All Around Update by James Gillialnd

By James Gilliland

Well lets see how much trouble we can get into.

Looks like the Bidens have given the White House a whole new meaning. Get it white house? Might as well call it the crack house or China town. Little tip, don’t discard your drug baggies in the west wing there are cameras all over the place and those baggies are great for lifting finger prints. Another little tip stop putting all the enforcement agencies in compromising positions it will eventually back fire on you due to impeccable integrity attacks within the staff.

Also Joe the war we are illegally involved in to protect your deep state assets is in the Ukraine not Iraq. That illegal war in Iraq we were deceptively dragged into was under a different administration at a different time. This is July 2023, little quick reminder, put that in your day planner let your handlers know. Might want to let it slip out this is not the first time Americans have been lied to and pulled into war.

Hunter Bidens lawyers have sent a cease and desist letter to Trump, no more telling the truth or illuding to the truth. I bet that letter rode the whirlpool on its way out to the ocean. Trump should frame all the indictments or send them back as Christmas cards to the lawyers in the future. Most will have jail cell addresses as was the fate of other lawyers trying to take down Trump. Let’s see if they have any skeletons in their closets. By the way there was no evidence to prove intent concerning the January 6th set up falsely labeled as an insurrection. In Trump stated clearly to peacefully gather and respect law enforcement. The right to protest is one of those pesky constitutional rights in the way of the corporate dictorial democracy, the banana republic created by the present administration.

Recently Biden has become a hot potato with leprosy to most democrats. Some polls are giving him a gracious 20% approval rating which is now the same percentage of the mentally ill in Amercia. The mentally ill just haven’t been told yet. Might want to look up cognitive dissonance as well as participating in your own enslavement and eventual demise due to the plans of the NWO and WEF pulling the strings of your present administration. Kamala in a speech just said we will have clean air and water after the depopulation. Democrats actually think that does not include them.

A new poll states over 80% of the people no longer trust the FBI or the DOJ.

Pelosi’s nephew Gaven Gruesome is eyeing the office of the president. He wants the rest of the country to look like California. His motto is a tent city on every street. He wants dodge the needle and sidewalk poo games to be added to the Olympics along with the half meter race to catch criminals. There are actually laws forbidding police to chase criminals.

Ever wonder why all the floods in California? Might be a message in there. Ever hear about Sodom and Gamora, your getting real close. Newsome also wants a nationwide ban on all gasoline engines making China rich building batteries and strip-mining the rest of the planet to save the environment. Don’t worry we can fill in all the mines with used toxic batteries. On the flip side traffic jams will be a thing of the past because the grid can’t handle the load of charging all the new electric vehicles and the people can’t afford to replace their batteries. Brown outs to be expected.

Looks like the chef for the Obamas ended up dead with blunt head trauma found floating in their pond. Seems like being chefs for Clintons or Obamas is a short-lived profession. Wonder what they saw?

Is it just me or is it mega narcissism to keep a smile and straight face while trying to paint a total fail as a success story. Its like putting lipstick on a pig and saying its Merlyn Monroe. Sad thing is there are some people who are critical thinking research and morally impaired that will believe the democrats and rinos no matter what they say. As Hilary said keep them poor, sick, stupid and dependent. Seems to be the party line. By the way taxpayers are paying for all the free rides not the administration.

Liberals are showing up at school board meetings virtue signaling, screaming like they are giving birth to a clawed demon demanding critical race theory be reinstated supporting the grooming and gender mutilation of our children. Speaking of which, hats off to Ron DeSantis when confronted by the rainbow coalition he told Biden hands off the children. He also told the protestors this means you as well leave our children alone. Sounds like a Moody blues song. Time for a remix.

Speaking of music, Kristy Noem praised country music star Jason Aldean for his new song, “Try that in a small town” going as far as offering the Governor’s mansion as a potential concert venue

Speaking of children critics, shills, trolls, luciferians and pedophiles are all joining together to stop the Sound of Freedom as well as assassinate the characters of Mel Gibson, Jim Cavekiel, Tim Ballard and company. Hollywood is in an uproar claiming the moral high ground. How dare they interfere in their porn, child and sex trafficking. Interfere in their overlords the WEF’s desire to make pedophilia legal. Due to supply and demand, it’s breaking their bank. Any idea how much sex slaves and adrenochrome costs now days if you can get it at all. Watch the lame stream news anchors, magazines, and actors fully establish their characters and moral depravity on this one. Moral degeneration is one of the tools used to enslave and destroy a country by the global elite. It is in full swing.

