Message from the Angels: The Gold in Your Emotions

Channel: Ann Albers

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Breathe for just a second. Take in our love. Rest in thatYour world is going through tremendous change right now. During the pandemic, you all dove deep within. You faced yourselves. Without the distractions of your regular life, you were alone with your feelings about yourself, your life, and others.

You learned very quickly whether you loved or hated being alone. Your desire for deeper, more authentic connections intensified. Your love of nature blossomed. Your feelings of fear or loneliness intensified in many cases. You noticed whether or not you liked working from home or in the office. You figured out whether you appreciated your work or wanted to start a new business.

All of you, without exception, faced yourselves and your heart’s truths more deeply. You discovered a more authentic version of yourself. You pondered some tough questions. What do I want in life moving forward? How do I want to live? Who do I want to spend my time with?

As you faced these questions, some of you became excited and eager for change. If you practice high vibrational living, you’ll notice that options for your future are flowing freely. Follow the joy and trust the journey!

Much of humanity, however, got caught in very human feelings of frustration and impatience. Noticing what you don’t want is easy. Figuring out how to create change in your life can be challenging if you try to do it on your own.

Your world is going through a massive tug-of-war between desire and resistance. You feel the turbulence in the energy. One minute, your thoughts are hopeful, and the next, you feel off. It is increasingly important to take charge of your minds, dear ones. You can allow all you desire to come with ease and grace in this fast flow, or you can experience incredible upset if you are in vibrational resistance to what you want.

Don’t despair if you feel frustration, impatience, fear, upset, doubt. Your not-so-pleasant emotions give you two valuable bits of information: 1) they point to the fact that you want something different, and 2) they tell you that the thoughts you are thinking here and now about the situation do not align with what you desire.

Suppose you are caring for a loved one or a pet. You may feel overwhelmed and unclear on the best course of action. Your unpleasant feelings tell you two things: 1) you want clear guidance, ease, and balance, and 2) your thoughts do not yet align with what you want. Rather than agonizing over your decisions, you can take time daily to sit, breathe, and intend to receive our love. You can remind yourself, “The universe has my back. The Divine cares about both of us. My angels want me to be balanced. They want my loved one to receive good care. I can relax and trust the flow of guidance.” Or if that is too hard to believe, rest in our love, and we’ll whisper such truths until you feel them.

Suppose you are grieving, as so many of you are. Of course, you miss the physical presence of your dear one. Of course, you will feel sadness. We would never criticize your feelings. We see the immense love beneath them. Nonetheless, the unpleasant feelings tell you two things: 1) you want to feel love and connection with your dear one, and 2) your thoughts are not yet attuned to that connection. Happily, your dear ones in heaven are opportunists! They will take advantage of any small moment when you are distracted or focused on something that feels good – even if for a second – and try to get through with their love.

Be gentle with yourselves, and do your best to align your thoughts with your hopes and dreams. You will feel a shift when you do. You will feel lighter, more energized, and more able to breathe. You will feel a sense of knowing you will have what you want. You will feel relieved of the burdens of fear and doubt. As you think of your future with joy and imagine feeling wonderful, you open to it and the guidance that will get you there.

It takes practice and a willingness to mind your own mind rather than letting random thoughts control you. Many frequencies and vibrations are vying for your attention right now. However, as you slowly but surely practice choosing delicious, abundant, appreciative thoughts in any area of your life, you will see improvements in all areas of your life. We want this for you. We want each of you to know the bliss and support available.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels


8 Replies to “Message from the Angels: The Gold in Your Emotions”

  1. Marta

    Response to the_complaint_department (your name says it all).

    I see you think it is appropriate to tell me what to do and judge me and my views. Even though I don’t require your opinion or assistance. I suggest you work on yourself as I am very happy where I am at but I see my views hit a raw nerve in you. Written with respect and love.

    1. the_complaint_department

      I have re-read both our comments and I really can’t see where you are coming from just now. I do think it’s appropriate to respond when people ask in fairness, but if your sentences ending with a “?” where rhetorical questions, I apologize.
      I judge you no more than you judge the article in question, if at all. What actually hit a nerve was your mention of enduring unnecessary suffering (the_complaint_department tends to that a lot): I honestly doubted someone sharing such view could be very happy but the respect and love in your reply proved me wrong!

      1. Marta

        Re: the_complaint_debt’s second response.

