Fall Of The [D]eep [S]tate – In Fall

By Sierra NZ

Starship Earth’s latest newsletter is full of interesting intel, as usual.

Starship Earth latest newsletter

This Twitter link about Lahaina is in the newsletter. Please use your discernment, as always. And be warned: it is disturbing information (4 minute video).

Lahaina is being compared to Pearl Harbour as a catalyst event for world war. The [D]eep [S]tate declared war on humanity when they attacked Lahaina and murdered hundreds of innocent people, mostly women and children. Therefore it could be said that Lahaina is the event that represents World War 3.

However, there is a BIG difference between 1939 and 2023. Timelines are now collapsing with such mind-boggling speed, five years back in 1939 is now just a matter of weeks in 2023. And I sincerely believe that the Alliance will have ‘mopped up the minions’ before the end of the year.

Q drops make it clear that BIG things are destined to happen in the fall of 2023, eg Red October. Actually, maybe Q’s PAIN number 23 could have been as simple as 2023 all along.

This Anon has put together a plausible [D]eep [S]tate playbook for the current global events.



1. Prepare detailed AI-generated digital maps of the areas to be destroyed
2. Check these maps to ensure no billionaires assets are affected
3. Select a date for the destruction to take place
4. Feed this map into the DEW’s computerised ‘to do list’, and let it run
5. Shut down warning sirens, water, insurance payouts, and block all exits
6. Claim the fires were caused by ‘climate change’.
7. Confiscate the land that locals had refused to sell for decades

The Australian Government has authorized the REMOVAL of product information sheets in injectable medicine packaging. They said it comes after feedback from ‘stake-holders, including industry and health professionals’. There is no justification whatsoever for such a move except for nefarious purposes.

Dr Peter McCullough presents sobering information about the connection of the jabs, especially [P]fizer, to cancer. He refers to ‘turbo cancer’ at 2′ 50″ (video 3′ 42″).


Here is the explosive proof about [O]bama that Tucker Carlson recently said was covered up and ignored by the MSM. This man stated in Congress that he smoked crack and had sex with Senator Barak [O]bama in 1999. The TRUTH is pouring out now (2′ 42″ video).

I am sensing an Alliance operation move here. What an awesome opportunity to beam the TRUTH into every household on the planet.

Love this billboard. In fact, it would look great on the side of NZ highways.

Blog reader Doug left this excellent comment – I am sharing it with you.

It all became inverted as we were told it would 😉. Up is down, left is right, truth are lies, lies are truth. Speaking out is attacked while complying to peer pressure is promoted. We stand on the precipice of great change don’t we! Our love patience and fortitude will be rewarded!
Victory of the Light! (Doug)

Finally, this blog is a true global community. Aron from Iceland has been a daily reader for two years. Check out the distance on a map between Iceland and New Zealand…! Everywhere in the world, we Light Warriors are fully awake to the TRUTH – and we will NOT comply.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light