From 3D To 4D And 5D: Lessons Part 4

On 17 July 2023 we learned one more teachable lesson among others, delivered by developments of the last weeks and months. On that day, was predicted a horrible event of global scale. As a boy that cried wolf, the System and its MSM used mathematician Muhammad Sediq Afghan, founder and head of the World Philosophical Math Research Center in Kabul, Afghanistan.

He warned that nuclear provocation will happen on July 17, which will terminate the half-century historical cycle of the world’s development. How? “Multiply 17 by 17, and, then, multiply by 7, it turns out 2023. After that, divide it by 17 and multiply by 2, it turns out 238. This is uranium! (i.e. atomic mass of uranium)…” Immediately, Sidiq Afghan was hyped and widely quoted by global mass media. But, as it turned out, the Apocalypse and the end of the world did not come again. The only provocation on this day was the undermining of the roadbed on the Crimean Bridge by two Ukrainian aquatic drones. Due to the insignificance of the damage, this news quickly faded away…

In fairness, it should be noted that the Earth’s energy during this day was indeed negative due to a strong Solar storm and powerful radiation from some stelliums. Which ones exactly? On July 17-18-19, Pluto, the Sun with the Moon and the Lunar Nodes Rahu and Ketu lined up a heavy configuration called the Grand Cross. On July 17, there was also a New Moon in Cancer and in a tense aspect with Pluto, when both luminaries were in the same degree in the firmament. Altogether, it formed a source of enormous energy, neutral in itself, but its wide frequency spectrum, low and high vibrations, act differently, depending on users. Was there anything besides this and arithmetic that could lead to a nuclear catastrophe?

It also was figured and voiced. These days, the opposition of Saturn and Mars intensified the Pluto’s radiation. The Dark Moon with Uranus pushed to suddenness and unpredictability of events. Uranus’ vibes impact on gases, aviation, electricity, Internet, the power of explosions…The energy of Pluto’s tau square with karmic Lunar Nodes threatened earthquakes and radioactive leakages. The New Moon made a tense aspect to Mars in the natal chart of the Zaporozhye NPP that was fraught with fires due to military ops, which the Red Planet runs…

Nothing similar happened. It was a normal weekend, although very hot around the globe, in the USA, Europe and Asia, where entire population suffered. Being at the head of Grand Cross, the joint Sun and Pluto’s energies usually have a great impact on large masses. This helped the awakening, transformation, the desire to completely change their fate. But in the low-frequency range of that stellium, it’s was easy to manipulate vulnerable people with the help of eschatological predictions like “mommy, we’re all going to die”, inflated in the media.

Since 2012, it already happened hundreds of times with the supposed end of the world, which many had promised. The explosion of a super volcano or supernova, the fall of a meteorite or nuclear warheads, a global virus that sweeps away 90% of the population, and a lot more was predicted by Darks. What they expect and try to achieve?

They know us very well and our habit of shifting responsibility for our lives to others, especially to State, Government, Church, gurus, and other saviors. Darks also remember that any thought and emotion are material, and what we feel and think about (look, listen, read) carries not only a program, directing our decisions and actions, but also forms our reality, attracting similar things. This is what the Dark and Gray rulers are betting on.

But now is a different time, a different level of awakening of us as a civilization. Today, accurate forecasts and scenarios are impossible, because events’ timelines emerge, change, strengthen and implode every moment. These implosions produce powerful negative resonance, which knockout us down if we follow the System’s rules. On July 17, we could pound a square peg into a round hole, as much as we like, and not see how quickly events change. The morning horrible news vanished in the evening without a trace. But “inevitability” of the Apocalypse already plunged us into a new “mommy, we’re all going to die”. The entire planet trembled in another panic at the snap of puppeteers’ fingers.

No matter how much Power Pyramid rulers tried to stage and hold that events’ vector, the end of the world is simply falling apart on the vine. Their only tool to save their scenario is fear. Applying it, they immerse our consciousness in dense and toxic 3D reality and make us vulnerable and manageable through negative emotions and scare, as it was during the pandemic (see – New Bio Energy Weapon Of Mass Destruction, Parts 1 and 2, DNI, August 14-15, 2020).

At the same time, fear, like any disease, tends to form immunity. It can be considered as enslaver of weak consciousness and a stimulator for working out of the strong. Which of these categories we belong, depend solely on us and events and environment we produce. Fear is the door to new level. Fear itself cannot harm us, but can attract what we are afraid of. Set us up for resonance of the destructive timeline, and those, who want to ride it into their future, depriving others of choice freedom. There is and always will be a choice. Nothing is predetermined; everything is allowed and depends ONLY on us. Don’t let anyone dissuade you from this.

