dig and purge so much… I need some lightness in order to recover the full “use” of my body, and enjoy the simple bliss of the daily Life ✨ (to walk in Nature, observe and marvel at its beauty, cook, dance, sing, draw, …)
      Mercury and Saturne conjunct exactly at 8 degrees from my Sun.
      Next week is my birthday : hopefully a fresh new start after 3 tough years 🔥🌪️🌅
      (I’ll have to make some arrangements with my Soul to soften the path 😅).
      Thank you for sharing this insight 🤗

      1. Raksha

        Thank you for your comment. I’m glad if you could get some insights from the article. As it so happens, I’m also a Plutonian, and next in line are Saturn and Mercury (conjunct, just like you). We are in the same team, so to speak. “Excavator” is a great word.

        Were you able to check your chart with the little explanation that I gave? Just to know if that was enough? And easy enough to do?

        Which degree of which sign is your ascendant? If you whish to share, of course.

      2. A.S.

        Nathalie, in case you wish to talk to Raksha, but don’t want to publicly answer here in this comment section:

        An option is just mailing the site admin KejRaj at EraofLightblog@Gmail.com . He can give you Raksha’s email, if he agrees.

  3. A.S.

    Someone asked me about galactics and astrology. Here’s a tidbit of information I received:

    Yes, galactics do something that’s like astrology too. One of their additional “inputs” they use is that they simply sense the current energy of the planet, because that affects things too. Because after all, planets have consciousnesses too and therefore won’t always have the exact energy. Not to mention that there’s actually being on those planets, and how those beings are doing has an additional effect, although this effect is quite minor and can in most cases be ignored.

      1. A.S.

        Haha, yes, you were the one who asked. In general I tend to not talk publicly about anything that is discussed one-on-one, and I figured you’d comment something like that if you were fine with it being public.

        Thanks for the article! I learned a few things.

  4. A.S.

    Kudo’s on writing your first article for this site! And thanks for the astrology introduction. I’m a novice in that area and this was interesting to read.

  5. Raksha

    Oops, looks like the spaces between paragraphs and the bold characters didn’t went through.