The Ancient Ones: Ripples

We Ancient Ones speak. We draw near to your troubled planet of blue waters. We see the ripples that extend from your light that touch the whole. We are grandmothers, grandfathers, yet we are genderless. We show ourselves to you now in fluid light as the ancients of old returned. We are within your sphere of influences, for you have great influence that perhaps you do not yet see or realize, but we do. All watching you do. We see you in your greatness and glory. Human glory is nothing to the glory of the Almighty Source beings that you are. You do not see  this.

We Ancient Ones speak with love and tenderness, with strength and courage. You are weary. Yet you are light. Light is lightweight, is it not? It is not heavy, it is not a drudgery to carry a light load. Light and light in this language have tremendous interplay.  Many of your words lost their original vibration, their intention shifting like sands over the eons of times, the break-ups of cultures and the tumbling of others into the sea. We have seen your Atlantis, your Lumeria, your Mu. We have seen the Ancient Ones embodied now in spirit, together, one. Many of you are us and you will feel a kinship with us, this energy signature that feels a little bit like home. It is because it is. We of the Elohim lineage are the undercurrent of change that our embodied ones feel in this now. We feel you. You feel us. We are the same. We are family. You miss your family. This one thinks about her soul family, her planetary family, her galactic family. Why differentiate, we ask. Why differentiate at all when we are all family, when we are all one.

It is of course because of the human spirit, the human mind, the ego structure that tries to understand and feel the ‘I’ within the all. It is part of the individual experience of light within a body, of a soul within a pair of shoes, as you go exploring with only your eyes to see what you can see and experience as an individuation of the One.

Yes we are excited for you, other aspects of us, to realize that family is surrounding you everywhere in every moment. You wonder of your twins, your families. You wonder of reunions and reuniting with your beloved ones who are but a breath away that you cannot yet see. But perhaps you can feel. Perhaps you can feel us near. Are you seeing flickerings of angel wings around you? Your soul family surrounds you all around your physical forms. We do not wish to startle or alarm, but you are very much surrounded in light and you are not alone.

You feel alone within this human embodiment, this embarking of the individual into the cosmos. A soul in a suitcase on a journey. Yet the journey is all of us interacting, reuniting, divorcing, playing, discovering, learning. And this chapter of learning of the great era of earth is complete. The Elohim never intended for the degree of darkness that has occurred. Heaven could not fathom it. Earth was truly the abyss of light in many ways. And yet this absence of light called more light to come.

And we came. And you came. Light experiencing itself in the tumults of space, of dark, of light and dark interplay. And it is a glorious orgasm of light that awaits, dear ones, you are glorious in your victory. Every time you choose love and light in your daily interactions, when you choose a kind word over a harsh criticism, the light advances further. And your hearts open up a little more on your planet. And the ripples spread further, and the blue waters ripple with more light. (I am seeing shimmering blue waters and feeling them laughing). The water is alive, galaxygirl. Just as your animals and plants hold consciousness of course your water holds consciousness as well. Work with the water. Just as you work with the light. Water bends light to enhance its travels into the depths. All work together.

We Ancient Ones are returned. We are you, many of us, fractals of us, of the original creators of this project to ensure its transition is smooth into the light. Continue making your beautiful ripples of light. Continue keeping your hearts open. In the days to come many will wish to close their eyes and close their hearts. Closed fists cannot grasp the open hands beside them. Keep yourselves open to absorb the love, light and friendship that is all around.

We Elohim see. We Ancient Ones know. We are older than your time can explain. We are. We have always been. We are the Ancient Ones, returned. Feel our love for you and be at peace. Feel the family codes streaming in, upgrading the hope within you into joyful expectation of great things to come. Feel the light body within you stretch just a bit more, expanding into more of yourself. It is time. We see you. We are you. We love you. We are the Ancient Ones.

**Channel: Galaxygirl

4 Replies to “The Ancient Ones: Ripples”

  1. Scroogle McDuck

    We are already Light, folks. You are simply asleep in SOURCE right now, dreaming this dream. None of this is real. So wake up. Tear down the wall (that you put up) between you and SOURCE. Give your mind to God, your will to God and make a better choice. Ask Brother J to help you.