Lady Nada: Move Out of Your Fear

Channel: Jahn J Kassl

It is time to embrace your fears and live fear-free. It’s time to step up and act with confidence.

Loved people,

the spiritual planes of light, angelic beings in particular, have positioned themselves around the earth and on the earth in order to bring about change with you and to shape the upheaval harmoniously as far as possible. Nothing is left to chance or to those forces that want to bring doom.

In a joint act of love, heaven and earth move this star to a higher level of being. Those who cannot go or who do not want to come remain unaffected by all these events. This creates the impression for you who are inwardly ready for the transition that everything is staying the same or getting worse.

Because the people who want to preserve and protect their old life in the matrix under all circumstances are – still – in the majority. Therefore, the illusion persists that change is no longer enough and that the unequal struggle between those who have held power and those who have not yet accepted their own power – we are talking about you – that this struggle in the sense of the cold light has already been decided.

Indeed, beloved, this battle is already decided! He is decidedly in favor of the light, in favor of all light warriors and light workers who have dedicated themselves to this task with body and soul, with all their hearts, for years. It is completely impossible that this project of the ascension of humanity can still fail and it can be said with absolute certainty: THE LIGHT HAS VICTORED ON THE HIGHER PLANES AND WILL ALSO TRIUMPH ON EARTH.

I will state this certainty in the introduction. I am reminding you of this so that belief may prevail.

This certainty nourishes your confidence and strengthens your will, because now it is important to persevere and continue undeterred with the light-filled work.

ups and downs

Every day you face the challenge of mastering your everyday life. Above all, it’s about handling the different fields of interference, the manipulative forces and the encroachments of a degenerate system. You are challenged and often reach your mental and physical limits.

At the same time you will experience flights of fancy and spiritual experiences of a new quality. The divine light is breaking through and it’s breaking through to your heart. When you love, when you are happy, when you feel life, when the world is right and when your relationships are clear, sincere and vital, then nothing and no one can touch you.

This is how your days are shaped and so you fluctuate between spiritual highs and emotional crashes – a roller coaster of feelings that you are exposed to day after day.

It is time to get out of this emotional roller coaster ride and to anchor yourself completely in the fullness of GOD.

Today’s consciousness work is about stabilizing a light-filled basic vibration so that the excesses of this time can no longer damage you internally. Today is about taking the next step out of fear. Because the awareness work always takes place step by step.

No one will ascend to heaven on the horse of fire until he can tame and ride the horse of fire. Because even on your ascension, it is important to consciously experience every part of the way and thereby attain the spiritual maturity for the ascent.

Let’s get to the bottom of things

The only reason that it often moves you back and forth in the middle of everyday life is fear, fear that comes to you from your environment and that destabilizes and unsettles you. You live in a world in which fear scenarios are transported on all levels. This is done to weigh you down and block your life force.

That’s how you stay dull. You only believe what you can see with your eyes and you can no longer trust what you feel with your heart.

In this way, negative scenarios of the future can get stuck in you and suddenly, due to deadlocked considerations, a negative outcome of the current earthly game seems inevitable. This is how people perceive when the fear vibration settles in their energy system. But I tell you:

The only evolution that is indeed inevitable is the triumph of light over darkness, is the triumph of love over fear.

Becoming fearless, living fearlessly and acting confidently – but how – know first, loved ones: this is a process.

A life free of fear is achieved through awareness work. It is a process of gradually freeing your heart and mind from any burdens that cause fears in you. Becoming fearless means recognizing the trigger points of your fear mentally, feeling them emotionally and healing them in the divine light. Psychological therapy is helpful, but usually falls short when it comes to fear, because all imagined and real human fears are stored as an energy signature in the human aura.

This is the crucial point. That’s why so many people, even trudging from therapy to therapy, go in circles. When healing fear, it is insufficient to address the level of the mind alone. Because the mind can be calmed down with arguments and explanations, but the energetic structures embedded in the aura remain. So the fear remains. Human fears can never be overcome on a purely mental level!

In order to achieve the permanent removal of fear patterns, it is necessary to shine a deeper light.

This is the level of the psychic and spiritual force field of your aura, the energy field that immediately surrounds you and extends and expands around your physical body by inches or kilometers depending on your level of awareness. Anxiety builds up as blockages in the energy bodies of the aura, the etheric body, the emotional body, the mental body and the spiritual body. It is insufficient to heal just one plane.

This is why this awareness work is of crucial importance for every person who wants to achieve lasting healings. Because here and now you can accompany certain fears through all levels and release them on all levels. People are often just stagnating because not all levels of healing are involved.

The correct sequence for effective healing is always:

1. Develop awareness of the need for healing.

2. Look at the issue and call it by its name.

3. Ask for healing on ALL LEVELS. The divine light works infallibly into your issues.

4. The repetition.

After that, everything takes its naturally divine course.

