From 3D To 4D And 5D: Ops In Egypt Part 3-2

By Lev

After the failure of the Perfect Man project (see – Ops In Egypt, Part 3-1, DNI, 29 August 2023), Co-Creators were well aware that it was impossible to try again with the current state of our Fifth Race and the situation on Earth as a whole.

Therefore, they focused on what is more important today – the complete dismantling on the physical and Subtle Plane of EVERYTHING that feeds and supports Darks in all forms, from Negative Alien Archons, ETs to Black Nobility, and in parallel, to continue building foundation and structure of 5D.

The operation with the Egypt’s egregore was part of this big and difficult work. In its course, Co-Creators complicated the task. They decided not just to carry out a total cleansing of the egregore from the Darks’ plug-ins, but to transform it into national Logos. That is, to raise it to a higher and more powerful frequency level in order to no longer allow parasitism on it (for more about egregores, see – The Light Forces Ops in England And Scotland, Parts 1 and 2, DNI, 5 and 6 September 2020; Our Egregores, Parts 1-5, DNI, 29 and 31 January, 1, 4 and 5 February 2022).

Logos is a more perfect form of Higher Intelligence (including collective) and is located in the Monads’ realm, while egregores are at a lower sub-level of the Subtle Plane. Earlier, Co-Creators and Lightwarriors carried out similar op in Jordan (see – Operations In Jordan, Part 1, DNI, 10 November 2022). Unfortunately, its Logos could not withstand the negativity in this and neighboring countries and soon transformed into egregore again.

In the Egyptian operation, Co-Creators and their ground team took this experience into account. Moreover, they chose a more difficult plan, as in neuro-surgery, when it’s necessary to separate the tissues fused in the brain. They wanted to do the same for detaching the Light part from the Dark one in the Egyptian egregore, fully mindful of the great risk that its entire structure could be irretrievably destroyed.

At first, Co-Creators tried on their own, without Lightwarriors, to remove the Darks’ plug-ins and restore the former sacred integrity of the egregore. But the attempt failed. The technology of the operation turned out to be erroneous. It was similar to the dismantling of an old house, in which some of its materials are suitable for the construction of a new one, and some are not due to wear, damage and destruction, and are simply disposed of.

By the same way, Co-Creators tried to sanitize the Egypt’s egregore. In its Subtle Crystal, they separated the elements that could be cleared of negativity from those that couldn’t be restored. The former were transfomed by Higher Hierarchs into substance of Light, and the latter were annihilated. From the purified and recycled fragments, Co-Creators made a new Crystal.

Disappointingly, it was much smaller than required, because a lot of the substance went into non-recyclable waste. But the main reason for the failure was different – karmic. From the time of Ancient Egypt to the present day, the Dark Priests and their ruling elite continue to commit many crimes that have formed a colossal karma that has become an integral part of the terrestrial.

This karma was illiquid, since at present many Egyptian Dark Priests are not embodied. Accordingly, it’s impossible to force them to work out the karma they have created. Today, this situation exists in many countries that NAA and Darks still control. That is why Co-Creators could not transform the Egypt’s egregore into a Logos at the first attempt.

Karma Lords, Higher Light Hierarchs and Supreme Curators of Egypt have been looking for a way out of the stalemate for a long time. As a result of intensive brainstorming, they found a temporary solution based on the principle of karmic credit. Co-Creators granted Serapis’ request to take the entire Egyptian Dark Priests’ karma for personal storage. It was put in His Causal Body and temporally sealed. He even wanted to process it, but did not get permission, in contrast with Guan Yin, who got OK in a similar situation with the Earth’s Logos (see – Whipsaw, Part 7, DNI, 30 April 2023).

This interim solution created needed conditions to make another try. But this time, not to transform the egregore, but to create an Egypt’s Logos from scratch, in the format in which it was originally conceived thousands of years ago. In the new project, Co-Creators attracted the same Higher Light Entities that participated in it initially, did not betray its ideals and did not stain their Souls by supporting Cabal and Dark Priests.

