The Council: The Path to Ascension

Channel: Nadina Boun

The path to ascension is the path to your freedom and liberation. But how can you get there if you don’t know what it means? How can you get to unconditional love if you don’t know what love means, when your idea of love is about possessing?

Forget love, start with appreciation. You don’t have to love something to appreciate something about it. You don’t have to love your home to appreciate sleeping on a soft mattress. You don’t have to love your neighbor to appreciate the fact they keep to themselves or keep an eye on your house when you are away. You don’t have to love the chair to appreciate the support it gives you when you sit on it. You don’t have to love your car to appreciate the fact it drives you safely to where you need to go. Start here.

Forget joy and bliss, for your idea of joy is attached to the doing of something or being with someone or achieving something. Forget joy, start with feeling better. When you make a choice that feels better than the other choice you could have made,you are on the path to joy. Start with feeling better.

Forget being light, start by lightening your load so you feel lighter. start by delegating to universal forces all that is heavy and then you will be on your path to light.

Forget compassion, for your idea of what it means feels like pity and resistance. Send those suffering your prayers to overcome. Send them the intention you would like to receive if you were in their shoes.

To move forward on that path to freedom and love, you need to open up to different ways and expressions of what it means.

Forget abundance, start with enough. You don’t need to have plenty of everything in every moment but you can recognize when you have enough of what you need in every moment and make that enough.

When you have a full belly you ate enough. When you wake up refreshed you slept enough. When you put time and effort on a project you worked enough. When you go to the store and stand in the aisle that’s full of products and variety you have enough to choose from. Start with enough.

If the path was like a measuring stick, don’t measure yourself with the end of the stick. Take note of moving a little more towards the end, for that is the path and the end is a destination.

So forget perfection as a final product and start with better, a little better.

You need to charge the way you look at things and measure things in order to be free of these concepts and definitions and move past them. And when you release the definitions, the boxes that define things with borders, now you are free to move beyond these boxes, beyond 3d.

It is a path, a direct line to more, so you start where you are and move to a little better.

Feeling a little better.

Appreciating a little more.

Feeling a little fuller.

Feeling a little lighter.

And the time will come as you move on that path, when you would have become lighter, larger, bigger, better, fuller…. a larger version of you.

Don’t make it complicated.

Don’t make it hard on yourself.

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