One Who Serves: What the Future Holds

Channel: James McConnell

Om, mani, padme, hum; om, mani, padme, hum; hum, hum. Greetings to you! One Who Serves here, minus Shoshanna at this point. She has stepped out, or we would say JoAnna has stepped out. So it is we, the One Who Serves, who will answer your questions if you have them. Would you have any questions here for One Who Serves?

Guest: I have a question.

OWS: Yes?

Guest: Actually, it’s a two-part question about med-beds. I have been talking talking, chatting with a person on Telegram. Her name is Skye Prince. She has some sort of channel. I just want to know if what she is saying, she is talking about the true alien med-beds. And Also No. 2, or Part B is, do the white Hats have the ability to use med-beds if they need them?

OWS: We will tell you that the idea of med-beds is coming into the forefront more and more. More are hearing about it. And in the hearing about it, you are creating it coming into being. More and more of you are talking about it. You are creating it into bringing it into being. Now the ones that are available now at this time are not the ones that come from your E.T. friends, brothers and sisters, not yet. But it is the precursor of it. The movement from the old medical model into working with frequency and consciousness, and sound and color, and all of these things that will bring about the new level of consciousness for healing, not for simply working with the symptoms, and then once one is working with the symptoms, it leads them to needing more and more medical assistance in terms of your various drugs and these types of things. So as one gets sicker, and sicker, and sicker, they need more and more drugs, and they bring out new drugs that one more sick, and all of these things that have been happening with your pharmaceutical companies. That is coming more and more to an end here. It will take a little bit of time, but it is coming. And the advent of med-beds, and the movement from what are considered med-beds to the crystalline chambers, crystalline healing chambers, that is coming. But it will take a movement of consciousness to the point where those of your brothers and sisters from the skies can reveal themselves, that is when you will have the true healing chambers that are coming from those of your brothers and sisters from the skies. Okay?

And the first part of your question, though, the one that is bringing this out is just a precursor. It is not the real med-beds yet. It is just the beginnings of it. Okay?

Guest: She said she actually used them already on other planets.

OWS: You can look at that as what someone is saying as real, or you can search within yourself and understand how it resonates within you. That is what we would say here. Does it resonate? Does it feel right? Or is it something with someone that is simply a flight of fancy here?

Guest: I don’t believe it, so thank you.

OWS: Yes. It is coming, but not quite yet. Would there be other questions here?

Guest: yes, I have a question.

OWS: Yes.

Guest: How imperative is it to be a vegetarian before the ascension?

OWS: We do not understand the first part of that question.

Guest: How imperative is it to become a vegetarian before the ascension?

OWS: It is all about consciousness. And if one feels like they need to move away from the ingesting of physical flesh, and all of this, because their consciousness is calling for it, then indeed you would do so. But if it is the consciousness that is saying, well, it is not quite so bad at this point, as long as you are imbibing with those things that are organic and this nature, more locally grown in terms of vegetables, and fruits, and all of these things, as well as that of the animals that are ingested here locally would be the best always. But again, it is all about consciousness, and frequency change within consciousness. So simply ask yourself. Ask within yourself. Rather than ask another, such as us, ask within yourself, and you will receive an answer as to what is right or not so right for you at this time. Okay?

Guest: Thank you very much.

OWS: Would there be any other questions here?

Guest: I have a question related to the one just asked. Could you give us some guidance as to how to purify food if we cannot always buy organic, or if we wish to raise the vibration of the foods that we have, or that was purchased in cans and boxes, and things like that. Could you give us some guidance there please? Thank you.

OWS: We can tell you that simply with your intention you can purify anything, even such as a thing that would be considered poison. What we are saying here is that when one has a high enough consciousness, they can be, for instance, bit by a rattlesnake, and if they do not believe that the poison will affect them because their consciousness is high enough to believe that, then it will not affect them. You see?

It is even the same as putting your hand in a flame; if you do not believe that it will burn, it will not.

So it is the same with the foods, and the waters, and all of these things that you take into your body. It is a belief process.

Now remember, believing is seeing. So when you fully come to that understanding, and that level of consciousness, it does not matter what you take into your body, because you can transmute it before it comes in. Okay?

As to a direct way of doing that, we are saying that that will come to you when you have raised your believe system and your consciousness along with it. Then you will know exactly what to do and how to do it as it comes. The question is: are you ready for that now? Okay?

Guest: Thank you very much.