        Thank you for clarifying. Here’s why I responded as I did:

        1. I felt you were looking for a debate. I’m not into debates as I liken them to arguements or trying to convince someone of something. Unlike many I am not tying to convince anyone, just expressing my own view in response to theirs. So, I’ll ecplain to you.

        2. You wanted me to identif the holes I see in the other stories. That would take a few hours or a great many pages. Not feasible. Plus, I don’t feel I need to validate my views, particularly, when all the info. on here is based on invalidated views.

        3. No, I am not always happy (who is in this environment?) but I have happy moments. I still find beauty in life and come across incredible people that give me hope. I see the pain I have endured in this life has given me opportunities to develop great strength, resilience and compassion. And, I have used it to that advantage.

        Each is welcome to their own perceptions. What I find interesting is the channelers act as though they are receiving the correct info. from those of greater knowledge and authority. They do not state it as view points, they state it as though fact. They should be asked to validate their info. not me. I’m not the one supposedly getting voices in my head. I’m just assessing what comes from them as to how it feels from my knowledge, experience and understanding (does it resonate). My views are based on tangiable things not downloads from who knows where, what or even if anything.

        I mean no disrespect or ill intent by stating my own views and underatandings. I see it that if someone is going to act as an authority on a subject they should expect to have others with questions and differing views. The really interesting thing is when “they” are asked to explain further or questioned in relation all but one or two don’t respond. It comes across as they are only there to tell not to discuss or expand on the info.

        I bid the well. That is all from me on my side.

        1. the_complaint_department

          oookay… well I certainly do NOT qualify as someone with authority for your standards; and now I know better than to question them! Good day to you too.

  2. Murdered in my sleep

    My family has been increasingly violent and very lack of regards for safety and well being/consequence (of actions and whatnot) and I need prayers for safety and for the journey of souls who have willingly made poor decisions and continue to do so (not knowing of the evils that they work blindly with, municipal legal and otherwise) and the extern factors that led to them being violent or disorderly (media, social, education) we are a nation and developed society where we prey on brethren instead of try to help one another. (And they think it’s a game or take it lightly and reassures others not to care despite them caring too much about their own physical aggressions). I am sad and I have not gotten enough rest

  3. the_complaint_department

    There is a myriad of reasons souls incarnate here, and a relatively vast number currently describing a predicament close to yours. Advice and guidance are offered to all of them in a myriad of manners, not all universally apply so it’s only natural to seek for what you call ‘resonance’.

    It’s great that you seem to have found something that makes sense to you and that you care to share your perspective, but you seem to not have found joy or satisfaction in the purpose of the suffering you have perceived and experienced yourself until now, and therefore it’s possible you are liming further understanding by your own self-assertiveness.

    If that is the case I suggest you try and point the holes you see in more debatable terms, because personal resonance, while a valid argument, does not allow for rational exchange.

  4. Marta

    Thank you this is a nice comforting message but as with most messages I read the adivice or view is not applicable to everyone.

    I did not need the scam to wake me up, I have always been awake, knew what I wanted and had connections with nature etc. The only thing I got out of it was more unnecessary suffering and confirmation that what I knew was accurate. How I wish I had been wrong.

    Why are some of us born without the veil? It’s not a good thing believe me!!! It’s like people wanting telepathy. There is no way you would wish that if you knew what that meant on Earth. You would know/see visions of those about to die and how, those who are going to hurt others, all the unloving hateful thoughts and deeds that occur here would be your horror movie that you cannot switch off. I have some telepathic ability, always have, it’s similar to not having a veil. You are not rotected from the visions of this hell.

    I have come to the only conclusion that makes any sense to me for being here. This is my take: We came here to be tested. To see if no matter what they did to us, no matter how much they hurt us, betrayed us, lied to use, imprisoned and tortured us if we could stay connected to love. Would we allow ourselves to be misdirected and turn to hate?

    That is why the dark have a ‘role’ or purpose. I cannot see any other valid reason why we are here needing to suffer. If the all is of love why would this be allowed when it is so far removed from love?

    Another thing I think is that the test could be a ‘weeding out’ process. The creators/seeders know humans have a defect and they have set up the Earth test to see who becomes disconnected from love. Those that do would be seen to be defective/have faulty DNA. The seeders can then analyse those who have and haven’t to identify and correct the fault and perfect the species. Maybe that is the reason for all the ET visits and abductions: to take tests and samples from humans.

    These are the only things that make any sense to me. All the other stories I read I can see holes in them and they don’t resonate with me.