CNN says don’t watch it and Amazon and Netflix wont air it. Imagine that. Doesn’t Obama hold major shares in Netflix? No more hotdog and pizza parties if Sound of Freedom goes viral. Let’s make it happen folks and stop with the character bashing these people put their lives on the line.

A question that is like garlic to a vampire is, “So you support the child sacrifice and sex trafficking? How about genital mutilation on children? Have you seen the verified statistics concerning missing children?” That gets their panties in a twist real fast and shuts down the argument immediately.

Speaking of How dare you our New World Order WEF champion Gretta Thunberg paid a visit on one of her private jets to the actor, porn star, comedian, Nazi and president of Ukraine Zelensky to give her total support for weaponized bio labs, child and sex trafficking, cluster bombs, the use of depleted uranium and continuing in an already lost war. Jumping on the bandwagon must fight down to the last Ukrainian. Maybe she should stand on the front lines after all she is twenty two + not an innocent little girl.

John Kerry our climate czar after denying he has a private jet is demanding the average person to reduce their carbon footprint to below 6000 pounds. His family carbon footprint is 325 cubic tons. Joe Biden just took a private jet and paraded around Canada in a convoy of SUVs, police escorts, ambulances to show support for his climate change depopulation smart city agendas.

Might want to rethink the 15 minute smart cities. A man was driving his car and his smart phone picked up communication it felt to be racist so it locked him out of his house. With the globalists 15 minute smart cities and the digital currency they will control every aspect of your life. The WHO has created treaties that will allow them through their Global Censorship Apparatus to censor anyone that challenges the official narrative. They want to create an economic and an environmental shock to drive people into their 15 minute smart cities and get people to sign away their freedoms.

The Quebec fires were all started simultaneously wow that fits right in to the environmental shock program imagine that.

Okay folks time for the disclaimer, this is comedy for entertainment purposes only, not to be taken as the obvious truth. We are not necessarily in agreement with the opinions given on this show and are not to be held accountable. Just like the past Greer disclosure movements this is entertainment only.

Back to the news. August is the launch of Brics, gold and asset based currency said to topple the petroleum backed dollar. Brazil, Russia, India, China and a host of other countries including some states in the US, 27 and counting are hopping on board. Might want to look into that. Always a good idea to have land, turn it into a food bank and find a fresh water source.

The RV is supposed to have been launched on Tuesday, seems to be a decade of Tuesdays have gone by. Like the blind man/woman he she they said we will see. Don’t want to get sued by California for getting the gender wrong concerning blind person. I do however believe Gesara/Nesara is in place as well as the quantum financial system. We are just waiting for the military to flip the switch. All civilian methods to restore the Republic have failed. Lots of planes flying to Gitmo.

The disclosure movement has fallen on its face again, 70 years of posers, shills and planned opposition screaming at politicians and the military to come clean. It is what Einstein called insanity, doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. For those who have not figured it out yet, it is a kabuki theater controlled narrative.

Looks like some new blood is coming on the disclosure scene totally disconnected to the old disclosure movement having nothing to do with Greer and company. David Grusch who has worked in the National Geospacial Intelligence Agency and the National Reconnaissance Office has gone public. He also worked with the Federal Governments Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force. You know those agencies that don’t exist because the government has no interest in UFOs.

David is aware of evidence of landed and crashed ships, bodies dead and alive, agreements with off world civilizations as well as successful back engineering programs. We believe he is with the white hats and will not succumb to the controlled narrative. Time will tell. Hopefully we can get this put to bed so we can reunite with the Spiritually and Technologically Advanced off worlders some of which are our ancient ancestors returning. We can then quit with the ozone burning rocket side show and get on with the anti/counter gravity and free energy we developed in the 60’s. Oops did I say that out loud. Germans had it in the 30’s. Didn’t the head of Lockheed say we have the technology to take ET home? Expect more white hats to come forward concerning disclosure but use discernment.

This just in, Pfizer building was destroyed by a tornado in North Carolina 50,000 pallets of medicine destroyed. Act of God or do the white hats control HAARP. Expect zombie fish having heart attacks when it gets into the water supply.

This next topic needs to be addressed. It is the origin of many new age beliefs. MK Ultra, the CIA and other think tanks involved in social engineering created many of the beliefs in new age teachings.