You say, “I’ve been doing this for years, but I still have fears?”

I tell you: It is a process that touches all levels of your being – and that takes time. Every healing takes time, because you always have to integrate the new energetic status. Your life changes, not only you become different, but everything changes. You get a new perception, a new dynamic arises. With every released fear you become freer. Your thoughts, your feelings and your perception change. Your relationships and friendships change. All of this needs to be integrated and that means giving your transformation time and patience.

Because every spontaneous healing is preceded by years and often many lifetimes of preparation.

Therefore, first of all, have patience with yourself, compassion with yourself and love for yourself. It happens, count on it. Your soul knows your true dispositions and needs, it knows your soul plan and your pace, it knows how you move towards certain forks in the road and how you will decide.

Your soul knows you and so your soul also knows your healing process. Your soul knows how serious you really are and how much time you give yourself for certain insights. Enlightenment is only an option for very few people, because that would mean getting out of the game for good. That’s why many people keep parts of their old lives, they guard their opinions and beliefs like treasures and often only move away from them bit by bit.

Your transformation will occur to the extent that you are willing to change and engage in concrete changes in your life.

Don’t complain, but if you don’t succeed, check your devotion and your actual direction.

Every transformation thrives on being unconditional and is all the more effective the more determined a person approaches the transformation.

Here we are at the most important point as a prerequisite for any healing: to engage in the divine light and to develop an awareness of it!

Many people want to end their slide, but they avoid doing what is necessary to do so. However, every healing obeys the inner orientation and the will of the person. How serious are you really about a finding? how deep do you wanna dig Do you want to heal completely or are you satisfied with temporary healing successes?

This is where today’s healing work begins. It goes far beyond mental understanding and it touches ALL LEVELS of your wonderful being.

If you want to remove fear from your aura, this is now happening thoroughly through all energy bodies – and for most people who are now following this transmission of light and love energy, this is happening on an unprecedented scale.

After that you will feel relieved and certain fears will have left you once and for all and will no longer be a burden.

Affirmation & Exercise


I, (state your name here),





• Please close your eyes now.

• Breathe in and out calmly, relaxed and naturally.

• On and off, on and off.

• Expect nothing, desire nothing, be empty and ready.

• Let the inner images come up, look at them without judgement.

• Just take note of the worries and fears that are appearing to you now. Accept them, be at peace and love what you see.

• Keep breathing calmly and evenly.

• You are relaxed.

• You accept – everything.

Now the divine light begins its healing work:

• The divine light works.

• The divine light works.

• The divine light heals.

Now observe how certain fears dissolve – very easily and by themselves.

You are free!

I thank GOD for this grace.

(end of healing)

The fewer fears stored in your aura, the more self-confident you can live and the more self-confident your appearance.

Only a person who is the master of his natural fears and who has removed all imaginary fears from his being can have a healthy self-confidence.

The less fear weighs on the soul, the more self-confident the person is. Confidence is always blocked by fears and undermined by fears. It is therefore not only important to recognize fears, but also to remove them where they have stored themselves as energy.

Aura surgery with GOD as doctor and with the divine light as medicine is highly efficient and leads to lasting healing.

You can repeat what you learned today at any time.

Be aware that after some time your perception will change and that means your life will change too. This change is to be welcomed! If you are afraid of change, start with the question: Why? What am I afraid of? And get started with this exercise in the release of fears.

Natural fears, designed to keep you from harm, do you a valuable service. Unnatural fears that keep you from living a self-confident life must be redeemed.

How do you tell the difference? Natural fears come and go, unnatural fears will not go away and stay.

True greatness, true confidence

Beloved, you have reached a point where the methods of the ephemeral matrix are no longer viable.

You know it, you experience it, you feel it that the New Age has dawned and that you have come to do your unique and indispensable part.

You see the dawn of the new day, but you often look at it with the heaviness of the past day. A long journey lies behind you and all experiences are stored and available in you. That’s how you draw conclusions, you know suffering and pain, you’ve seen people make mistakes and worlds sink. Based on these experiences, you tend to assume: This time, too, a world conflagration will ignite and this time, too, mankind is doomed.

However, you have learned your lessons from the past and that makes all the difference! That is why you are indispensable today. Because people like you, who look at themselves in the mirror of truth and see the course of the world unfiltered, people like you, who have renounced false gods, such as greed for power and egoism, determine where the journey is going now.

This is in progress and this is coming up:

• Not downfall, but rise.

• Not annihilation, but salvation.

• No takeover by dark powers, but handing over the earth into your light hands.

Fears from the time continue to have an effect, so resolving them has top priority.

Nothing is more important today than the individual’s commitment to redemption from their unreasonable, false, and imagined fears. Because only then and only then can you attain true greatness and blossom into true self-confidence.

Well, dear one,
move out of your fear! Stride towards freedom in the care of God and at your own pace.

Your gift will be life and – love.