OWS: Would there be any further questions here?

Guest: Yes.

OWS: We take one more question, and then we need to release channel.

Guest: Yes, okay. Several years ago, on the January 6 timeframe, it was unfathomable to me to think that we would actually have to trudge through to another election, but we have, with the Deep State in charge. Now it looks like we may need to do that. We may be heading into that direction. But can you give us a ray of hope that there is something or things powerfully happening behind the scenes to be sure that the election does not get stolen again, and that we do not have another four years, because it is very difficult to contemplate another, even when we make it through to this election and another four years. So can you give us any hope in that matter of that?

OWS: We will give this in simply six words: the White Hats are in charge.

Guest: Okay. So I’m hoping we are not going to have to deal with another four years, then?

OWS: Not to suffer a great deal with those simple six words. That should tell you what is coming here.

Guest: Okay. Thank you.

OWS: Yes. We need to release channel here.

Just simply continue to go about your daily activity activities, but do so with a higher level of consciousness as you do it. Raise your frequency vibration whenever you think about it; simply do it. Of a better tool that you need to do it, just do it. And you will find that as you continue to do that, then those moments of despair, of dis consolation, of depression, and of these things that you used o have, and would wallow in misery will fade away much quicker as you do this. And you will find that you are not slipping back into those deeper, lower levels of consciousness very often here.

OWS: Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

6 Replies to “One Who Serves: What the Future Holds”

  1. Fernano

    I’m of the same mindset as you Arthur.

    Unfotunately, it has taken too long. This plan was orchestrated years ago and only recently white hats decide to do something? I ask why was it left so late, why did it have to go this far? Basic things can be done that would make a significant difference, like shutting down MSM but we see no evidence of anything at all. Not even in the simplest form, just words. Well I don’t trust words, humans are synonymous for lying. All they need to do is show us one teeny bit of evidence that they are there but … [crickets].

    I do not believe it is to wait for others to wake up. It is as easy as who has a good heart and who doesn’t, that is how ascention should be determined. Most don’t wake up unless it affects them personally, you know what that would mean: more chaos, destruction and suffering in order to affect them so they realise. Is that what a “white” hat would allow?

    When I was a child I had reocurring nightmares of the sea rising up and taking us … Then as an adult (before it became obvious to many what is going on) I kept saying people have become so bad that if there is a God it would be time for him to wipe them all out again. It’s gone beyond fixing and there are too many that have lost their way.

    I have been told by someone not of this world, but was of this world, that we will not shift through the dimensional ascencion process, there will be a natural event. I tend to think a solar flash. But, since the Earth and atmosphere are still being corroded and most people still aren’t caring about their impact, there is likely to be a cause and effect reaction. Something has got to give.

    Higher conciousness beings, such as, the sun or Earth will likely decide enough is enough.

    1. the_complaint_department

      Yes… oh if only white hats did more than their words. If only they could perceive how much depends on them! But instead of using their power, they choose to wait for some kind of response from those who they claim should be responsible for everything… and those remain helplessly asleep, despite their good hearts.
      I wonder if there is anything we can do to help them realize the truth!

  2. Lilas

    The “med” chairs in Mount Shasta keeps you young and
    We don’t need the medbeds from Taygeta.

    Read:The magic precence(St.Germain),
    by Godfre Ray King.

  3. Arthur

    “We will give this in simply six words: the White Hats are in charge.”-
    But if this “charge” crushes the White Hats? Who’s next after them?

    1. Emma

      Charge means rule.
      The white hats are the rulers right now.

      Charge are in this sentence not meant as an attack they might lose.

      The White hats has already won, and are ruling, while the majority wakes up. That we the ….. lets say 20% are awake is not enough, so they have chosen a “controlled demolision”. They control it.

      The White hats are not only mortal humans.

      1. Arthur

        The White Hats were supposed to remove the Illuminati from power back in September – November last year. But they did nothing.
        On this reason they were shown a black mark from alien curators at the end of last year. So they became the Gray Hats. If they drag out their part of the work, it will lead to a climate catastrophe. Their work will be taken over by the planet Earth. And that means catastrophic floods, eruptions, earthquakes, especially in the US, Canada, Australia and Europe. Thus, Atlantis and Lemuria and other fallen civilizations perished.
        That’s why I’m asking if there is anyone else in their place, otherwise, delaying their work will lead to the complete collapse of Western civilization.