How to Be a Better Channel; Three Practices to Try

These three things I am about to share are practices that I do regularly that allow me to channel advanced content from star races, ascended masters, Sophia God, my soul and so on.


Most of us doubt ourselves and our ability to channel. This is the biggest block for our intuitive, psychic and channelling abilities.

I even still doubt my channelling abilities at times, even though I am an advanced psychic and have been channelling my soul, my High Council, many other beings and Source for myself and clients for years.

As soon as I catch my human doing that, I catch it. I consciously catch my human experiencing self-doubt and choose to stop.

The only way to bring our shadows to the light is by doing the inner work.

By doing the inner work we unravel our belief system, heal past trauma and harmonise our nervous system.

And always say to yourself:

“I am a powerful channel”

Make this your mantra, because it is true! We are always channelling; it’s just we are not always conscious of it.


The breath is everything! Our breath is what allows us to connect and activate our pranic body, Ka Body or energetic body.

Our energetic body is what creates our physical body and not the other way around.

When we breathe consciously, we relax the mind. We open the heart; we harmonise our nervous system and we call in presence.

I do not try to access information out there; it comes from within. Many aspiring channels try to connect outside of themselves first. However, when we do this we fragment our psyche, deplete ourselves of energy and tap into a distorted ego around imagination.

When you reach a level of pure presence, you will know exactly how it feels in your body when you start channelling certain frequencies.


Instead of trying to connect to an Arcturian, a Pleiadian, an ascended master or an angel, connect with your own soul first.

Our soul knows us better than any other being in the universe. This is because our soul IS our angel.

You are your own protection and you are your own master.

Once you reside in that knowledge with humility and clarity it changes everything. When we meet ascended masters and star races from this place, we meet them as equals and not from an inflated ego.

Once we can reside in full soul alignment and in pure presence we can channel our own information, from our own soul with is the most profound information of all.

Let me know if these tips to become a better channel helped you! Perhaps they are a little different to what you may have expected 😉

With divine love,



5 Replies to “How to Be a Better Channel; Three Practices to Try”

  1. John

    Funny story: my thoughts about channeling could once be expressed quite similarly to the replies seen here – which I still respect.

    One fateful day I realized those were not actually my thoughts, but the thoughts of something in/through me that was very scared of losing it’s fragile sense of identity.

    Regardless of how much you can relate to such experience, it might be wise to consider that the real choice is not about whether or not to be a channel, but what you’ll be a channel for.

  2. Scroogle McDuck

    Did Brother J or either of the Buddhas channel? No. Neither should you. Better to meditate with SOURCE than allow some *thing* from who knows where, pretending to be a benevolent ET, control you. Learn circumspection and protection before diving into blind channeling.

  3. Z for....

    Thank you but I am not interested in receiving voices in my head from unknowns designed to lead me or others to think or act a certain way.

    I am focussing on the here and now relating to what “actions” I can take to help others. I am also focussed on emPOWERing others to think for themselves.

    If ETs or other life forms want to help they can stop this insanity immediately and quit with the bogus excuse of “non-interference”, since channelling and leading others IS interference. If they are more expert than us, they can incarnate here themselves.