Could the predictions about the July 17 disaster come true? Absolutely not, and DNI in Lessons, Part 3, explained why. The Galactic Committee will stop any nuclear provocations, and Power Pyramid knows it very well. The same applies to other staged global upheavals. Society will storm, as usual, but this is part of our lesson on maturity and self-loyalty.

Even if Edgar Cayce lived today, he would not be able to forecast the events of tomorrow. The old timelines, which in his epoch were visible to him and could be described with relative accuracy, today, as noted above, overlap each other, change every second or collapse after another powerful (up to 500Hz and higher) Schumann Resonance jumps. The accumulated tension in space had to be discharged, and Co-Creators did it, helping us to adapt to high freqs.

No predictions are possible now. There are no exact dates – only PROBABILITIES, vectors of attraction, points in space, magnetized by the attention of the masses, in which Darks seek to impose their scenario at our expense. Any attempt to predict tomorrow is programming of our consciousness and is carried out solely for the purpose of indoctrination.

Any predictor, promoting the end of the world, Event, Flash, or fateful dates, works on and supports 3D System, in which there is no free will and choice freedom. Many generate an illusory reality for capture attention to them, whipping up panic. The bigger is hype, the more energy, and higher probability that concrete timeline actually will happen. We must not accept the reality imposed on us. Better, take our attention away from any such crap, whether it’s July 17 or other “magic” digits.

In multidimensional reality, there are no unambiguous outcomes until a critical mass of Souls takes them as an inevitable given and agrees with it. Feeding the predictions of Armageddon with our attention, we agree with them and fit into our reality, Subtle Bodies and DNA. This is exactly what Darks, the main beneficiaries of this epic, are trying to do – to force us to digest their agenda at face value.

Their medicine works on the same principle, considering our body stupid, defenseless and requiring chemistry to maintain health. As long as we agree with the diagnosis, we are sick more and more, because there will always be new ailments that we haven’t even heard about, and b/c they are invented every day. At the same time, a huge amount of population stopped going to the doctors and … oh Almighty God … never gets sick whatsoever!

But majority of us is still sick right now. Sick with fear, separation, pain, the syndromes of illusionary victimity and dependency on System… All this is just the result of years of brainwashing, which we can and should get rid of. And then, we’ll stop being sick in every sense. We have been going to this point for many years. Generations have succeeded one another to show us our evolutionary path through the expansion of consciousness and the recall of our cosmic multidimensional essence. And now, we are on the threshold of that transition to a new state.

Yes, we will be stormed and beaten on many fronts – from family relations to geopolitics. This has long been an ordinary and habitual thing, which should not be paid attention to if we want banal preserve our health. Focus on self and loved ones. Draw own conclusions. Keep an eye on info field and those who form it. We either choose our timeline ourselves, or it is chosen for us.

Realize that we have nothing to fear. Make a choice towards constructive events, thoughts, deeds and feelings. And we’ll see that the most terrible fears and cataclysms flow around us, as the Solar winds flow around the ships of our Stellar civilizations that have sent their representatives here from all over the Universe to undergo this experience. An experience, in which the caterpillars of our Souls sleeping in cocoons, spread their multidimensional wings and open their eyes to their power bursting from within.

The Apocalypse is not the “end of the world.” This is the lifting of the Veil, scheduled for our main timeline. Stay on it, and everything will be fine and nothing else. Show an unconditional intention to live your way in joy and harmony, take your attention away from destructive vectors. Thus, our pure intention without conditions will help us to return to our Path and our Soul and Spirit – to One. Only those, who create our events, can rewrite them, that is, WE ourselves. Let’s remember it.

And a scoop as follow-up to the topic… On July 18 at 04:45 PM CET, came a new update on the Al-Terra-Gaia’s decisions. The day before, She activated the Doomsday Protocol, a mechanism that exists in each planetary Logos. This is a system of its self-defense and survival in case of a death danger. In past civilizations, when entire humanity or its individual parts began to pose a threat to Earth’s existence, they were destroyed by the old planetary Logos. But Darks and Calladion, the Chief Programmer of 3D Matrix, plugged in it malware and forced to work in their way. That is why their Power Pyramid did everything it wanted.

Usually, during Kali Yuga and Cosmic Night, Co-Creators intentionally put this mechanisms into a limited functionality mode, but enough to keep going duality’s scenarios. Mindful of past lessons, Al-Terra-Gaia has developed its evolution program. Ironically, or due to other factors, it was codenamed the Black Swan Protocol. Hello to Nassim Nicholas Taleb…

Her Black Swan’s version provides for the possibility of localized liquidation of certain parts of the land by Earth’s Logos. For example, by powerful earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, floods…. On the night of July 17, 2023, Al-Terra-Gaia activated the Protocol, bringing it to combat readiness. She also gave the Access Codes of the Black Swan software to two Logos – of the Light Pole and of collective Lightwarriors’ ground team, thus giving the most serious warning to those who don’t learn lessons.

**By Lev