Freemasons are Collecting DNA and Biometric Data of Children for Tracking Purposes

By Patrick Webb

According to Wikipedia, North American Masonic lodges have created the Masonic Child Identification Programs (CHIP) as a charitable endeavor to help locate and identify missing children. The Grand Lodge provides financial assistance for CHIP programs, which are run by volunteers from lower-level lodges and are manned by law enforcement and dentistry professionals.

The CHIP programs give parents the option to free-of-charge assemble an identification kit for their child. The kit includes a tooth impression card, a DNA sample, a VHS video, computer disk, or DVD of the child, a fingerprint card, and a physical description of the child. In the event that a kid is reported missing, the kit’s goal is to give the general public and law authorities access to vital information. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has praised the initiative.

In addition to a video recording the child’s appearance and voice, the VHS tape or DVD contains information specific to the child’s age group that can help locate kids who might be missing for causes other than abduction.

State and local law enforcement organizations have used the Masonic Child ID Program as their example for creating this service. Masonic CHIP differs from other programs in that municipal and police enforcement organizations often enter all information they get, including fingerprints, into a database.

The Masonic Child ID Program claims they maintain strong confidentiality, and after writing the DVD data, all information on portable computers is deleted from the systems. In order to get a replacement DVD or VHS tape, a parent or legal representative must go to another Masonic Child ID event.

Here is a screenshot from the GACHiP website:

The program claims they want:

  • Full color digital photographs showing various poses of the child: These color photographs can be circulated by the police to the media in the case of abduction and can be used in the Amber Alert Program.
  • A complete set of digital fingerprints: Everyone’s fingerprints are unique and are a well-known tool for recovery, investigation, and identification.
    • DNA and Scent: The swift recovery of a missing person can be aided by tracking dogs.
    • Information about the child including: Distinguishing features such as hair and eye color, scars, etc. The disk will also contain contact information for parents or guardians.
      All of the identifying information collected at the event about the child is given to the child’s family. The GACHIP program retains only the permission slip that must be signed prior to participation in the event. AII other data is permanently erased after the child’s document is prepared.

    Here’s a link to the official website:


4 Replies to “Freemasons are Collecting DNA and Biometric Data of Children for Tracking Purposes”

  1. Gellert

    The current generation of children are the next generation Starseeds, who are likely to have already upgraded DNA over and above humanity’s meagre two-strand DNA. They will become an existential threat to the cabal/deep state’s control of Gaia, so is it any wonder that the Freemasons are now embarking on this endeavour which, on the surface, appears to be beneficial to law enforcement if a child was to go missing but in reality has a much more sinister undertone. It would allow them to identify who these next generation Starseeds are and target them.

    Everything they do is for THEIR benefit, not ours. Question everything.

  2. Mick

    From what alt. media claim we sseem to be way behind the 8 ball when it comes to what they have been doing. If that is the case, they have prob. already collected everyones DNA from birth and any time we’ve ever had a blood test. We’ve learnt the lack of ethics in certain fields and how deeply they have infiltrated systems. Then there’s the geneology databases.

    I’m not getting attached to any of the scare tactics. What I would like to know is “their” story. The real one they discuss behind closed doors that we never hear. If I knew both sides I could have a better understanding and assess fairly. So many so-called truthers telling their versions and that’s really all we get. How do we know they are accurate? I wonder if people have blown a lot of things way out of proportion and if somethings have been mis-understood and -interpreted.

    I hear and read of people wanting justice but how is it just to convict without the other side’s testimony and evidence.

    Someone has to play the Devil’s advocate and maintain an open mind without bias. That does not mean I support them, only I need more info. before I convict.

  3. Thia

    Have you deeply researched this program …from a masonic lodge? The cover for Cabal? “Amber alert” i believe I heard connected with Clinton foundation…collecting children’s DNA!! Really? Do u really want to be endorsing this?