How did the birth of the new Logos go? First, Supreme Curators of Egypt put egregore’s parts into Lightwarriors’ Causal Bodies. Then, all together, by their ultra-high frequencies, they transformed the fragments into a Radiant substance for Logos’ Crystal. When its formation was completed, they began to create a core. For it, all op participants singled out segments from their Monads and nuclei of Causal Bodies. This work was carried out without Serapis, since Dark Priests’ karma was still stored in his Causal Body.

This part of the operation also took some time. Omitting numerous technical details and nuances of this complex process, it’s worth noting that the new Egypt’s Logos, like others, also consists of a Radiant substance, which it generates by its core in a self-sufficient amount. Then, the op participants conducted the necessary tests and maintenance work, which usually precede the activation (official birth) of the Logos.

Co-Creators chose the Monastery of St. Antony as its venue. It is located in Zafarana, 334 km southeast of Cairo in the north of the Red Sea province in the El Galala Highlands of the Arabian Desert, and has belonged to the Coptic Orthodox Church since its foundation in the 4th century.

Saint Anthony was born in Egypt in 251 in a family of wealthy Christians. When he turned 18, his parents died. Anthony gave his entire fortune to the poor and retired to the desert, becoming the first Christian hermit. For a long time, Anthony lived in a cave on the banks of the Nile, all alone, with only a lion, which he tamed, for company. Over time, the rumor about him began to spread widely. Anthony turned out to be a skilled preacher and healer, so the people sought him for healing, spiritual and physical. There were so many visitors that Anthony had to move to mountain cave, but this did not help him reduce the flow of guests. Some of them wanted to live next to him. This is how the world’s first monastic Christian community arose.

The monks built simple dwellings for themselves, and gradually a monastery was established there. However, Anthony continued to live in a cave, a kilometer from the monastery, in the rocks. He was a man with a crystal clear Soul, a heart full of Love and wisdom. He used to say, “There are three traps of Satan that steal joy and peace: regretting about the past, fear for the future and ingratitude for the present.” After his death, Saint Anthony was buried in the church at the monastery, which is still active and serves as a pilgrimage center for Christians from different countries.

There was another reason why Co-Creators chose this place to activate the new Egypt’s Logos. These are Copts, direct descendants of the ancient Egyptians, who today make up about 10% of the total population. Among Copts there are many doctors, lawyers, businessmen and other professionals. In many ways, this ethnic group is forms an intellectual and highly spiritual base here. Centuries of trials did not break them, because they always had a deep and strong faith, without which they would have perished very quickly. It is the Copts who are the carriers of the genetic echo of the first pharaohs, Light Priests and Solar Hierarchy, who stood at the origins of the Divine Egypt project. Thanks to them, this is one of the few places where the clean and powerful energy of that era still preserved.

Arriving at St. Anthony’s Monastery, the ground team first carried out preparatory work in the small Church of Life-giving Cross of the Lord for activating the new Logos. Then, they went down to the monastery, where they were warmly welcomed by the Coptic monks and conducted a short tour of the complex.

Next day, in the Church of St. Anthony, where His Relics are located, Lightwarriors and Co-Creators started the main part of the operation, during which, on the Subtle Plane, they felt the presence of the living and strong vibes of the Saint. Maximally concentrating on the Logos core, all participants accelerated and raised its vibration up to Radiant synthesis. When it reached stable parameters, the core was successfully activated and run in full force. St. Anthony became Logos’ Guardian and joined the ranks of other Egypt’s Supreme Curators. Also, Co-Creators connected this place to a single sanitation Crystal for cleansing the humanity’s DNA from karma. The exact coordinates where it happened – 28°55′ 029″N, 32°20′ 913″E; altitude 808 meters above sea level.

After finishing the work, the group headed to the car to return to Cairo. And then a very strange thing happened. The team leader suddenly discovered that a large bag was missing, which contained all the documents, money and important things of Lightwarriors. They returned to the monastery, found a monk-guide and explained him everything, assuming that the bag was left in the Church of The Father, as the Coptic monks call the Church of St. Anthony.

