The Higher Council: A Wonderful Juncture

Channel: Nadina Boun

You are at a wonderful time in your evolution, where science is confirming all these truths, we and many like us speak of. You already know these things, but some times, most of the times, you get caught up in what’s going on, in what you call reality. So we take this opportunity to remind you, of that which you already know.

You already know about the power of your own mind, about the power of suggestion and mind control. You already know about that voice within you that you call a conscience, that lets you know whether something you are doing is right, feels right or not. You already know there is no real death, that those who leave are still connected to you in some way, shape or form. You already know about the power of your own perception and beliefs, and how you make something true by believing it is true.

You already know there is nothing to fix but self, that the real questions are always directed the the self. You already know that nothing can really chain you, that you are born free, and that you are free at all times. You already know so much, and you are at a perfect time in your evolution to begin to put into practice that which you already know, that which science is proving to be true. Even science tells you, that you can re-wire your brain, that at the heart of everything you see is energy, that the mind is a powerful tool.

You have the answers, sometimes you need a little push. You already know all these things. We are not here to teach you anything new, only to remind you of that which you know is true, and begin to live that truth, begin to create that reality, to experience that truth for yourself, so you can have that joyful experience you came to have, so you can take yourself into the next level of evolution, where we will be standing there, ready to meet with you, and interact on a higher note, in a more pleasing, loving, joyful way. Always guiding you forward with love, with ease, with joy, for it is our love, ease and joy that we experience in the process.

We have enjoyed connecting with you again, and as always we remain, in complete, absolute joy.

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5 Replies to “The Higher Council: A Wonderful Juncture”

  1. the_complaint_department

    …and yet, here you stand, bravely warning your fellow humans not to have any faith or hope in what ‘they’ say. Does that bring you any joy?

    Since there is no god (or he he must be a psychopath), but there is some sort of ‘spirits’ that we have which ‘they’ enjoy breaking with these fables; I suppose you admit there must be some state of joy that opposes the misery you identify as your life.

    Is pointing out how happy people are just ignorant slaves in servitude the best you have to counter that misery?

  2. Christopher Sciacchitano

    Wow, Wise Words that pierced the heart of my soul in a meaningful way in a call to action. We need a new era of light workers in positions of power and politics to starts fixing the mistakes of humanity, return to a better means of living, to heal the soul of the planet and the soul of humanity.

  3. Vic

    Well I am so happy for you that you are in complete and utter joy, it must be wonderful. I can’t say I’ve never experienced it on this sess pit of a planet. Glad you are enjoying the show of our misery.

    I am so over those who go on about how much power we have, how we are free and can achieve anything. It is absolute lies. If it were true believe me I’d have achieved it as I don’t know anyone that has tried and put as much effort in as me. Plus, every day of my life I’ve asked to leave this Hell hole but can’t even achieve death. Meanwhile many around me die effortlessly. I’ve always said if tere is a God he must be a psychopath, this life is a wrped sick joke at our expenses and for their amusement.

    What I do see is those going with the flow and accepting their states of servitude in blissful ignorance are the happy ones. That tells me a lot: Do as your told by the slave masters and get rewarded, don’t comply and they’ll do everything in their power to break you.

    It’s all mind games. They give us false hope so we are continually disappointed, i.e., they break our spirits!!!!

    There is zero proof of anything they say. I notice so many using the word “story’. And that’s exactly right: a fable.