The Masculine and Feminine Energies and Balance

Greetings friends! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj.

There is a war that’s been going on for thousands of years on Earth, since the fall of Atlantis. This is not the light verses the dark. It is a war, which has only grown more chaotic due to media programming of the West in particular.

This is the war created by design, as all others have been. For it greatly sustains the demonic entity rulers of the Earthbound puppets.

There is one thing which helps the dark entities of the astral thrive. Most do not know this, even though it is the talk of the online community on a daily basis. It is just talk, two sides throwing blame at each other, thinking one is better than the other. Thinking one is somehow more special than the other. There is almost zero true effort in trying to understand how this particular issue has come to this point.

This would be the feminine and masculine energies, man and woman hating each other. This creates a type of a “nectar” energy for the dark elites and demonic entities on the astral plane, as your own light dims. They have done and continue to do everything they can to create more division between the two equally sacred energies.

The dark has wanted nothing more than to destroy the divine nature of the human being. To reach at the core and not extinguish, but seek to dim and control the little spark which remains within the heart, and use that to further their agendas.

Using energetical implants and other forms of programming to amplify the confusion and hate between the two energies, while promoting genital mutilation, transhumanism, and going after the purest at heart, the children.

In all of this, you, the so called awakened ones, have been contributing to their agenda quite nicely. It is understandable, for only an unhealed, suffering feminine would claim that “god” is a woman. And only an unhealed, suffering masculine would claim that “god” is a man. With limited perspectives, both failing to understand that the Divine Source is pure light, and above all of this. The insanity of trying to place Source Creator in a box. Much like what religion does.

From a higher perspective, of a being with a fully open heart, it is viewed clearly, the two energies, the two genders, are equally magnificent, and absolutely necessary for balance in the cosmos. All souls experience lifetimes as both genders. All contain both energies, the blue flame(masculine), the pink flame(feminine) in their heart center. When healing of lifetimes of traumas takes place, balance is restored within.

It is time to move forward, together, and seek to gain a deeper understanding of the issues, instead of placing yourself on a pedestal. Go within, breathe, observe, and try to understand the pains and traumas still present in your heart. You have to transmute it all, and make it clear to your Higher Self that you wish to do so, before you can truly grow and expand into the higher realities.

All the light to You!

6 Replies to “The Masculine and Feminine Energies and Balance”

  1. Scroogle McDuck

    There is no war. There is no masculine and feminine. There is God, Our Memory of God, and ONE. All duality is a construct, part of the Illusion. Angels are reflections of SOURCE, neither male, nor female. These are fairy tales people keep telling themselves. Instead of this distaction, work on healing the division in your mind. You are with SOURCE right now, but you think you are separate. You’re not.

  2. M.K

    It is obvious that God is not a person with a sex/gender. God is the Universe, the sum total of all that is. But it used to puzzle me why “someone” was working to create fear and division all the time, and I suppose that negative astral entities could be the answer as Kejraj writes here. My guess is, however, that this problem will be solved not so much by people becoming more balanced, but by the Earth raising its vibrations to the point where such astral entities can’t live here. After all, it takes a lot spiritually for people to rise above all the conflicts that are continually created….some can do it, but many cannot.

  3. Lilith

    I agree with that. Male and female antagonism and struggle make the darkness live longer. So is hatred between nations, between colors. But it is difficult to heal one’s male and female energies at the same time, and most humans have become unbalanced and more and more extreme.

    1. Kyrielle

      It’s not as difficult as you think to heal and balance those energies. You just need to understand what it is your masculine self needs and what your feminine self needs. Usually, what they each need can be satisfied in a particular activity that incorporates both. The trick is figuring all of that out in the first place. But I think that’s not all that tricky. What balances those energies is going to be what leaves you feeling satisfied in all ways.

      Example: My masculine self needs to express outward what the feminine self receives from Source. That can take any form, but it’s usually art or writing. The important part is what is received is pushed out of the body into reality. Seeing it in reality in front of my face makes the masculine self very satisfied. And the act of receiving the message to begin with makes the feminine self very satisfied.

      When they are in balance, my actual physical face is in balance. The left side and right side will hold a similar expression.

      Okay, yeah, seriously try this. Go look in the mirror and take a picture of your face. Copy the photo, and crop one photo to show only the left side. Crop the other photo to show only the right side. If you have the know-how, take each side into a photo editor and mirror that side so it makes a whole face. The left side will be your feminine self. The right side will be your masculine self. The expression on each will tell you how each is feeling. It is fascinating to do.