It is a form of mind control. There are three premises I would like to address. One is it is all an illusion, the physical is unimportant. Two evil does not exist, if you see evil it is within you so do not act or say something because if you do your not enlightened. Three addressing evil is duality thinking also showing a very low level of spirituality. All three premises are based on denial, there is nothing spiritual about denial and your avoiding personal responsibility by not doing your part. If everything is an illusion take a run at a great tree then get back to me. What happens in the physical world determines your hereafter. If evil only exists in my mind then why did evil exist before I was born and most likely after I die? Three denying evil and not saying something, taking action and setting boundaries is why evil persists. The goal of these beliefs is to allow evil to go unchecked. Duality thinking is believing your separate from and above other people, places and events you deem or judge to not be spiritual. Enlightenment means to be in knowledge of. The good, bad, light, dark, universal law and actions outside of universal law. Words without deeds are dead. Living in denial of evil is living a half truth. Judging people who recognize evil, address it and take action is spiritual ego or a decision based on fear. There is positive/negative, Yin/Yang, dark/light evil is in a class by itself. It is actions against universal law out of balance that bring harm to others or life in general. If we are part of the planetary liberation then what are we being liberated from? If you do not recognize evil then how can you claim to be a part of the planetary liberation, the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth. This is base logic. If you smugly judge those addressing evil and doing the work then who are you working for? MK Ultra, the CIA, other socially engineering think tanks? Or some other unseen malevolent force allowed in willingly or in ignorance. Who benefits from denying evil exists and not addressing evil or taking action other than Evil. It’s a no brainer. Anyone in the UFO or Spiritual community that denies evil, miscreation or other entities acting outside of Universal Law is not enlightened, they are in denial.

It is time to end the denial. To those who do spiritual healing or gatherings It is the height of irresponsibility and dangerous to not create sacred space and clear these malevolent influences before opening people up to other realms or dimensions. Just because your dead does not mean your enlightened and just because you’re an ET does not mean you are benevolent.

The bottom line is no matter what color, culture, religion or gender ask yourself with brutal honesty am I creating heaven on Earth. Am I acting within Universal Law.

Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for all is Universal Law. Helping the less fortunate to rise to their highest potential in service to Humanity and the Earth is the walk? Might want to ask all political, religious and business institutions the same questions. The greed, lust for power and wealth at the expense of others and nature does not fare well in your light review.

James Gilliland

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14 Replies to “All Around Update by James Gillialnd”

  1. Linda Rosa

    Thank you James. I believe you are correct.

    I have no familiarity with ascended masters but do know that the Bible is against necromancy as this practice attempts to contact spirits of the dead and dabbles in black magic, also not permitted. God warns us we could be inviting demons pretending to be ascended masters, into our lives. They are dark, evil entities wanting to enter our minds. You have to invite them in with your free will. I say, listen to God and stay away.

  2. John

    I think you went a bit overboard with your reasoning. The new age movement was indeed infiltrated by darkness (like most institutions in the world), but it was not created by it.
    Misquoting premises to further agendas is no more a form of mind control than the text we are typing here, it has been done to every eminent light bringer in this world.
    Real transcendence is not fear nor denial, it is actually the opposite of those things. I say, don’t throw away the baby with the dirty bath water: half-truths are more insidious than full lies.

  3. Dana Francesca

    None of our high-plane Galactic or Celestial guides speak like that – why would a site called Era of Light post such commentary?

    We’re here to raise the vibration on earth, and beings like Archangel Michael show us how to be warriors for Truth by wielding a sword of Light against the dark, not use insult and slander like they do. Otherwise, what’s the difference between us and the darkness we’re battling?

    1. John

      Because an Era of Light is not lived only in the high-plane, because this site is not about how people speak, it’s about what they have to say.

      Yeah, this post clearly ain’t getting a prize for it’s inclusiveness or even comprehension of opposing views, but neither will those so quick to dismiss it!

      As for your second question; I really hope you can figure that one out before the battle ends, in the meantime can’t you aim that light thingy somewhere else?

  4. Anonymous Innocent Victim

    Complete garbage and whoever wrote that drivel does not deserve to be among The Living! This website should be ddossed if it continues to post this cryptic garbage!

    1. Gordon Jackson

      Actually James Gilliland is one of the very few genuine, honest people on this website. Almost everyone else is a fake.

  5. Lara

    Well done for addressing the concept of evil, that “pesky” elephant in the room that so many lightworkers try to deny. Thank you, James. I’ve long discerned it as MK Ultra “groovy New Age” programming.