Daily Message for 7/29/2023

The divine plan is to uplift humanity and Earth into a higher reality of light. While the plan of the “informed” on Earth is to get governments and elected officials to rid the world of the perpetrators. You need to understand that the third dimensional realm is the dark’s playground. It is the way things operate in a low vibrational frequency world. You must graduate to the next level of consciousness, and transcend the need for limited play and illusory joys of the third dimensional realm. For as long as you play the dark’s games, you will remain at their level of consciousness, and stuck in their matrix. ~Kejraj

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  1. Diamond Black

    Thats right, but can you identify dark.
    eg. Masking: concealment (hiding) = transparent (invisible).
    Philanthropy is the mask StoS beings disguise themselves with. Many will fall for their “humanity projects”.
    These “projects” introduce more limitations through agreement.
    Agreements and contracts (compression) is how we got to this point in spacetime.

    This is what i do, reveal the cryptic esoteric “maketricks” of the dark clowns, my FB and X page is strewn with it.

  2. Stu N

    First, sorry about the length of this. It’s what I was compelled to write, after reading this article. I don’t dislike the article. I am just on a very different path than what is written here. I know there is no Right or Wrong. There is only difference, and I accept that, and am coming to peace with it. I needed to See something differently, and reading this has caused that, through exploring the inner discord I felt because of it.

    Forgive my arrogance and hypocrisy here. I just find the whole higher moral values stuff very tiresome. I’m a good person who has interests in, and enjoys things that others find offensive. What makes me good then? I do not violate the will of another by expecting them to match the perspective I have of this experience. I enjoy exploring the differences, rather than trying to force others to ‘make a choice’ that would better suit my values. The ones that I have discovered within me. Having a lack of concern, when it comes to “other(s)” is where I find peace. If one can not see that, then they are still playing by the programmed rules. Stop feeling it’s necessary to have an opinion on Everything. We are our own worst enemy when we do that.

    My writing is entirely directed at me, but I have a feeling there are others who will relate with it……..

    “Perpetrator. That needs some detailed defining. A predator wants. We are all perpetrators. This, “the third dimensional realm”, is a place of Free Will for ALL. Even those who are commonly referred to as “the Dark”. I know I am seen as Dark by some, but it is only because I have a different perspective than them. One they can not see, because our values differ. Neither of us is RIGHT. This game is not about BEing right. It’s about BEING YOU.

    So, who gets to decide who stays and who goes? Sounds like many here want to have their cake and eat it too. It would seem that many are still continuing to pursue their higher path through attempting to force others to fit into how they feel things should be, rather than through Acceptance.

    There is no one person, or group, who gets to mold this collective reality. You are going to find that not all of us can agree on the “best” way for this realm to exist unless we all focus on our own journey and stop judging others for Who They Are and what they are doing. Focus on what is yours, and let the rest go. There is so much micro-managing of ‘what is not yours’ going on. So much self righteousness. So much influencing. You are only right for You. That’s lesson 1 for self expansion, otherwise you are still focusing on the outer, rather than the inner.

    Ascension is not about changing the world “out there”. It’s about changing your self on the inside. In the end, the ones who will still be “here” as a part of this collective ‘I Am’ experience, will be the ones who have no expectations of others. Those who completely respect the will of the other, and yet BE them self. Be your best self. That is what this collective will consist of, when this process is over. Those who can not do it (stop judging), will leave, and they will do it by their own choice. Suffering is a very effective catalyst. No one wants to BE where they are suffering. When you disagree with ‘anything’ you are making a choice of not being a part of something. It’s that simple. You do not have to agree with that “anything” either, but either way, it is your choice. Every choice has implications. You will ultimately take your self to a realm where everyone present will need to share the expected values. Limitations create a force/expectation for all to conform. Think and feel deeply what this is going to be like, when you have a codex that everyone needs to succumb to. Does it sound familiar? That’s the goal to this whole exercise. To See Truth beyond the illusion of ‘the other’. Only you can change you, just be highly aware of what/who influences you, and how, while you make those changes/choices. Does it come from the ‘outside’, or the ‘inside’? We’ll all end up where we are best suited, and as a direct result of what we have created with all of our choices.”

  3. Patricio

    I’ve been asking how to be above the games they play and I’m getting my answers. Thank you for this website and the messages you share Kejraj!

  4. Nathan

    One must first rid the world of evil people run by the Illuminati, the Zionists and the WEF.