Moon Goddess Hina: Pushing You Forward

Channel: Galaxygirl

I am the goddess energies of the ascended version of your moon. You may call me Hina, for that is one of my names. Many cultures give me many names over many eons of time. (I am seeing a silvery tall feminine being with long hair that glistens with sparkles. She is wearing a glimmering long dress that looks like stars.) Beauty is my clothing. I step forward to speak of the alignments that are taking place in your moment of nows. (I am seeing hands shuffling cards. I am getting that many timelines merge into one. There is only one picture on the back of the card deck and they are all stacked together now.)

Cosmic energies are now at your back, pushing you forward, Lightworkers. You have felt this has been an uphill hike without much rest, and you have struggled to find the beauty in the views along the way. From now on the wind will be at your back, gently nudging you forward, for the energies and winds are fully in your favor now. Enough of the darkness has been illuminated and is being cleared  so that you will have less resistance along the way. My job is also to illuminate the darkness. I shine with great beauty for my being is made of great light. We are the same. Your ancestors felt the specialness of me and would tremble at my eclipses, and worship and dance with me under my full moon brightness.  I see you are just as bright as me, dear friends. You are just as beautiful as me. Align with your high aspects, this is a ripe time of portals and gateways, aligning currently in your moment of nows to further your ascension. It is wise to harness the energies when they present themselves as a gift to you in such a fashion.

I Hina am presenting my love and light to you as a gift. On this rare Super Full Blue Moon I appear brighter for the cosmic energies are supporting me. It is simple physics, and yet stunningly beautiful in your skies. You are also doing this. Gaia needs your light. The world needs your light. From now on the hike is a pleasant one for you have done much of your personal sage brush clearing and all that needed to be burned within you has been transmuted. You are no longer who you were, you are becoming who you have always been. You may feel blue fire in your veins as this energy is very transformative powerful and wise. The blue flame, the blue sword of Archangel Michael, it is all very powerful, very healing. Gaia’s water are blue for their healing and nurturing qualities. Not all planets have blue water. (I am seeing the yellow oceans and lavender skies of Venus.) In all of creation, there are all types to environments for Creator’s beings to play. There is beauty in all hues and space.

I Hina, Hawaiian goddess of the moon, speak with love to you. I speak with peace and hope to you. Lightworkers, I thank you for your service to the All, and I send you my healing energies of blue tonight. Your ancestors understood my power. They felt them in their very core. I wish for you to feel my energies now. I send you them now.  Be reborn. Be renewed. Be healed. Be transformed. Intend to fully embody your highest timeline for the divine good of all. For that is what you are doing. Your being there serves the All. It serves the divine good of the All to have your energies, your frequencies amplify with mine, with each other creating a tsunami of light. The light is here, beloved friends of service. The light is here and it is shining brightly though me, tonight for you to reflect out to the world. I choose my Hawaiian name tonight so that I may send extra love and support to those in Hawaii that are suffering. Great change is on your planet and not all change is created by your Mother Earth. Those that have weaponized the weather for their own purposes are being brought to justice. All will be revealed. No secret will be able to remain hidden. This is the meaning of revelations. There will be revelations of what was done to Gaia, and to those upon and within her. There will be revelations about your past, so that you can understand how to create your future.

I Hina am speaking to you. I send you my deepest blue light of love and strength. My heart I share with you tonight. You may speak with me. I am closely aligned with Quan Yin. I am the feminine energies of hope, of light, in the dark places. I am that I am. I am Hina. Peace.