Accompanied by a monk, the head of the group entered church. Indeed, the bag was lying next to the Altar. Lightwarrior understood that all this was not for nothing, that he was brought back in this way on purpose. Sensing it, Lightwarrior told the monk that, apparently, there is a manifestation of the Supreme Divine Will in this situation, and he would like to use this opportunity to pray again. The monk was a very wise man. He realized that they were not ordinary tourists, and not only agreed, but even left the church, closing the doors tightly.

Left alone, the team leader knelt beside the Relics of St. Anthony, and such vibrations of Love and Light came out of them that tears flowed from his eyes. In response, he sent his Love and Light to His Soul. Then they exchanged heart’s aspects. Just for this purpose Lightwarrior was led back to Church. He came out of it as a reborn. The monk, seeing him, carefully looked into his eyes and smiled mysteriously…

After the activation of the new Egypt’s Logos core, its vibrations continued to increase, and Lightwarriors felt that Co-Creators decided to accelerate it even more. The team barely reached the hotel, thinking that everything will end soon, but in fact it was only the beginning. On the Subtle Plane, the group watched with amazement how the core’s vibrations and energy increased, as it passed from Radiant Synthesis to the emission of Perfect Light, and then, Absolute Light.

Lightwarriors were amazed. As a rule, in this state, the usual Logos simply disintegrates, but to everyone’s surprise, this one remained stable, which could not be said about the team members, whose aspects were in the Logos core. From overloading, their Monads shook, physical bodies literally melted, and hearts flew out of the chests. But they understood that the full activation had not yet reached its climax.

It is impossible to convey and describe all their deepest shock when, having reached the state of Absolute synthesis, the acceleration of the Logos core was not only not stopped, but, on the contrary, augmented further that has never happened before, neither artificially nor naturally. Theoretically, at this stage, comes a state of Absolute non-existence, a Black Hole, an irreversible avalanche-like folding of matter, energy and Light into a singularity and their complete disintegration.

That was exactly what occurred right now before their eyes. And indeed, the highest vibes’ acceleration brought the Logos core into described state, in which it lost stability for a moment, and then, instantly collapsed into a singularity, pulling itself into self. It fell into an absolute vacuum, simply disappeared from reality.

The new shock was so great that Lightwarriors were at a loss for words. Everyone didn’t even realize how long it all lasted. But they were even more surprised when saw the reverse process: the appearance of the Logos in visible space. At some point, the core instantly unfolded from the singularity and was reduced to a state of Absolute synthesis. After that, the vibrations were successively lowered to unstable Super Perfect, and then, to unalterable synthesis (autogeneration) of Perfect Light.

Co-Creators carefully calculated the entire process of activation of the new Egypt’s Logos, which was tempered and baptized with Absolute non-existence, and success provided an unprecedented level of unification and integration of the Light Forces, from the ground team to the Pleroma. In other words, all the Entities that participated in the formation and make up the Logos core merged into such a powerful single whole that it was not only stronger than singularity, but even much mightier.

During these kaleidoscopic events, Lightwarriors didn’t notice a very important nuance, which Co-Creators disclosed a little later. All of the above extremes were not just for the sake of experiment, but to achieve a specific goal. At the moment of the core’s maximum acceleration, they put into it the Egyptian Black Priests’ karma that was sealed in the Serapis’ Causal Body for the duration of the karmic credit. When the Logos entered the singularity, and then, into a state of non-existence, the karma loaded into it also ceased to exist. After Logos’ unfolding, the new substance manifested itself in the space, absolutely cleansed from negativity.

Thus, an ideal, albeit very complex, karma annihilator was built. Its main advantage is that the amount of matter going into Absolute non-existence (no important in what state) is always equal to the coming out amount as a substance of Perfect Light. Even in this case, the Universe energy and info conservation law is strictly carried out.

The Co-Creators’ op laid the foundations for a new stage of the Egypt’s revival, deprived NNA, Darks and Black Nobility of an important energy recharge source. Everything further will depend on Egyptians’ interaction with their new Logos, the spiritual heart of the country on the Subtle Plane, where its Guardians are St. Antony and Copts, lineal descendants of the Light Priests and pharaohs. Higher Hierarchy successfully repeated this operation in a number of other countries, where there were the necessary conditions and Lightwarriors, capable to participate in such projects. Can we take on such a commitment? Much riding on the outcome of our inner work.